Friday, February 09, 2007

Losing Weight

Ay naku this has been the cause of many
disagreements between me and Philbert.
Of course I want to lose this weight naiinis
lang kasi ako na minsan makulit sya and I get
inis when he jokes about my weight. I know
he wants to challenge me to lose weight kasi naman
he's never been fat so di nya alam na di ganun
kadali mag papayat. Fine! fine! maybe i'm the problem
pero i want a little empathy. A great motivation in going
down a few sizes is that my BFF is getting married next
year unless I want to wear something frumpy and ugly
to her wedding then I need to lose weight, How am I going
to lose this weight? Naisip ko lang is i'm going to try
to walk this all of. I hope na di ako tamarin
please sana naman wag baka masayang ang
odometer ko. Kung hindi talaga ako pumayat naku
then I have to endure all of their comments.
Which is always something I dread hearing.


Teacher Grishan said...

hay nako sister!!! what we need is a financer! someone who'll pay us $100.00 per pound we lose. i'm calling papa tomotrrow. hehe!!!
seriously sister, kaya natin yan.. pero kelangan may kasabay... mahirap kasi pag may mag-te-tempt satin.

try natin before our parents come... patay nanaman tayo when they get here.... tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

Odometer nga.....pang-kotse.