Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Diane tagged me. So here are my answers.


Ice cream.. as in i love it.. ewan ko ba..
I just can't resist the allure of the ice
cream. Eventhough everytime I eat naiisip
ko naku this spoonful of ice cream that
I put in my mouth goes to my thighs and
other parts of my body.I could
live without Pizza but not Ice cream and
I love fried ice cream nakatikim ako dati
sa Angelinos and sa Mongolian Grill
I could never forget the taste. Hanap na lang
ako nang recipe nun.

Scrapping mags/books , Romance Novels
I have 4 or 5 different subscriptions to scrapbooking magazine.
Mura kasi pa subscribe eh. I recently bought a book related
to scrapbooking and yes im still a HOPEFUL romantic.

Grey's Anatomy
Hay naku i love this show bawal mag absent sa harap ng
TV pag Thursday pati yung Friday replay pinapanood ko pa rin.

Paiba iba hilig ko sa music i like a little bit of everything.
I like to sing pero ayaw ng singing sa akin pati
yung mga nakapaligid sa akin ayaw din nila ako

Pero kung yung sa musicals talaga
I've seen a few musicals pero my favorite will
always be Ms. Saigon. Not just because Lea Salonga
was performing pero something about it just
moved me.

The musicals that I do want to see would be the ff:


A celebrity guilt past time is reading :

Who am i tagging?? who ever reads my blogs
and feels like answering the questions.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

the blues

Just this afternoon i found out that a friend and an acquaintance
is expecting a baby girl and baby boy they are both due in July
I was supposed to be due in June. Because had we not lost
Gabe i could be finding out by now if my baby was a boy or a girl.
I don't know what I'm supposed to feel. I'm happy for them
and yet i dont know why i feel like this. I'm sure the blues
will go away on it's own

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joshwa's Favorite Video

This is Joshwa's favorite video. He plays this video every hour,

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Secret

Was able to watch OPRAH and it validated something that
a friend told me we really do invite things in our life.
Like if we are full of negativity vicious cycle sya pero
kung may clear vision ka ng gusto mo talagang
matutupad yung vision na yun.

Here are some things that I picked up dun sa show.

  • Either you do it or you don't do it. When you say that you'll try it means that you won't.. Like when you say i'll say try to go to this party chances are you wont be there.
  • For us to have a Harmonious Life. We have to focus on 5 Aspects.
  1. Financial Harmony
  2. Relationship Harmony
  3. Intentional Harmony
  4. Spritual Harmony
  5. Physical Harmony
  • Life is not meant to be a struggle it is meant to be abundant.
  • Being unwilling to forgive is drinking the poison and expecting the other one to die but the truth of the matter that the poison is slowly killing you.
It felt good to actually tell yourself for everything that has happened in my life
the good,the bad,the ugly and the pain. thank you.. I was actually crying kasi i told myself thank you for everything. I have truly truly got passed the pain and I thank you that I have finally let it all go. I said thank you that God gave me Joshwa just the way that he is our angel.Im grateful that he is what he is and he is healthy he has truly taught me a lot.I said thank you to my MIL and told myself that she taught me how to be humble in times of suffering. Basta for everyone who may have hurt me whether alam nila or hindi I said thank you and it felt good.
Very powerful sya as Oprah said it was my AHA moment.

*The Secret (featured on 'Oprah') ~ 'The Secret to You'*

The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

This is so powerful.. I watched this on Oprah and It was so moving

Justin Timberlake - Director's Cut - What Goes Around...

I love this new video. So what if it doesn't make sense. Basta for me okay sya.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!! Today was the sweetest valentine's
ever. I woke up with a throbbing headache and I was in
pain my husband was rubbing my head and massaging it
till I went back to sleep. I would have wanted to go out
tonight but I think it's best to stay in.My body is aching and
my head is throbbing.. Good thing the fever has subsided.
Flu and all I still had to bring Joshwa to the bus and pick him up.
My head is still aching our home is a mess. But I couldn't ask for
anything more. The fact that were together makes this valentines
just as special

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mea Culpa

Im one of my last posts I meant to say Pedometer and
instead I typed Odometer,


I've started baking again. I never really thought
I'd get back to baking mostly because I hate
cleaning up after myself but I really like to
do it. I started cake making and baking
in 2004 kaso di ko ma-apply pinag aralan ko.
I can bake cakes but my icing application
needs a LOT of work. Maybe thats why I
like sticking to brownies and stuff para wala nang
icing I will let my worst critic taste my brownies and she
will tell me if I have my baking mojo back and that
is my mom. I haven't baked brownies and cakes in
at least 4 years.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I didnt do a lot of exercising today masakit kasi
katawan ko. Kasi nabigla ata ako kahapon paano
ba naman pilitin ko ba naman sarili ko mag 10,000
steps in one day. Akala ko kaninang umaga okay lang
ako. Was able to go out and do a bit of walking was able to
do 2000 steps do my errands pag buhat ko
nang plastic bag ouch parang di ko na magalaw braso
ayun pag uwi ko I was in pain. Buti na lang wala na si
Philbert. Kung hindi maski masakit katawan ko di ako
makakadaing. I never learn my lesson when it comes to
fitness. I walked the stairs from 36th Floor to the
Ground Floor and Pauwi sa amin only because I
found out Philbert's cousins call me TABA behind
my back. I was so upset and this was the same
cousin na pinatira namin sa bahay (long story)
Well that stunt landed me in the emergency
room because namaga yung ankles ko and I couldn't
walk. Then they injected with something by mistake
namaga yung mukha ko and from then on
I now have an allergic reaction to Aspirin
and Ibuprofen.

Tapos eto na naman dapat talaga slowly
but surely lang.It was stupid of me
to think that this would be different than the last
time. I just have to remind myself that fitness is a
marathon and I'm never going to win if I try to Sprint again.

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Goal

I was really thinking of what my goal
should be. Do I need to lose xx number of pounds?
Do I need to lose xx number of inches? But I want
it to be realistic. I want an attainable goal so I can start
from there. I want to be able to borrow Philbert's jeans.
Gaganda kasi ng mga pants nya eh. He is a size 28 (sexy sya)
pero his jeans size is a size 30. So at least I have a few inches
to go. I won't say na kung ano basta less than 10 inches ang
goal ko. I hope I can do this without having to give up
ice cream and sweets. I know! I know! I want my cake and
eat it too. Sometimes I tell him I hate you!!! how could
you and your siblings eat so much and not gain that weight.
Samantalang ako I'm still trying to lose my pregnancy weight
with Joshwa. At di na ito okay na excuse because Joshwa is
now 6 years old.

Losing Weight

Ay naku this has been the cause of many
disagreements between me and Philbert.
Of course I want to lose this weight naiinis
lang kasi ako na minsan makulit sya and I get
inis when he jokes about my weight. I know
he wants to challenge me to lose weight kasi naman
he's never been fat so di nya alam na di ganun
kadali mag papayat. Fine! fine! maybe i'm the problem
pero i want a little empathy. A great motivation in going
down a few sizes is that my BFF is getting married next
year unless I want to wear something frumpy and ugly
to her wedding then I need to lose weight, How am I going
to lose this weight? Naisip ko lang is i'm going to try
to walk this all of. I hope na di ako tamarin
please sana naman wag baka masayang ang
odometer ko. Kung hindi talaga ako pumayat naku
then I have to endure all of their comments.
Which is always something I dread hearing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

AT 6

loves to eat ice cream
can now play ticke with Daddy
can now use the computer with so much ease
loves going to school
loves to ride the school bus
loved by everyone
hugs and kisses you out of the blue
can read and count

Materials Used:
Chatterbox Paper
DCWV Paper
DCWV Matt stack
Provo Craft Paper
Making Memories Mailbox Alphabets
Marcella by Kay Metal Accents

Monday, February 05, 2007