Monday, February 06, 2017

Fair Play

Children should be playful by nature. It is the stage in their life where they are also naturally curious and delights in all matter of play. But have you ever observed that when your child is playing they seem to play like they are in competition? With their mine-mentality it is important in this stage to show them that playing is for fun and not for winning.

I have 2 kids Josh who is 16 and Adee who is 9 years old. Josh has special needs and he may look manly and like a strapping young lad but he acts like he's 8 or maybe 10 in a good day.
Children tend to cry easily when they toys are taken from them or when they lose in a simple game. Storming off, breaking down into sobs and sometimes fighting tend to be their natural reaction. As a parent this is the time to make them realize the importance of play fair and to let them understand what it really means to win or lose in a game.
Children often expresses their emotion physically, it is hard for them to express what they really want. It is up to you to understand their frustration and not laud them for things when you know it’s bad.
Playing is simple, it should be fun naturally. Showing them that you gain happiness from it and praising them how good they are just some of the simple ways of teaching them how to play fair. If something like a fight broke up between kids, it is your place to immediately remove him or her from that situation. Instictively, you tend to side with your child in moments like this but assesing the right situation, you teach your child early that fighting is not good. But then competition is good for them.
Here are simple tips when that I have been teaching  my kids  on how to play fair and how to teach them to cope when they are disappointed when they leose.
First, i tell  them the rules of the game and how important it is to follow them.
I always teach them how to take turns.How to be polite.
I let them play a variety of games.
I always give them a task to lead the game.
I am always  firm in my decision. 
I praise them when they are doing good and let them enjoy their victory.
I want to find  them good playmates. But if it's not possible then I let them play on their own.
You don't always need gadgets to have a great time,
Teach them that its not about winning or losing but its how they play the game.
Teach them how to be a good sport. To sympathize with others.
For me going out on a date is important and it doesn't have to be expensive. Even if it's something simple like going to McDonalds for burger and fries is a treat in itself.I really resonated with McDonalds new commercial because as a parent it teaches you to embrace your children's flaws and gifts warts and all. Especially with Joshwa because he has special needs and there are times that parenting him is not as easy because he has special needs. We always have to make adjustments around him and what he can and cannot do. Adee sometimes feels that its not fair that her brother gets away with some things. I always tell her that I'm sorry if you feel that Joshwa is my favorite believe it or not i love you both equally,

 Emphasizing how well your kids play in a game is a matter of importance. Its understandable to lose once in a while. This way they will learn to understand the concept of play fair from the start.

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