Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I'm Wary of Hospitals

I'm usually wary of hospital because I don't like the smell. It smells so sanitized and too clean.  Here's what I don't like about hospitals
  • I'm wary of  sleeping in the hospital bed because I keep thinking how many people died in this bed.
  • The scrubs uniform specially the color needs to change. Make it more vibrant..
  • The medical technologists who wear lab coat really need to have better bedside manners
  • The hospital bills is a very great example.. It's like a taxi meter that wouldn't stop.
  • Hospital food is improving but the presentation needs to be updated
  • The  scrub uniforms of the nurses in pediatric departments needs to be kiddie friendly.
  • There is certainly a level of discomfort associated with any medical procedures however the hospitals should make a concerted effort to eliminate stress in the hospital environment.
The only way to make people feel more comfortable is to have more professionals able to help and alleviate stress in whatever way is determined to be most beneficial. I know first-hand now that the stress associated with illness is one of the worst parts of the experience and it should be addressed first.