Saturday, May 30, 2009

SpeakOutFriday 04: You, Before and After The Knot

Married life is absolutely fantastic. From day one I set the expectation that we are two individuals and we can never lose sight of that. Society tends to say that once married, you
become one But after we got married wed, "we" and "us" had a whole new meaning to them and it felt wonderful. You may not become a completely different person right away, but it's going to change you... You'll do things differently, pursue different goals, and celebrate different accomplishments when you're married vs if you weren't

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Friday, May 29, 2009

"Art a l’Orange,” by Marissa De Leon-Lopa

Vancouver-based Filipina artist Marissa de Leon-Lopa launched her exhibit entitled “Art a l’Orange,” which opened today May 29, at Ayala Museum’s ArtistSpace. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos or talk to the artist. I just really dropped by and decided to view the artworks.
Her artwork reminds me of impressionist paintings. Characteristics of Impressionist paintings are visiblbe in her work which does include visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles. Classic is another great word to describe how refreshing her exhibit is.
They say that when an artist captures that perfect moment and decides to paint it when someone who views the work feels the emotion of the painter. Then the painter has done their job. That was exactly how I felt when I saw one of her paintings.I felt it and I really savored that energy that was given by that painting.
It was also interesting that she decided to focus on the scenery of the Philippine Landscape and things that are familiar to her native country.Initially, I thought that it was a safe subject to paint and that it might be a bit too common. Then I realized that she took that gamble and I really think it paid of.
In this exhibition the artist have drawn our attention to such subjects that would otherwise pass unnoticed something that we really ought to appreciate. These paintings grant respite in a world where everything seems to be fast paced and complicated.
The show can be viewed until June 10. For information , call 757-7117 to 21 local 33, e-mail, or visit
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

LP 59: ALam Mo Ba? ( Did You Know?)

Na naging kalahok ako sa Pinoy Bingo Night. Isa sya sa mga di ko malilimutang karanasan. Di sya madali pero di rin naman nasayang ang pagpunta ko. Di ako nanalo pero ako ay may naging kaibigan.
(Translation: I was a studio player for Pinoy Bingo Night. It was an unforgetable experience. It wasn't easy but I know that I didn't waste my time. I didn't win but I gained a friend and no it's not Kris Aquino)

FabFinds Thursday 04: Before and After the Knot

I'd like to think that this is also a FAB FIND since my hubby did this for me. I'm not really into computer games but somehow I got really hooked on Farm Town ( an application game in Facebook) to support my weird hobby my husband decided to play it as well and this crop design on his farm town really blew my breathe away. I was giddy and I was so excited call me weird but I'm in awe because I can't do this for him. But you know that I love you Honey (yes my hubby now reads this blog).. I may not be able to live on a real farm with you but I guess for now the online farm is our best compromise
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foodie Wednesday 04: You: Before and After the Knot

I usually don't cook because my husband is so critical and I feel really bad when he says that he's really not into the dish that I cooked. But when we moved to the US he had no choice but to eat what I cook. Of all the things that I have cooked this is what Philbert and Joshwa will eat without any complaints so I guess this means that the dish is a winner.

Leira's Tapa

* 1 kilo beef loin, very thinly sliced
* 1 head garlic, minced
* 3/4 cup vinegar
* 1/4 cup sugar
* 1 tablespoon salt
* 1 tablespoon black pepper, ground


1. Mix all the ingredients together and let it stand in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
2. Then Fry it..I prefer it to dry up while in the process of frying. I like it to have at least
to have a bit of sauce left.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memoir Monday 04: You, Before And After The Knot

EVERYTHING changes when you get married! You wouldn't think so, but it really does. 
I would admit that I didn't know what I was getting into before we got married. I really thought it would be easy I would be marrying the love of my life and that's happily ever after right??? NOT!! no one ever told me how to adjust how to give in, how to share with this stranger. Parens and Friends will never tell you how they learned how to deal with each other on a daily basis. How to resolve conflicts without walking out, crying and whinning to get what you want. In the end I was glad that I learned it on our own. Who knew that we could work out with each other that way.Going out of our comfort zone and Stretching our boundaries.

No I realize that the big difference before the marriage and after the  marriage that is Commitment. When you're dating as a a couple you have a certain level of commitment.In a marriage that the commitment is so much stronger and much more binding. It's some sort of deep feeling a sense of love security. The feeling that because it feels stronger I have to be even more careful not to get used to things and continue to make efforts and have him do the same. If it doesn't work out then you have to break up. But It is so different in a marriage you really have to try and work at it and work at it. 

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

LP 58: Lahat Ay Payak ( All is Simple)

Ang pinakaimportante ay ang pinaka simple. Ang Pamilya.

(The most important is the most simple of them all. The Family)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is Sandbox

What is Sandbox

What is Sandbox?
Sandbox is an online platform that allows anyone to connect with friends and share blog posts, photos and videos. Apart from this, Sandbox is also an online content store where you can buy music and games. So what sets it apart from other social networks? Sandbox is also locally developed and thus there is a continuous stream of offline fulfillment through giveaways, raffles and prizes.

In other words, Sandbox is in the business of building communities because not only is there interaction between your friends, there is also conversation between the developers and the users. In marketing terms, it isn't just horizontal exchanges between consumers, but also vertically, where the product talks back and gives value to insights and suggestions from the community -- alongside promotions and giveaways!

If you aren't in Sandbox yet, I encourage you to join! I personally think the Sandbox experience will differ from one person to another. It's no secret that I've been trying to complete my certification course for open water diving and lo and behold even with the multitude of conversations going on with the blogs, I discovered bloggers who were into diving through Sandbox, of all things! Divers usually brag with a profile photo underwater with your gear -- since Sandbox aligns several profiles together in a tight space, it is easy to determine the most recent users who viewed your post. Benj dives. And so does Angel.

So that was my experience. And Benj was telling me that he'd been inviting people over Plurk for so long -- good thing those items were on record on the network!

5 Top Good Reasons to Join Sandbox

5 Top Good Reasons to Join Sandbox
Your friends are most probably already there
When Sandbox launched in April it had a few hundred beta testers who were members of mainstream and online publications. Communities have been growing at a steady rate across all spectra -- video gaming, anime, tech, love, blogging advice, photography, food and dining .. the list goes on. And, if you can't find a group that fits you, why not create your own?

it is built as a one stop shop
There are two components to Sandbox - the user generated features that's composed of the social network aspect, blogging platform, and photo / video uploads and an online content store where you can download games and music (P30.00 per song, cheaper than iTunes). Sandbox integrates what's on your web browser with your mobile in your account creation page thus when you order items from your desktop or laptop, the information is pushed to your phone.

It has tangible benefits
Not that I have anything against other social networks, but this is the first locally developed one that actively gives out rewards and benefits to its members. So apart from the fulfillment you get with connecting with your friends, there are true offline benefits for participating in promotions and campaigns.

You can make money
Because Sandbox is locally developed, there are more interesting opportunities for you to make money through the system. Apart from an advertising platform within Sandbox that is currently being developed, there are going to be other engagements that will allow Sandbox netizens to build their online real estate such as the mobile site development. During the beta brief, Anton discussed the feasibility of growing your community. Just like with blogs, your real estate inside Sandbox values over time, especially when you grab potentially high ranking keywords.

It is continuously being improved
So really, the most exciting thing about Sandbox is that it is continuously being improved based on the feedback from the community. I'll be the first to say that what you're currently seeing is still the tip of the iceberg and the team led by Rezza Custodio has been actively looking into feedback. Of course, change doesn't happen overnight but the plans for the future of Sandbox will take a stronger stance on Web 2.0. So yeah, tell your friends!

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FoodieWednesday 03: Newlyweds…Discovering Each Other’s Food-Related Quirks

My husband has a lot of food related quirks. He doesn't like Pasta, doesn't like sweets, would not try anything new unless my mom asked him to taste it. But the one thing that he does like is Flipino food and he likes it A LOT and when I say A LOT I mean A REALLY WHOLE LOT. When we eat out it has to be a restaurant that serves Filipino food. His favorite is Sinigang na Hipon and he can finish it by himself. He has to have at least 2 Cups of Rice and he will begrudgingly share it with me if I force him to. He will not hesitate to tell me that I should eat what I ordered at not eat what he ordered. But when I say give me please he gives me in and shares it with me. That is my husband's way of telling me that he loves me. Sharing it with me despite the fact that it's his favorite.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ChikaTuesday 03: Newlyweds, The Day After

I learned a lot of things about my husband a few days after we got married.I discovered that he is a great cook and that he's very domesticated. Here are a few other things I'd like to share

1. Communication - My husband still doesn't know everything about me and I still have things to learn about him. Which makes communication very important. We have learned to talk about things even the most mundane things. But somehow I try not to talk to much about things I'm in too because he still doesn't get it anyway but he tries to.

2. Similar Interests - My husband and I have a lot of things in common but we have more differences than common interests. That is not such a bad thing. We learn a lot from each other and we understand each other that we have learned to give each other space when we need it.

It takes a strong man to support a family, but it takes a woman, who is willing to set her selfishness aside and show him that he's doing a good job, to hold a marriage together. Repeat these things over and over, and before you know it, they will become habit, and your marriage will thrive.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

MemoirMonday 03: The Day After

During the wedding I can remember that I wanted the perfect cake.I found what I was looking for.But during the wedding day they gave us the wrong color.I didn't throw a fit and didn't care that it was the wrong color. They tried to explain but It was my wedding day and didn't want to stress myself over the small matter.

I am married to the love of my life and it was all that mattered. I chose a photo of the cake to remind me that I should never forget the sweet moments despite the bad times. I think the secret to a great marriage is to always dwell on the sweetness and never on the bitterness and past mistakes.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

SpeakOutFriday 02: Ideal Marriage

What makes an Ideal Marriage? Is there such a thing as an ideal husband, ideal wife or Ideal Couple.Does such an ideal person exist? Can we really have both the pie and the cake? Think about it. Are we somehow setting too high an expectation?Well, do remember that we are after all just talking about ideal here. Something, which we think we want. When we look beyond it we might be surprised that life always isn't better on the other side of the fence.

Instead of always picking on your partner's faults making life unhappy for both, have you tried looking at the other beautiful side of them, their beautiful qualities? Appreciating what you have already got? Tried improving on yourself instead, to becoming a better lover; a more ideal lover?

An ideal partner for me is, Someone who will truly love you, someone who will put up with you and your quirks,willing to share your problems and unhappiness. In sickness and In health till death do us part. Guess what I found him, kept him and married him.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

LP 57: Nang Matapos ( The End)

Nang matapos ang klase ni Joshwa sya ay nagkaroon ng parangal.
Pinakamagaling sa "Computer". Iyon ay napakasayang araw para
sa aming mag asawa.

(translation) When Joshwa's class ended for the year he was given an award.
Best in Computer.It was a happy day for me and my husband.


I really love their fashion sense. They dressed to complement each other.
Need I say more??

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FoodieWednesday 02: Ideal Marriage

My Parents really love to entertain:

Whether at home or at the restaurant one major dish is always present on the menu:


Can't share the recipe because believe it or not my mom doesn't have a recipe written down. It's so good and I just tried to observe her. She added just a little of this spice and little of that spice. Voila!!! Perfect combination..
Just like how a marriage works. No one can say that they have the perfect formula on how it really works.You just a put a little patience and for some a LOT and a lot of Love.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy and Adee

ChikaTuesday 02: Ideal Marriage

Suzi Entrata and Paulo Abrera - Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entrata first met on the adrenaline-pumping sports show Game Plan, where they were both hosts.Eventhough they are both busy they never forget to take time out to be together.They make sure one of them is available for the usual parent-teacher conferences.They support each other.The most important thing that I admire about Paolo is he really shows his wife how much she's appreciated.

Helen Gamboa and Tito Sotto - Sotto is married to Helen Gamboa, a beauty titlist an actress, singer, and beauty pageant winner. They have four children, Romina, Diorella, Gian, and Ciara. For a marriage to work one really has to stay in the sidelines. It's difficult to make it work if no one wants to give in and step back.

Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera -- Fine I admit it..I'm an Ariel Rivera fan. What makes their marriage work is that Gelli decided to step back from her career and just do TV. From what I know she still brings and picks up her kids from school.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

MemoirMonday2 : Marriage that inspires you

Marriage is for many of us an ongoing work of art. It isn’t something we endure, it isn’t a drag or a hopeless endeavor. We see it as a journey and an adventure full of challenges. We see it as an ongoing opportunity to grow and grow up. We see it as an opportunity to bring health to our communities, safety to children, promise for future generations. We embrace marriage and we embrace the work that goes with embracing it.

“Gandhi and Rescina, my parents, are inspiring examples.They embraced each others flaws. Their wisdom and joy have shown us we too can be happily married despite the challenges!”My mom once told me despite the challenges that they have had she says that she is sure of one thing. My dad loves her so much and that for is the most important.The best part of their marriage is raising three amazing, BEAUTIFUL, talented and intelligent women.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Mother's Day Post

If Only…Joshwa was neurotypical.. Then our life wouldn’t be such a challenge.

If Only…Joshwa liked sports, toys or music. I know that he and Philbert will spend so much time playing in timezone and not worrying that one second he turns his back that Joshwa will be disappear.

If Only.. Joshwa went to a regular school I would be helping him with his homework. If it’s summertime we will decide together what summer activity he wants to do.

If Only…Joshwa was a big brother that was excited to play and spend time with his baby sister. Instead of being upset that Adrianne wanted to play with his toys. Or being agitated that Adrianne was pulling his hair because he was playing with her pillow.

But he is not.. He has autism andn I consiser ourselves lucky because we have a precious gift that has totally changed our lives.

Philbert has taught Joshwa how to use the computer and he has blossommed. He now knows how to express himself using the notepad. Philbert is such a proud dad never hesitating to tell anyone that his son has autism and how great and talented his son is.

I am such a proud mom because we have come a long way. I used to dream that I would be pinning a medal on Joshwa and last March that has become a reality. He was given an academic award last April. Joshwa has surpassed all 0ur expectations by a very,very long and wide margin.

Adee looks up to Joshwa and follows him everywhere like a shadow. I hope to teach Adee a lot of compassion, understanding and most of all unconditional love for her brother.

Austism has tightened the rope that binds of our family.It made us closer and cling to each othr for support in times of triumph and in times of challenges.

To my dearest Joshwa having you has taught me to become a better mom to think outside of myself and to focus on you and your needs. To set aside the blame for myself, the pain and the disappointment. You are my sunshine.

To my baby Adee, thank you for being my second chance at motherhood. For making me feel how great it is to have a daughter. I love being your mom..

Friday, May 08, 2009

Speakout Friday: Commitment

I know that every relationship is not perfect.No one can truly say that their marriage is easier than the others. I love Philbert and I am committed to forever and to working on what we have and the challenges that we face.

Married life is not easy but I know that as long as we are true to the marriage covenant and to the commitment we made in the presence of God. The problems we face together is easier because I know that we have the commitment to work through the challenges that married life has to offer.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

LP56 :Simula pa lamang (Just The Beginning)

Ang Pagdating ni Adrianne sa buhay namin ay Umpisa pa lamang nang paglaki nang aming pamilya.

(Translation: Adrianne's arrival into our lives is just the beginning of the expansion of our family)

FabFinds Thursday: Commitment

Every bride wants her wedding day to be memorable. Choosing the wrong wedding shoes could make that so, but for all the wrong reasons. Which what I dreaded the most. I never realized that it's so hard to find the perfect shoes for the wedding. I didn't want to have one made because I couldn't afford it. But I know I couldn't scrimp on it because throughout the day, I know that i will relying on my wedding shoes to get me through. So It has to be quality over price.I searched high and low, near and far but to no avail.

But luckily while I was about to pick up my wedding gown which was 2 days before the wedding.I passed by a shoe store and I saw the perfect pair of shoes which made both my feet and pocket very happy.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Foodie Wednesday: Commitment

Wifespeaks: Chika Tuesday

Of all the food that was served during our wedding reception. One dish stands out the most It would have to be the lechon. Why? Eating lechon is such a guilty pleasure. You know it's bad for you and you know how sinful it is but you eat it anyway. I'm guilty of that I eat it even if I'm not supposed to eat it because it's not healthy anyway. But our wedding is a special event so I made an exception.

My commitment to my husband is to live healthy lifestyle. To try to live longer by "TRYING" to start a healthy lifestyle.Thus staying away from Lechon.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

WS Chika Tuesday:Commitment

Wifespeaks: Chika Tuesday

How did he propose? Actually I don't remember if he did. All I know is that we decided to get married on Jan 6,2001. I do remember that the day before the traditional pamamanhikan. Was the day I told my mom and that Philbert's family was coming.

I also had to tell her that I was 3 months pregnant. Surprise! Surprise!
She was upset but not as upset as I thought my mom would be. She just asked me a simple question. Do you really want to marry him? I said yes!!!! she said are you sure?I said Yes!! You don't have to do this she said. I told her that I want to because I love him and he's the one that I can't live without.

Cheesy right??? Words that will come back to haunt me and bite me!!
(Peace Honey)

If there's one thing I don't regret in my life. It will be that
decision to marry Philbert. I'll do it again and again and again.

Monday, May 04, 2009

WS Memoir Monday: Commitment

Part of our commitment to each other is to always try and express our feelings of affection for each other

It's not easy because Philbert is not really the affectionate type.

Welcome to WifeSpeaks' MemoirMonday. Join the fun! Join us here

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

LP 55: Tulay (Bridge)

Ang Larawan na ito ay kinunan sa Tulay sa Hoover Dam. Kasama ko sa larawan na ito ang aking kapatid.

(translation: this photo was taken on the bridge in Hoover Dam. With me on the photo is my sibbling)

Ang Larawan na ito ay kinunan sa Tulay sa Hoover Dam.
(translation: this photo was taken on the bridge in Hoover Dam.)