Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet with Aga

Meeting with Aga Muhlach was definitely the highlight of my December. Everyone I know has always been a fan. Good thing that the event was private so there was no need for Crowd Control . There were barricades at the gate and the organizers were really strict when it came to the guest list.

We watched and enjoyed the show and the mascots can really dance. Better than me if I could say so myself. Dancing is not easy and wearing a mascot's costume makes the job so much harder.

Jillian Ward is a really cute child star but she can't sing. I don't understand why her mom would let her sing. Sure she can get away with that now but when she turns 10 I don't think so. She should be starting her musical lessons by now if her parents want her last longer in Showbiz. She can dance but definitely needs a lot of improvement when it comes to singing. If she doesn't improve her singing voice I doubt that i'll be seeing her behind the stanchions and the velvet rope.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pioneer Sparxx Max and The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway

 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.2 million people die from road accidents annually and 90 percent of these accidents occur in low-income and middle-income countries. Let's face it accidents of all types, including road traffic crashes are inevitable and unexpected. This is probably why road traffic accidents constitute as the fourth leading cause of injury death in the country and with that in mind, it is important to remember the value of insuring yourself and your loved ones.

Ever heard of an insurance plan that offers P100, 000 Personal Accident Insurance, P50, 000 Cash Burial Assistance, and P300 start-up savings all for just P550?

One of the country's leading and well-known insurance companies, Pioneer Life, now offers Sparxx Max!

Sparxx Max's personal accident insurance and cash burial assistance are valid for one year upon registration while the P300 start-up savings has guaranteed interest and can be topped up or added to with Sparxx cards that come in varying amounts of P300 - P5, 000. Sparxx Max also requires no medical records whatsoever. The insurance-bearer just has to purchase Sparxx Max, activate the one-year coverage, and he/she is insured!

Sparxx Max can be purchased both online and offline for your convenience. Online purchases can be made via Sparxx Max’s official website and the Pioneer Life’s website. Sparxx Max updates and purchases can also be made via the Pioneer Sparxx Like Page on Facebook. Offline purchases can be made via select 7-11 branches and Pioneer offices.

If you decide to purchase Sparxx Max anytime soon, you may also stand the chance of winning 1 of the 12 iPads being given away in The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway. A purchase of Sparxx Max is all you need to qualify for the raffle.

To find out more about "The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway", Sparxx Max, and Pioneer Life and its other products and services, feel free to check out our websites:

You may also call them at 750-5433 (LIFE) (for Globelines and inquiries within Metro Manila) and their toll-free number 1-800-10-750- 5433 (LIFE) (for Smart and Talk n’ Text subscribers and landlines outside Metro Manila). Their office - Pioneer Life Inc. is located at Pioneer House Makati, 108 Paseo de Roxas Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines, 1229.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There are a variety of signs that may indicate that someone you love has a problem with  online casino gambling. The more signs you show, the greater the chance of a problem. There are a lot of tell tale signs that will tell you that a family member needs help.Some of these signs include:

  1. Constantly thinking or talking about gambling like roulette.
  2. Always infront of the computer playing online slot machines.
  3. Finding it difficult to control, stop, or cut down gambling, or feeling irritable when trying to do so
  4. Feeling a sense of emptiness or loss when not playing online games
  5. Gambling more in order to win back losses or get out of financial trouble
  6. Thinking that your gambling will get under control as soon you have a ‘big win’
  7. Borrowing money, selling things, committing (or considering committing) criminal acts in order to get money for gambling.
  8. Having increased debt, unpaid bills, or other financial troubles because of your gambling
  9. Experiencing extreme highs from gambling wins and extreme lows from gambling losses
  10. Needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for longer periods of time in order to get the same feeling of excitement

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SM Online Reservation

SM Cinema launches new website with online movie reservation and ticket purchasing
Now, all the convenience is online to save you from lines, waiting and seats reservation with the new SM Cinema website. The announcement of the online movie reservation and ticket purchasing at the website was launched last November 17.

In partnership with ECOM and with Globe, SM Cinema is the first to introduce mobile ticketing compatible to any type of phones. All pinoys just simply need to register to GCash if they have no Visa or Mastercard credit card to purchase their movie tickets. This is made possible by using a simple text message which contains a code called "bCODE".

Unlike other payment and ticketing services that require picture messages (such as a 2D barcode), data plans, special chipsets (like NFC), or mobile-app downloads with expensive smartphone devices, the bCODE-powered service is compatible with all mobile phones and consumer demographics.

Through this partnership with SM Cinema, bCODE will provide a network of its innovative, interactive 3G-enabled scanning terminals across all SM Cinemas in the Philippines. The first phase will feature both mobile-payment on the website and mobile-ticketing services in the cinemas.

bCODE’s unique, globally patented technology uses point-of-sale scanning terminals to securely read and authenticate plain-text, SMS-based encrypted codes from the display screens of mobile handsets. This allows consumers to access a variety of loyalty, ticketing, and payment services from existing platforms.

Mobile commerce via plain-text SMS means that anyone with a mobile device can instantly benefit. BCODE’s technology is compatible with more than 2,000 mobile-phone models and more than 4 billion existing devices globally.

Leading IT-services provider e-Commerce Asia Ltd. (ECOM) with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Philippines will integrate, implement, and support this redemption network, which will provide SM Cinemas with advanced mobile-commerce services such as payment, ticketing and loyalty marketing.

 How to reserve and purchase tickets at the new SM Cinema website:
1. Use Visa or MasterCard credit card details or register your Globe prepaid and postpaid lines at by simply scrolling the menu of your phone looking for GCashGlobe Services
2. Register at SM Cinema website and reserve tickets. 
3. Click purchase reservation by your choice of payment mode, either by credit card or GCASH.
4. Save the text message confirmation and email with details of your purchase.
5. Go to the cinema lobby to print tickets using your mobile phone text message confirmation containing that bCODE.
6. Enjoy the movie!

 Note: We were informed that the text message confirmation can be forwarded to your friends in case you have an emergency and cannot avail of the purchased tickets. This is also a great way to share blessings and gifts this season. Convenience Charge per ticket is P20. Charges apply per ticket and per transaction. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make Your Move

In celebration of the World A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Day on December 1, 2010, a special dance competition dubbed “Make Your Move” will kick off at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Music Hall at 10:00AM on the same day. College students and call center agents can participate in this one-day dance competition with over PHP 175,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ariel Oxybleach

Keep your clothes looking like new with Ariel Oxybleach

arielHave a favorite shirt or blouse that you wish you could wear over and over again? Unfortunately, wear and tear that happens by scrubbing with bar and brush in the wash can make your clothes look older quickly. To keep your clothes looking new, wash it with Ariel Oxybleach Anti Stain with Rings. It has a unique oxybleach system that removes tough stains so well - even without scrubbing with a bar and brush – to give your clothes the care it needs to look like new.

Ariel’s oxybleach system contains bleach and a bleach activator which decolorizes and removes the stain in the wash, plus photo-bleach, which is activated by sunlight during drying to provide additional bleaching effects. Ariel Oxybleach also has enzymes that reduce “himulmol”, preventing future stains from sticking to your clothes.

The result? Faced with a new shirt and a shirt stained and washed 10 times with Ariel Oxybleach, 8 out of 10 women could not even tell the difference!

So if you want to keep your clothes looking like new, wash them with Ariel Oxybleach Anti-Stain with Rings.

SRP:   Ariel Sakto Pack 30grams, Php 6.00
Available in supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Canadian Tenors

The Canadian Tenors have crisscrossed the globe thrilling millions of music lovers with their magical voices, their wonderful sense of humor, and their memorable music. The foursome have received rave reviews and standing ovations around the world from the Tel Aviv Opera house where they shared the stage with Andrea Bocelli to Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Coliseum with David Foster and Friends to Toronto s Air Canada Centre where they headlined at ONE NIGHT LIVE with STING and Sheryl Crow. They have performed over 80 concerts for over 150,000 people on three separate continents and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities as they share a passion for bringing awareness to impoverished children world-wide. The Canadian Tenors will join David Foster on his Hitman tour across the U.S.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?"  -- Lord Chesterfield
I barely have time to go get a massage and sometimes I can never find the right massage salon that I can spend an hour alone in. But spending time alone and enjoying the spa with meditation music and will help you  improve as a human being, a better version of yourself.  I just had the best experience, start to finish. I can't thank Mauie enough for inviting me to  ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA and going to the spa isn't as fun without Ryan and Ria
When I'm going to a med spa, I want to get in and out.  When I'm going to a day spa, I want to be leisure and take my time.  ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA is everything I want in a spa; it's beautiful and inviting, and efficient service.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bounty Chicken Slides

This is very interesting so I figured I'd post this here..Bounty Fresh, producer of the Chooks To Go roasted chicken, a multi-awarded poultry integrator and the winner of the 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Award, Asia’s premier and most prestigious award for outstanding achievements in the livestock industry, has raised yet another step higher its standard of quality with the Halal accreditation of three of its poultry processing plants. The Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines (IDCP) has issued Halal accreditation to the 3J Dressing Plant facility in San Pablo, Laguna which serves and supplies dressed chicken for the areas of Laguna, Batangas, Cavite and Rizal; the Alzona Poultry Processing Plant in General Santos; and the Red Rooster Dressing Plant in Davao which both serve and supply dressed chicken in the Mindanao area. With this accreditation, you can be sure your dressed chicken and Chooks To Go roasted chicken in these areas are Halal certified.

All Bounty Fresh processing plants are GMP and HACCP compliant. But the company does not stop here. In keeping with its mission of providing quality food products to the discriminating Filipino consumer, Bounty Fresh continues to improve and upgrade its facilities, products and services to the level of excellence its customers deserve. As the Brotherhood Halal Lifestyle Magazine (April to June 2010 issue) states, “more than providing guidance on what is permissible for consumption (under Islamic law and standards), Halal certification has also been accepted as a way of determining the quality of a certain food product or service”.
Bounty Fresh, Asia’s best, will continue to strive to have all of its processing plants Halal certified. It’s their way of saying that we care.

Bounty Fresh Chicken conducts first quad-media event

Embracing the healthy lifestyle starts with shopping for healthier food options, from the freshest greens and fruits to the cleanest meats and poultry. Bounty Fresh Chicken, a Filipino-owned company and one of the leading and fastest growing suppliers of high quality chicken products, stayed true to such principle by providing only the best poultry products to Filipinos. Fresh from winning the very prestigious Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 award, , the 2009 Asian Livestock Awardee revealed its best practices and its secrets as to why they are known as Asia’s Best in the broiler integrator category in its recently concluded multi-media event called “1st Online Product Launce and Quad-Media Day.”

Bounty Fresh Chicken held the event at the classy & popular Chef’s Table Restaurant in The Fort. Friends from the media and top bloggers had a fun, prize-laden and educational experience. Aside from bringing home great freebies from Bounty Fresh, they learned delicious and healthy chicken recipes personally prepared and demonstrated by popular TV celebrity gourmet chef, Bruce Lim. Lucky guests went away with special prizes for participating in the games and raffle. A wellness talk given by respected nutritionist Joan Sumpio was one of the highlights of the day’s program, which stresses the importance of chicken meat, nutrition and finding the right product in the market. A ‘Best Blog Post’ Contest was also launched.
Some of Bounty Fresh’s well-loved chicken variants are its whole dressed chicken and its chicken nuggets and hotdogs. They also have chicken cut-ups great for Filipinos’ all-time favorite ‘Chicken Tinola’, traditionally cooked with green papaya and dahon ng sili.

“From the day Bounty Fresh Foods was established in 1996, the company has always been committed in providing clean and fresh chicken and chicken-related products processed from its own state-of-the-art hatchery, broiler farms, and processing plants to make sure our standard of quality are met at all times,” says Bounty Fresh Brand Marketing Group Head Patricia Cheng.

“We would like to be known as a company that adheres to the highest standards of freshness and quality. We commit to offer healthy food choices and the best chicken products in the market. We make it as our humble contribution to nation-building by inspiring Filipino families to live a healthy lifestyle, by providing more jobs and business opportunities across the country, and by showcasing Filipino ingenuity and value of hard work and honesty.”

Bounty Fresh Dressed Whole Chickens are processed in its state-of-the-art and world-class facilities. The unique processing methods include triple washing carefully grown chickens (first of its kind) and vacuum-packing immediately to preserve the freshness and flavour. “With this world-class vacuum packing process which I think is our advantage over our nearest competitors, we guarantee the consumers that what they are getting is the freshest and cleanest chicken in the market,” said Dondi Alentajan, Bounty Fresh’s Group Marketing Manager.

Bounty Fresh also offers Fresh Chicken Cut-ups, Chicken Nuggets, Corned Chicken, Juicy Liempo and Super Legs and is found in all major supermarkets and groceries nationwide. The company is also behind the success of Chooks-To-Go, a popular 900-strong roast chicken chain famous for its ‘Masarap kahit walang sauce’ flavour.

Bounty Fresh Chicken chose world-renowned talent Lea Salonga as their latest endorser as seen in their recent commercials. Asia’s finest, homegrown prodigy representing Asia’s Best Chicken, a fitting tribute indeed.

Visit for more info.

Top Entrepreneur for 2010 named

Mr. Chen was recognized for his outstanding leadership, melding innovation and quality to secure Bounty Fresh Food, Inc.’s position as one of the country’s largest and most reputable food producers.
Using advanced technology, the company revolutionized the broiler chicken production industry and pioneered many of the systems now used by the country’s poultry integrators.

Mr. Chen will represent the Philippines in the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in Monte Carlo, Monaco in June 2011. Mr. Chen also received the category award for Master Entrepreneur 2010. He was recognized for applying sound management practices in critical areas of the company, including finance, marketing, human resources and sales.

He maintains strong working relationships with close to 1,000 contract growers, toll feedmills, hatcheries and other partners around the country. Leading the company to the next phase of its growth, he conceptualized the Chooks to Go brand through Bounty Agroventure, Inc., BFFI’s sister company. In just two years, Chooks to Go has expanded to over 700 outlets nationwide and retails 100 million chickens a year.
Other category awards presented were for the Young Entrepreneur, Agribusiness Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Small Business Entrepreneur and Woman Entrepreneur categories.

Gabino M. Abejo, Jr., president & CEO of Abejo Builders Corporation, was presented with the Young Entrepreneur award for his accomplishments at such a young age. The award is presented to outstanding entrepreneurs below 30 years old. At 27 years old, Mr. Abejo heads the family business, which supplies the Metro Cebu Water District with up to 15,000 cubic meters of clean, safe water a day to the barangays in Talisay and Consolacion, Cebu.

Lyndon C. Tan, president of Basic Necessity, Inc., received the Agribusiness Entrepreneur award for building a company that continues to succeed despite challenges in the agribusiness industry. Through his company, Mr. Tan helped develop the local lettuce industry, helping eliminate the need for importation and reducing market prices.

Antonio P. Meloto, chairman of Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation (GK), was named Social Entrepreneur for building an organization that champions social transformation for the marginalized and the poor. With the support of volunteers and sponsors, GK has transformed poverty-stricken areas into safe and progressive GK Villages with well-built homes. It has also encouraged livelihood and self-sufficiency among GK village residents. The GK model has been replicated in other countries.

Edgar J. Sia II, chairman and CEO of Mang Inasal Philippines, Inc., was presented the Small Business Entrepreneur award for best demonstrating management excellence in a business with assets of less than P100 million. Mang Inasal fuses traditional Filipino dishes with the fast food dine-in concept. Mang Inasal started with one store in 2003 in Iloilo City. Seven years later, there are now over 250 stores and it has become the sixth largest fast food chain in the country.

Esther A. Vibal, president of Vibal Publishing House, Inc. (VPHI), received the Woman Entrepreneur award for blazing a trail in entrepreneurship, leadership and community development. Under her management, VPHI dominated the competitive textbook publishing market, accounting for over 50% of textbooks distributed to the estimated 18 million Filipino children in public elementary and secondary schools.

The recipients of the category awards were chosen from among 18 outstanding finalists from diverse industries whose businesses are situated in various regions in the country. The others finalists were Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin (Multiple Intelligence International School), Corazon Pineda-Aquino (C & Triple A Supermarket, Inc.), Paolo Benigno Aquino IV and Mark Joaquin Ruiz (MicroVentures, Inc.), Adelfa Lepura Borro (Ted’s Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy), Ireneo D. Dalayon (Federation of ARB/Banana-Based Cooperatives of Davao), Junie S. Del Mundo (EON), Teodoro L. Ferrer (Generika Drugstore), Anthony T. Huang (Stores Specialists Inc.), Benjamin I. Liuson (The Generics Pharmacy Franchising Corp.), Ronald Pineda (Adenip Inc.), Remegio Salanatin (R.G. Salanatin Construction) and Annabella Santos-Wisniewski (Raintree Management Partners, Inc.).

SGV Chairman and Managing Partner and SGV Foundation Vice-Chairman Cirilo P. Noel hailed all finalists as exceptional role models to aspiring entrepreneurs. "In this seventh year of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Philippines program, we are truly honored to share their stories of success. We admire them for staying true to their respective visions, working hard to initiate positive change and making significant contributions to the Philippine economy."

All nominees went through a strict financial data ranking system used by all Entrepreneur Of The Year participating countries. The finalists were further evaluated by an independent panel of judges composed of distinguished personalities from government and business.

The panel was chaired by former Philippine Prime Minister Cesar E. A. Virata, corporate vice-chairman of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Co-chair was De La Salle University President Br. Jun Erguiza. The other panel members were Securities and Exchange Commission Chairperson Fe Barin, Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary Merly Cruz, SAP Philippines Country Manager Jennifer Ligones, Philippine Stock Exchange President and CEO Val Suarez, and Planters Development Chairman and President and Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009 Ambassador Jesus P. Tambunting.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year was founded in the United States by professional services firm Ernst & Young in 1986 to recognize the achievements of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs worldwide. In 2001, Ernst & Young expanded the program and launched the World Entrepreneur Of The Year awards. In the Philippines, the SGV Foundation, Inc. established the Entrepreneur Of The Year program, in 2003.
Jollibee Foods Corporation President and CEO Tony Tan Caktiong, the first ever Entrepreneur Of The Year Philippines, went on to win as World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2004 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Socorro Cancio-Ramos, founder of National Book Store, was next named Entrepreneur Of The Year Philippines, followed by Lance Gokongwei, president and CEO of Cebu Air, Inc.; Senen Bacani, chairman and president of La Frutera, Inc.; Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, Jr., president and CEO of Alaska Milk Corp.; and Amb. Jesus P. Tambunting, chairman and president of Planters Development Bank.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Singapore: Your best destination to live, work and play

People, in order to live a full life, must have a balanced-lifestyle. They must enjoy the comforts of quality living, work in a career that gives them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and delight in frequent amusement and recreation. This and more is what Singapore has to offer. The country’s booming economy, world-class atmosphere and first rate leisure destinations make this tiny island the perfect place to be.

Singapore is a true global city. Teeming with opportunities, this forward-moving nation espouses a first-world lifestyle, fueled by a multi-cultural society that brings the best that Asia has together in one place, making it a vibrant city to work, live, and play in.

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2010 states that Singapore has the best quality of living in Asia. Local and foreign residents alike take on the benefits of living in a country that has a warm, tropical climate all year round, stable political environment, modern infrastructure, and sophisticated, metropolitan way of life.

This country also provides its residents with a state-of-the-art healthcare plans and facilities, low personal income tax rates, and excellent educational system.

Moreover, Singapore is easily accessible within region, giving more comfort and convenience to its residents. It has more than 80 airlines operating for over 4,000 weekly flights to more than 180 cities in 50 countries around the globe. You can move from anywhere in the world because cross country moving companies are available and even Phoenix Movers will not have a tough time when it comes to shipping your stuff.

The strong lively economy and vast career opportunities empower this country’s global workforce. It has more than 7,000 multinational companies operating in various in-demand industries such as technology, manufacturing, research, electronics, chemicals, biomedical sciences, infocomms, digital media, engineering, transportation and financial services.

It has an open-door policy to foreign professionals and has a liberal work visa ― attracting international and multi-cultural talents and skilled workers. It also provides its labor force with unique professional benefits; one great example is internally benchmarked salaries. With its inspiring, productive and challenging working environment, Singapore nourishes a creative and innovative society. Of course it is a given that when you are planting your roots in another country you do need money saving tips 

Over the years, the Garden City has transformed itself into a playground for virtually everyone, allowing residents and visitors to indulge their varied interests. With new attractions such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa which houses Universal Studios, Singapore continues to raise the city’s vibrancy and energy. And with signature events throughout the year including the Great Singapore Sale, Singapore Food Festival, and the Grand Prix Season Singapore, this global capital is the pulse of Asia.

These things definitely make life worth living and enjoying, and one can get it all in Singapore. For information on how you can get the best opportunity to live, work and play the Singapore way, visit,, and

Friday, October 08, 2010

"The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway"

Is your Christmas wish list empty?
With barely a hundred days before "the most wonderful time of the year", have you even thought about what to get for your friends and family members?
What if we told you that you could get them the best gift ever and an awesome gift for you as well?

Yes, this sweet deal is possible because Pioneer Life's Sparxx Max has just launched "The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway" - one of its newest online promos where twelve (12) lucky people get a chance to win an iPad out of the 12 iPads that Pioneer is giving out this Christmas!

So mark your calendars! Because from December 1, 2010 to January 7, 2010, Pioneer’s Sparxx Max will be raffling off 12 iPads! That means we’re giving 12 VERY lucky winners 12 iPads every week for 12 awesome weeks! All you gotta do is make a minimum purchase of initially two (2) Sparxx Max insurance in order to secure a raffle entry for the promo. Does it end there? Of course it doesn't! If you decide that you want MORE entries (for a lot more chances of winning) then go ahead and splurge on more Sparxx Max insurance and give them to all your friends and family members! And it’s a lot easier after your first purchase since one additional entry is already equal to one Sparxx Max purchase.

Now the next question is, "Where do I sign up for Sparxx Max?"
Well we made sure to make it extra convenient and easy by allowing you to make purchases online or offline. When we say online, we're talking about Sparxx Max’s official website and the Pioneer Life’s website. We're also on Facebook! Look for “Pioneer Sparxx and “Like” us! You could also buy Sparxx Max on Facebook as well as receive updates on the contest. Sparxx Max is also available offline - just drop by selected 7-11 branches or any of our Pioneer offices.

Registration for the iPad raffle is super easy! If you purchased Sparxx Max online, then you don't even have to worry about registering because YOU ALREADY ARE! To those who made offline purchases don't fret! All you have to do is hit up the Sparxx Max Facebook page and register there. Hurry, because submission of entries is from October 5, 2010 to December 5, 2010!

But wait, what exactly is Sparxx Max?
Sparxx Maxx is "bite-sized insurance and savings" because it is the easiest and most affordable insurance plan ever! Where else can you find an insurance plan that offers PHP100, 000 for personal accident insurance coverage, PHP50, 000 for cash burial assistance benefit – all good for an entire year, and PHP300 start-up savings with guaranteed interest at a low price of just PHP550!!!

If you wanna find out more about "The Sparxx Max Christmas iPad Giveaway", Sparxx Max, and Pioneer Life and its other awesome products and services, check out:

You can also call them at 750-5433 (LIFE) (for Globelines and inquiries within Metro Manila) and our toll-free number 1-800-10-750- 5433 (LIFE) (for Smart and Talk n’ Text subscribers and landlines outside Metro Manila). Pay us a visit! Our office - Pioneer Life Inc. - is located at Pioneer House Makati, 108 Paseo de Roxas Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy 15th Anniversary Enchanted Kingdom

In line with the 15th Anniversary of the leading amusement park in the Philippines Enchanted Kingdom will introduce new rides and activities that all ages will enjoy. Beginning October 2010, Enchanted Kingdom will release a new ride they call EK’s EKstreme Tower Ride, a 150 feet free fall ride of EK that will commemorates 15 years of wonderful and memorable years of Enchanted Kingdom in the hearts of all Filipinos young and old. Cesar Mario O. Mamon, EK’s Chairman and President, says that the magic continues and lives on in Enchanted Kingdom as they continue serving and providing their clients the satisfaction they wanted.