Sunday, October 19, 2003

Here are 100 things about me that I bet you didn’t know

1. Budgeting is something that I have yet to practice
2. Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess.
3. Corny jokes make me laugh.
4. I don’t know how to wear make-up
5. I hate it when they start comparing me and my sisters when it comes to the looks department.
6. I already have a name for my next child Harry James Potter or Gandhia Michelin
7. I also call on St. Anthony whenever I lose something
8. That misguided idea that I could help someone by telling what I know got me into a lot of trouble.
9. I am 5 feet and two inches tall.
10. I am not good at haggling.
11. I can pick up vibrations from other people... ( meaning marunong ako manghula)
12. I can spend the whole day just surfing the internet.
13. I can’t dance.
14. I can’t just fall asleep anywhere. I need a bed, a pillow and blanket.
15. I can’t leave home without my cell phone.
16. I can’t resist cake or any other sweets for that matter
17. I could never stare into a person’s eyes.
18. I don’t know how to ride a bike.
19. I don’t know how to swim in deep waters.
20. I don’t know how to use rollerblades or a skate board.
21. I don’t like colognes and perfumes
22. I don’t wear my wedding ring and I don’t even have an engagement ring
23. I dream of taking a vacation alone with my husband.
24. I fall asleep more quickly if I start asking my husband about his day. I know its bad.
25. I find it difficult to lie. But when I do lie I couldn’t sleep and always feel so guilty about it
26. I had a great childhood. My sisters and I used to have a love hate hate hate love love relationship
27. I had a whirlwind relationship with before we got married.
28. I had my 1st crush when I was 6, he was Herbert Bautista.I used to go for chinese looking guys.
29. I hate being late. I hate people who always come late. I think that its Rude.
30. My first job was with a paging company.(143445254 Message Coming From )
31. My second job was with my tita’s small office canteen.
32. I hate it that I'm gaining weight though I’m trying (the operative word TRYING) to watch what I eat.
33. I hate it when our neighbors think that they’re the only ones that live on the neighborhood.
34. I hate it when people cant get by the fact that I gained weight. GEESH Get over it.. I did
35. I hate my teeth. I wish I could afford to pay for braces
36. I hate Rats.
37. I hate small talk
38. I have dyscalculia
39. I have a love hate relationship with my hair.
40. I have a weird taste in Music
41. I love Banana Splits. YUMMY.
42. I love attending parties with my son.
43. I love classic television.
44. I love going to weddings
45. I love to read books
46. I love reading other blogs
47. I love Rocky Road Ice cream .. Which is weird because I’m not really a chocoholic
48. I love taking pictures.
49. I love to eat. I live to eat
50. I love to shop not for myself but for my child.
51. I love to travel. I was lucky that my parents made it a point to travel as a family at least once a year.
52. I love watching gossip oriented shows.
53. I miss ice candy. They don’t make them like they used to
54. I never want to hide the fact that my son is autistic.
55. I rarely cry.
56. I read the obituaries
57. I really want to live in a house with a big lawn and a swimming pool.
58. I still do not know who to vote for in the 2004 Presidential Elections.
59. I talk to my guardian angel and even named her Sylanie
60. think my face is too big
61. I think that my mouth always gets me into SO MUCH Trouble.
62. I tried to collect all sorts of stuff but always end up giving it away.
63. I try to be in bed by 10pm
64. I try to take everything I hear about me in stride
65. I type fast.
66. I used to like writing snail mails to my cousin who at that time was at the seminary.
67. I admit i'm so dependent on my cell phone to help with time.
68. I was pregnant when I got married
69. I wear size 6 ½ shoes.
70. I wish I could lose weight
71. I’d like to have another baby either by pregnancy or via Adoption
72. I’m a lazy texter.
73. I’m allergic to dust and pollen.
74. I’m in favor of Divorce
75. I’m scared of dogs that bark so loud.
76. I’ve always been a sucker for romantic endings.
77. I’ve always wanted to try acupressure and acupuncture.
78. I’ve been writing poetry since I was in high school.
79. I'm a frustrated VIDEOKE singer
80. I'm a loud mouth.
81. I'm able to think better while typing
82. I'm always a worry wart
83. I'm always at a loss for words when someone tells me that she has just miscarried.
84. I've found my sport in Ultimate Frisbee. . I like the pace and the excitement
85. Just hearing that my child did well in school for that day really makes my day
86. Kinder Bueno is my favorite ever chocolate bar.
87. Know-it-alls irritate me.
88. My favorite pair of jeans is something that I bought at SM Surplus Shop.
89. My period is weird sometimes my cycle is 27 days other times it could be 52 Days
90. My secret desire is to go to the spa without feeling guilty about what it will cost me.
91. Someday, I’d like to go back to school and take up my master’s degree in Sociology
92. When I get to the office I automatically open my email
93. When I was 16, I enrolled in a Cora Doloroso summer program to help me be more finesse.
94. When I was a kid, I’ve always pretend I was a mermaid. Problem was I couldn’t swim.
95. Whenever we pass by a funeral procession. I say a small prayer for the departed
96. I have a special relationship with my mother in law.
97. I’m scared of heights
98. I love going to the beach
99. I always want to spend time with my husband
100. I tend to be emotional. Especially when someone questions the way I mother my child