Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A few days ago I was reading a post in our egroup

that Maria Grace Abuzman a famous scrapbooker

"celebrity" will be coming.I'm like wow saya siguro nun.

Then I saw this. on

Beginning in 2007, CKU will be a hybrid of everything

you have loved over the years. We have listened to your

feedback and have incorporated your favorite aspects

into our new format. You love the techniques learned at

a classic CKU – We listened. You love the camaraderie

and accomplishment of finishing a whole album at CKU-A

– You got it. The new CKU will have it all!

Every CKU is a three-day, education-focused

event where the scrapbooking industry's most

talented experts gather to teach you the newest

techniques of the trade. On Thursday you will

be able to use products from your favorite manufacturers

in the Demo Hall, as you work on projects for a 6x6 album.

Complete a little or a lot, its up to you. The fun continues

on Friday as you have the option to attend a full day

of classes or spend the day completing a 12x12 Album.

This schedule will repeat on Saturday, giving you

the chance to participate in both the classes and

album workshops. At each event you will have the

opportunity to learn new techniques from your

favorite scrapbooking celebrities while

completing top of the line projects one day

and an entire album on the other day.

In addition to a high-quality education, CKU offers plenty

of extracurricular activities where you can socialize at

evening activities and crop parties, compete in contests,

participate in hands-on projects and demonstrations

from leading manufacturers in the industry

, and interact with fellow students

who are just as passionate about scrapbooking as you are.

It's a truly unique experience of pure scrapbooking fun!

Join us at these CKU events:
CKU-Detroit: April 19-21, 2007
CKU-Anaheim: June 14-16, 2007 (Malapit lang sa amin)
CKU-Nashville: August 23-25, 2007
CKU-Orlando: October 11-13, 2007

CKU is different from any other scrapbooking conventions.

CKU offers a unique educational experience for a few

hundred students. The quality of the education students

receive at CKU is unmatched by other consumer trade

shows and local classes. CKU is a more structured event

with a timeline of activities, rather than the open forum

of shopping and classes from vendors that is found at a consumer show.

At CKU, the social atmosphere is unique in that students

are surrounded by the same scrapbooking enthusiasts for

the entire length of the event. Students can build long-lasting

friendships and enjoy a close camaraderie with others

who share their passion.

At least may time pa ako mag ipon for this
WOHOOOO!!! CKU here I come wow this
will be my chance to meet Ali Edwards,
Liza Bearnson & Cathy Zielske just to name a few..
Na excite ako.. I cant wait!!!

Joshwa's school Projects


This was done by Joshwa's teacher..

The following are Joshwa's arts and crafts that he did
in school

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I know mababaw etong post ko pero naiinis ako
na replay ang Grey's Anatomy. I mean seriously!
Pero syempre ako naman nuod pa rin maski replay.
I guess kasi may Christmas break din sila. Wala lang
excited na ako malaman yung susunod na mangyayari.
According to January 4 pa ang next new episode.
Until then I will be watching those reruns.

Sorry medyo senti lang ako ha pero binata na si
Brox 12 na sya.. Where did the time go?
I was asking him the last time I saw him
Can you promise me that you wont have a girlfriend
til your 15 di daw nya kaya mag promise and I'm
like NO!!!! matanda na ata talaga ako.

Dati lang baby sya at binubuhat ko but now di ko
na kayang buhatin at di pa naman dumadating sa time
na puede nya akong buhatin baka mapilayan yung bata
kawawa naman.

Here's a photo of Brox and Joshwa

Friday, December 01, 2006

About Joshwa

I received a letter from Joshwa's teacher and I'm so proud
of Joshwa. Here is a copy of the note.

I joined the scrappinmoms challenge yesterday.
It was weird nga eh kasi lahat ng entries may photos
sa akin lang wala. I just need to do something and push
myself to start my own healing. Wala nga lang kaming
printer so I had to use my own handwriting yun ata nakasira.
But Philbert said na that's what makes it personal.

Here is the layout:

Materials Used:

Provo Craft Paper, Colorbook Punch Out Stack,

DCWV Matt Stack & Paper,Basic Grey Paper and Sticker

Journalling is as follows:


To you our baby Gabe,

We wanted you..

We were looking forward to meeting you.

We will be your family forever and always.

We love you Gabe..

You will always be our middle child.

We may have another one but you can never be replaced.

We will love you forever..