Monday, May 04, 2009

WS Memoir Monday: Commitment

Part of our commitment to each other is to always try and express our feelings of affection for each other

It's not easy because Philbert is not really the affectionate type.

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Jen said...

Leirs, sa Sonya's garden ba ito? I just posted mine. I enjoyed this meme! :-)

Mec said...

inferno, this is such a sweet shot :)

meeya said...

uuuy, sweet! :D tama ka, ang hirap "pilitin" ng ating mga asawa maging affectionate kung hindi naman sila by nature expressive. buti na lang you were able to capture this special moment in a photo! yihee!

thanks for joining WSMM! *muah*

nel's bebi said...

ang sweet nyo naman ni philbert! uy, miss ko na ang sonya's!
salamat sa pagjoin leirs, o bukas ulet? :D

Twinkie said...

Having him do something he's not used to is REALLY something. :)Sarap ng yakap!

I joined too. Mine's here. :)