Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Diane tagged me. So here are my answers.


Ice cream.. as in i love it.. ewan ko ba..
I just can't resist the allure of the ice
cream. Eventhough everytime I eat naiisip
ko naku this spoonful of ice cream that
I put in my mouth goes to my thighs and
other parts of my body.I could
live without Pizza but not Ice cream and
I love fried ice cream nakatikim ako dati
sa Angelinos and sa Mongolian Grill
I could never forget the taste. Hanap na lang
ako nang recipe nun.

Scrapping mags/books , Romance Novels
I have 4 or 5 different subscriptions to scrapbooking magazine.
Mura kasi pa subscribe eh. I recently bought a book related
to scrapbooking and yes im still a HOPEFUL romantic.

Grey's Anatomy
Hay naku i love this show bawal mag absent sa harap ng
TV pag Thursday pati yung Friday replay pinapanood ko pa rin.

Paiba iba hilig ko sa music i like a little bit of everything.
I like to sing pero ayaw ng singing sa akin pati
yung mga nakapaligid sa akin ayaw din nila ako

Pero kung yung sa musicals talaga
I've seen a few musicals pero my favorite will
always be Ms. Saigon. Not just because Lea Salonga
was performing pero something about it just
moved me.

The musicals that I do want to see would be the ff:


A celebrity guilt past time is reading :

Who am i tagging?? who ever reads my blogs
and feels like answering the questions.

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