Monday, March 06, 2017



SKYathon, SKY Cable Corporation’s annual beach run, returns to Boracay on April 22 for its 8th year of raising awareness and funds to sustain the island’s excellent natural beauty and rich marine 


For two years now, SKYathon aims to help restore the island’s coral reefs by raising funds to purchase reef nurseries via the Coral REEFurbishment project in partnership with Boracay Foundation, Inc.

In fact, SKY Cable is dedicated to support the advocacy on a long-term basis. 

“Boracay has given so much to Filipinos and it is only fitting that we return the favor by helping the country’s world-class island remain beautiful. SKY is committed to uphold this advocacy through SKYathon,” Jaynalen Redondo, SKY Cable’s airtime sales marketing head said.

SKYathon returns this year with the foremost running event organizer in the country, Coach Rio, as race partner.

According to a DENR assessment conducted in September 2015, coral bleaching, unregulated diving, and the spread of crown-of-thorns starfish have caused damage on Boracay’s coral reefs. The rehabilitation project can help coral reefs to recover for Boracay to maintain a healthy coastal marine ecosystem.

The highly anticipated destination run will happen on April 22 (Saturday) at the Epic Beach Front (station 2). Gunstart at 6AM. Aspiring SKYathon runners can choose from a 3K (P500), 5K (P600), and 10K (P800) beach run. A race kit includes a singlet, timing chip, loot bag, and a finisher’s medal. 

Be a hero for Boracay this summer by joining the SKYathon beach run. For more information on registration, interested racers can visit and

Updates are regularly provided in its official Facebook page ( The online registration is open until April 10, 2017. 

Other registration venues include the Boracay Foundation Inc. office located on the 2nd floor of AKY Gasoline Station, Main Road, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island, Chris Sports branches in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa (Main), SM MOA, Glorietta 3, Robinsons Ermita, and D’Mall Boracay; as well as Rudy Project Branches in Alabang Town Center, The Podium Trinoma, SM MOA, SM Cebu, Robinsons Cebu, and D’Mall Boracay. 

SKY Cable Corporation is the first to introduce cable television to Filipinos in 1990. Since then, it has been a frontrunner in technology and cable TV content by being the first to design a highly customized viewing experience among subscribers, and offering the most number of HD channels. Its properties have expanded beyond pay TV. SKY now has One SKY Premium (cable, broadband, and mobile internet unlimited bundles), One SKY Lite (cable, broadband, and mobile internet consumable bundles), SKYmobi (mobile internet), SKY On Demand (video-on-demand), SKYdirect (direct-to-home), SKYcable, and Destiny Cable (cable television). 


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Star Cruises reveals new travel opportunities in first ever Cruise Fair


Star Cruises reveals new travel opportunities in first ever Cruise Fair


Traveling is the newest and fastest growing trend as today’s tourism industries are further developing and traveling destinations all over the world become much accessible to the public. Now, more and more people are opening their doors to new travel opportunities whether it be local or abroad, by sea or by air.


From March 1 to 52017 the leading cruise line in the Asia Pacific, Star Cruises, is making its way to Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk to showcase the company’s newest travel offers and promos especially for this summer.


The event is also set to celebrate the opening of its new homeport in Manila, marking Star Cruises as the first cruise industry to do so in the Philippines’ capital region, allowing Filipinos to reach further destinations in the Asia Pacific much closer, hassle-free and visa-free.


As such, Star Cruises booths will be set up by the mall entrances with the company’s travel agency partners attending the area to accommodate interested travelers and tourists.


“Star Cruises was the first major cruise line to recruit Filipinos 23 years ago for our cruise ships and now we are pleased to be the first international cruise line to welcome Filipinos on board Superstar Virgo as our guests from our homeport in Manila,” says President of Star Cruises Ang Moo Lim. “Worldwide, nearly 25 million people have enjoyed a cruise in 2016 and we are extending this opportunity for Filipinos to join their ranks from Manila – and at an affordable price.”


As the new homeport opens, the company is now launching new luxury cruise trip opportunities straight from Manila to Laoag, to Taiwan and Hong Kong starting March 19 to May 232017!


Summer is fast approaching and no better time than now to explore and discover what awaits you onboard the leading cruise line in the Asia-Pacific, StarCruises


To know more about Star Cruises, Dream Cruises and its available cruise offers and promos, visit the Star Cruises booths at Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk from March 1 to 5 during mall hours, or visit the Star Cruises official website at


Monday, February 20, 2017

Your Ultimate Summer Pampering Destination Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

Summer is coming. That means hot weather, beach time, shorts, sandals, sundresses--and lots of it.  The question is, are you ready? 

Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Nailaholics, the city’s top urban nail and pampering destination in the country, has been everyone’s go-to destination for the season, so here’s a run-down of things-to-do to keep your skin, tips, and toes summer ready. 

Prepare for sandal-season
Over the holidays, when the wind blew colder and your legs and feet were clad in tights and boots, it was easy to miss your regular waxing and pedicure appointments. But summer means trading in your warmer outfits for colorful shorts and summer skirts, paired with your favorite flip-flops or sandals. Book an appointment for a pedicure ASAP and jumpstart the season with a waxing session to get your stems ready. 

Get ready for summer outfits
Legs are a major focus during summer that it’s easy to forget your arms need attention too. Because of the weather, you’ll be baring your arms and shoulders as soon as the wind blows a little warmer. Get them in perfect summer shape by booking a moisturizing treatment, followed by a manicure. Be sure to choose a bright hue on your nails to complement the season. 

Make sure you’re super Summer-ready
Before you head off for your summer adventure, get yourself primed for the season by getting a head to toe buff and polish. Get Vitamin Sea: Manicure, Pedicure and Foot Spa to stimulate blood flow and leave skin glowing.  Be sure to moisturize post treatment by keeping a bottle of Argan oil handy. 

Post-holiday Pampering Day
A visit to your favorite nail salon isn’t just for pre-holiday beach trips; sometimes, you need vacation from your vacation too. Summer means crowded airports, cramped flights, long road trips—and you’ll need to unwind after. Choose from our menu of spa treatments so that you not only get to relax, you also make sure you’re prepped and ready to go for your next vacation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Globe to equip 1,000 private school teachers with digital literacy skills


            As the world goes digital, education has gone beyond books, pen and paper, and even beyond the classroom. Both teachers and students now face the challenge of integrating technology in their lessons and making it an effective tool for learning anytime, anywhere.


            The changing landscape has prompted Globe Telecom, a strong advocate of education and digital learning, to come out with PRISM, a professional development program designed to help Filipino educators from private high schools, particularly those teaching the new Media and Information Literacy (MIL) subject in Senior High School, to become proficient in technology-enabled instruction and content development.


One thousand private school teachers from all over the country are set to participate in a three-week digital literacy program sponsored by Globe, which includes a two-day immersive boot camp, blended project-based learning, and personalized coaching.  There will be one boot camp each in Metro Manila, Naga City, Pampanga, Cebu City, and Cagayan de Oro City, running from January to June this year.  


A key component of the blended learning component is the teachers’ access to Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform. The teachers will be enrolled online to undergo distance learning for three weeks where they will have access to the global Brightspace Community, multimedia resources to guide them through the learning process, and a seamless platform to collaborate with learning coaches and teachers in real time. While they may be far apart during this time, the technology is there to ensure that learning and close collaboration continuously happen.  


“Students today are digital natives who grew up in the era of computers, mobile phones, and instant connectivity, making it necessary for teachers to be adept in the use of technology in order to guide the students properly in the use of digital information both inside and outside the classroom,” said Michelle Tapia, Advisor & Head of Globe’s Education Strategy & Innovation.


She added: “Globe seeks to empower every Filipino with world-class learning through technology. We close the gap by providing teachers the digital knowledge and skills that they need to help students succeed in the 21st century, starting with the digital literacy program.”


Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor, Globe myBusiness Group said that the company understands that "to invest in education is to invest in connectivity". Thus, as with education, Globe continues its commitment to provide world-class internet across the Philippine archipelago. Last year, Globe has committed close to US$500 million for the expansion of its corporate data network. Parallel to this infrastructure build for enterprises is the company’s initiative to create an internet superhighway by deploying fiber in 20,000 barangays all over the country by 2020 to equip Filipinos for a more digitally connected future. 


Likewise, PRISM provides the opportunity for teachers nationwide to prepare for such a future. Teachers undergoing the PRISM Digital Literacy Program are nominated by both Globe and the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC). The PEAC National Secretariat processes the nominations submitted by schools nationwide while a Vetting Committee, composed of two (2) representatives from the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA), a DepEd Regional Director, and the PEAC Executive Director, is set in place to closely vet the nominated teachers.


            With the conclusion of the Metro Manila leg on February 4, 2017, a full-blown expo was held at the Globe University in Mandaluyong City to showcase the different digital literacy projects of the teachers.


            PRISM complements the Global Filipino School (GFS) program of Globe which is targeted for public elementary and high schools.  Since 2012, GFS has transformed select public schools into centers of ICT excellence and creates teacher training hubs that aim to increase understanding and effective usage of ICT in the classroom.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Fair Play

Children should be playful by nature. It is the stage in their life where they are also naturally curious and delights in all matter of play. But have you ever observed that when your child is playing they seem to play like they are in competition? With their mine-mentality it is important in this stage to show them that playing is for fun and not for winning.

I have 2 kids Josh who is 16 and Adee who is 9 years old. Josh has special needs and he may look manly and like a strapping young lad but he acts like he's 8 or maybe 10 in a good day.
Children tend to cry easily when they toys are taken from them or when they lose in a simple game. Storming off, breaking down into sobs and sometimes fighting tend to be their natural reaction. As a parent this is the time to make them realize the importance of play fair and to let them understand what it really means to win or lose in a game.
Children often expresses their emotion physically, it is hard for them to express what they really want. It is up to you to understand their frustration and not laud them for things when you know it’s bad.
Playing is simple, it should be fun naturally. Showing them that you gain happiness from it and praising them how good they are just some of the simple ways of teaching them how to play fair. If something like a fight broke up between kids, it is your place to immediately remove him or her from that situation. Instictively, you tend to side with your child in moments like this but assesing the right situation, you teach your child early that fighting is not good. But then competition is good for them.
Here are simple tips when that I have been teaching  my kids  on how to play fair and how to teach them to cope when they are disappointed when they leose.
First, i tell  them the rules of the game and how important it is to follow them.
I always teach them how to take turns.How to be polite.
I let them play a variety of games.
I always give them a task to lead the game.
I am always  firm in my decision. 
I praise them when they are doing good and let them enjoy their victory.
I want to find  them good playmates. But if it's not possible then I let them play on their own.
You don't always need gadgets to have a great time,
Teach them that its not about winning or losing but its how they play the game.
Teach them how to be a good sport. To sympathize with others.
For me going out on a date is important and it doesn't have to be expensive. Even if it's something simple like going to McDonalds for burger and fries is a treat in itself.I really resonated with McDonalds new commercial because as a parent it teaches you to embrace your children's flaws and gifts warts and all. Especially with Joshwa because he has special needs and there are times that parenting him is not as easy because he has special needs. We always have to make adjustments around him and what he can and cannot do. Adee sometimes feels that its not fair that her brother gets away with some things. I always tell her that I'm sorry if you feel that Joshwa is my favorite believe it or not i love you both equally,

 Emphasizing how well your kids play in a game is a matter of importance. Its understandable to lose once in a while. This way they will learn to understand the concept of play fair from the start.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Heroes Run

On Feb 25, heroes will assemble in TV5’s Superheroes Run Manila at the SM MOA Grounds, Block 16. In the spirit of doing good like our favorite superheroes, a portion of the proceeds from the fun run will be donated to the Alagang Kapatid Foundation.

In lieu of the upcoming event, a presscon was held for the media to fully understand the details and information about the upcoming fun run. The event was held at the Impressions Restaurant, Maxims last Jan 31, 2017

There’s no denying that superheroes make us all want to fly through the highest part of the sky, run as fast as the wind, protect the universe from bad people and most importantly save and defend other people’s lives. The wish to become extraordinary humans becomes more exhilarating when we get to read it on magazines and comic books or watch it in films and TV series.
This will be a very exciting run most specially for a fan of those heroes like me. Take a look at the other details of run.

Race Routes:

Each race kit will have a little surprise for the participants to make the fun run more super. Depending on the distance that they choose, runners will get a Super girl cape and/or The Flash and Arrow head gears. These goodies will definitely serve as a motivation to finish strong! Not only that, participants will also be joined by TV5 stars and athletes.
The Superheroes Run Manila is also an avenue to promote the superheroes program of TV5-Arrow which airs every Monday at 7:30 pm, the Flash on Mondays 8:30 pm and upcoming launch of the tagalized version of Super girl which will be flying in every Tuesday staring March 21 at 7:30 pm
See you on Feb 25 because there’s a hero inside all of us

Monday, January 30, 2017



ActiveHealth introduces the new Run United Exceed, a prestigious and exclusive 21km race co-presented by Tag Heuerwill be held in BGC, Taguig on Sunday, April 2, 2017. It is set to revolutionize the running landscape by introducing world marathon major inspired innovations that will push runners to exceed themselves. 

Some of the Innovations to help breed next level 21km finishers include: exclusive medal for sub 2.5 hours’ finishers, FREE UNDER ARMOUR shoes to the top 15 negative split medal finishers - And to keep our runners motivated while they push themselves, the course is lined up with cheer stations in key locations, to help boost their moral. To further add to the thrill of the race is the moving cut off banner making sure runners make it in time. All participants are also entitled to discounted privileges from partner merchants and a Run United Exceed Kit inclusive of race shirt, event shirt and other items.Guaranteed slots to Angkor Wat International Full Marathon or Angkor Wat International Half Marathon await 2 lucky finishers.Like any other world marathon major, Tag Heuer is the official timekeeper of Run united Exceed.


The concept is to shatter ones perception of time - To go against your greatest enemy, yourself. This race will give birth to the next generation of high performing Half-Marathoners that have the relentless drive and determination to exceed the time they have set for themselves through proper training and sports nutrition. “We have been doing the progressive races for the past 6 years. For 2017, we believe that it is time to take it to the next level. We want to build a new generation of athletes whose objective is not to just to finish, but to EXCEED.” according to Lester Castillo, Brand Manager of ActiveHealth.


ActiveHealth has been in the forefront in providing an incomparable race experience. It is the only race in the country that offers an integrated holistic solution for progressive athletes, grounded by its 4 pillars - training, nutrition, gear and events.  Run United Exceed participants are guaranteed that they are well taken care of in all areas from training, nutrition, gear to recovery. Connectivity to sports experts, running community, performance tracker are just some of the other special privileges provided to participants through the ActiveHealth Community Application.

For more information about Run United Exceed, ActiveHealthand ActiveHealth Community App, please visit and stay connected through and


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tonight We Sleep™ App.

 When it comes to raising a baby, a mother’s priority has always been about ensuring their health and development. For working moms especially, the ultimate challenge is getting the right amount of sleep for both her and her baby. 

What with busy schedules and always being on-the-go, pioneer in the science of baby development, JOHNSON’S®, has developed a new mobile application perfect for all working parents. Featuring a set of proprietary and customized tools, the app is designed to be the ultimate sleep expert-partner for parents. 

Tonight We Sleep™ App. Key Features: 

Sleep Log: Parents are able to log-in a baby’s sleep schedules–- this includes the times and number of hours that baby sleeps and wakes—for close monitoring of a baby’s sleep patterns. This feature even produces a sleep analysis score that comes with recommendations from JOHNSON’S® sleep experts!

Sleep Analysis: This feature provides parents with an analysis on a baby’s sleeping habits and provides answers to some of the most pressing questions parents may have. The results will come in according to the following sub-categories: General, Falling Asleep, Sleep Routine, Sleep Duration, Night Wakings, and Family and will likewise generate customized recommendations. 

Ambient Sounds:  Research has shown that ambient sounds can help induce sleep (for adults, just as well, as babies). With this feature, parents can play DJ and mix up to four ambient sounds at one time; just the way your baby likes for bedtime. 

Lullaby Playlist:  JOHNSON’S® Bedtime™ also boasts of a wide variety of lullabies that parents can pick from!  You can even set a playlist of up to four songs with no interruptions or advertisements. And the best part? The new lullabies have "all the science of sound embedded” so there will be no more second-guessing. 

Ask an Expert:  Parents also have direct access to JOHNSON’S® sleep experts who can answer all other sleep-related questions (not already addressed by the Sleep Analysis feature). 

“Sleep is very critical to a baby’s growth and development. That is why we created the first clinically proven routine together with an app backed by science, to lead to better nights for both moms and their babies,” shares Bessie Campillo, JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager.

Sleep Medicine and Surgery Specialist Dr. Agnes Tirona-Remulla also shares, “One of the best ways you can get your baby to sleep is through a bedtime routine. When you commit to a bedtime routine, like the three simple steps of a bath, massage, and quiet time, you will see progress in your baby’s sleeping patterns and overall demeanor.” 

She also emphasized that with better sleep, babies can enjoy a stronger immune system, improved social skills, and increased abilities in learning and memory. 

Alongside the release of the Baby Sleep App, JOHNSON’S® also launched the first scientifically-proven bedtime routine, guaranteed to help you and your baby to sleep for an additional one hour in just seven days. More details about the routine can be found in the new app’s features.

The JOHNSON’S® Bedtime™ Baby Sleep App is now available to download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store for FREE.  You can also download it via the QR code here for easier access: