Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MIL Comes To Visit

AUGUST 29,2006

I invited MIL to have lunch with us
para makita nya rin yung Indulgence.
Syempre I took a photo..Para makita
nyo naman si Famous most often
than not Infamous na MIL ko. (hahahaha)

AUG 28,2006

I met up with Jem.We had lunch at Indulgence
tapos nag malling sandali.

Then at 6PM went back to Indulgence again to
have dinner with my Tita Milette, Mama,
Tita Ochie & Ate Nane.

Ate Nane & Tita Milette
Here are some photos taken last week





Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have 2 days to go and my days are crazy.
I'm here in Indulgence taking a breather
MIL just left and well im glad its over and done with.
Its a good thing i'm not working anymore but
my days and at times nights are crazy
just the same. Will be posting photos really soon.

My mom has agreed to take my scrapbooks
with us. I'm happy about that. As for most
of my stuff well its going to be put into good

Sept 1 is an apt time for us to go and leave.
It is truly the start of the 1st Day of
our new life our new adventure.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Im here in my cousin Beehong's house in
ParaƱaque. Waiting for the guests and
the actual celebrant. Imagine that
being late at your own party. I was here
at 2PM and I have to go by 7 because
I'm having my own party at LSS at
around 8PM. Initially they wanted it
to be a surprise pero since I told them
I won't be home til 6PM they had no
choice but to tell me.

I was so suprised about that because I didn't
expect it. Up to now I am still in the dark about
what I should expect at that party.

Tomorrow is the LET and I'm not ready to
take the test. As my cousin and I would say
Bahala na si Batman at isama mo na rin ang
super friends sa hall of justice

Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Night Out

I can't believe its only til I week til we
leave. My cousin Bogick came back to the
Philippines after living the US for 15 years. We had
dinner with him at Indulgence ( Where else?)
My evening schedule has slowly started to
get crazy. Here are the photos of our night out:

Mai and Muppy!



GROUP SHOT A ( Mai-Mai took the Shot)

GROUP SHOT B ( Yours truly took the Shot)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Parents Prayer

Dear Lord,

In those times when I feel
overwhelmed and weary, I ask that
you would grant me enabling grace to
believe that you will do what you have
promised. Help me to trust you even
when I am not feeling like it. Help me to
know your word is true even when I may
not see it in my circumstances. You are my
strength when I am weak.
You are my guiding light when I am lost.
I pray that you would encourage me today
and help me to see the wonderful things
you have already done for me. Forgive
me for not recognizing when your hand
has been at work in my life. Help me to come to a
deeper understanding and a stronger resolution
that you are always true to your word!

In Jesus’ Name,


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Found It

My IPOD has been missing for weeks.
Initially I thought I must have misplaced it
somewhere but the more that I tried to find
it the more that I couldn't find it. So instead
of stressing myself about it I just prayed about
it. I prayed that it would be returned to me
If it wasn't I prayed that the one who found
it would enjoy the music that was in it. Then
last night I was looking through my stuff
I found it ! I found it!

One thing I could say over and over and over
again thank you so much Lord! Praise God!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Busy Long Weekend

I've been extremely busy as in super mega
ever last weekend.. Here's a rundown of what I did


Met up with my friends Mish and Ellen.
We had dinner and we were talking and
laughing out loud.


It's scrapbook day.. I met up with some of
my friends for a day of scrapbook and fun.

After the scrapbook day I still had time to rush
and go to Ate Nane's birthday party.


We went to Pepper's 1st Birthday Party
Here's a photo of my Little Prince

Had dinner with Liz and Marisa at Shangri-La Hotel


Joshwa and I had lunch with his
Ninang O, Tito Tim and Mamita.
I took this photo while waiting for our ride
to the restaurant.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Wala lang naiinis lang ako kasi apparently
nakita pala ako ng tito ko pumasok sa Starbucks.
Sinabihan ba naman nya Mama ko kaya Mama
ko ayun kay aga-aga mega sermon ba naman
sa akin kesyo sayang lang ang pera tigilan na daw
pag punta ko sa Starbucks.I mean pati ba naman yun
kailangan pa sabihin. Starbucks lang naman yun..

Im ranting again kay aga-aga. What a day!
I'm leaving in 2 weeks Im probably gonna miss
those sermon's from my mom. Ask me again in
6 months if I'm gonna miss it probably but
then maybe not.

At isa pa itong MIL ko hayyyy dont get me started
nag text may pinapagawa wrong timing kasi busy
ako. Aba maya maya nag text ba naman sa akin
kung tapos na daw ba pinapagawa sa akin.
Breathe in Breathe out

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still No Luggage

I still have no luggage. Unlike Joshwa who has been living out
of the suitcase for the past 3 weeks.I still haven't bought a
decent luggage for myself.Im not really looking
for something expensive. I just want something that is
functional.With the kind of budget that I have I really
do hope I find what I'm looking for.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Blessing

Last night we had a blessing for the restaurant.
It was great because friends and family
were there. Here are some of the photos of that blessed




Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Wedding

I went to a wedding last Saturday.
with my cousin Lali and My Best Buddy

We had fun but then I saw this and we had a
good laugh about it

And I was like what was that.. She forgot to remove
the tag from her dress.. I know i'm mean but
it was so funny...

Monday, August 14, 2006


I miss her so much.. She's always in my thoughts
and in my heart no matter what anyone says
she'll always be my daughter

There is not a time when I couldn't think of her
without feeling the pain and the longing. She may
not be here but her mark stayed with me within
my soul, within my heart. Perhaps I lost her
because another person deserves the love that
she could give and the light that she will shine
will have a marvelous effect on others.

To my dearest Andie, I consider myself lucky
because I've known you and you once called me

Friday, August 11, 2006

3 Weeks to Go

I only have 3 weeks to go and i'm not packed or anything.
Basta lang all I know is a few days before that I'll be going
crazy as to what to bring, what to leave behind and how
to pack so that what I do need to bring I can fit into
one suitcase.

A few days before I leave which is August 27 will be the
Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) Truth to be told
I am nervous about that exam. I attended the review
but I did the review a bit early. I should have done
the review in June so that It will still be fresh by
the time August rolled in. But now i had to be an
eager beaver and did the review during the summer.
What I'm really nervous about is not doing good on the
exam. I can handle other parts but the Math part
is another thing.

It really didn't help me that during my review
the reviewers were trying to scare us into
thinking that the LET is tough and it's really
going to be hard to pass this exam.

Im not sure if you guys know that I was
assesed to have Dyscalculia according to the dictionary
Impairment of the ability to solve mathematical
problems, usually resulting from brain dysfunction.
During the review I found out there's alot of math.
Patay!!! As in I felt the beads of sweat coming down
my forehead.

Another concern is the expectation that
comes with taking the test. I remember one of my tita's
jokingly tell me uyy pag di ka pa pumasa nyan dami daming
teachers na bobo pumapasa dyan sa exam dyan mas
lalo na dapat ikaw kasi you went to a good school.
I smiled at her I didn't know if I should be happy and take
that as a compliment or be insulted.

I guess I should just do my best and hope for
the best.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

23 Days To Go: Philbert

If there's really one person who really knows me the
most that's my husband. Im filled with eager
anticipation because I'll be seeing him again soon.

As long as I know that he is with me I won't feel
lost and everything will be just fine.

Monday, August 07, 2006

24 Days To Go: Joshwa

Kung may isang tao sa mundong ito na sasabihing
ko mahal na mahalko na as in unconditional si Joshwa
talaga ito. As in nung nalaman kong buntis ako sa
kanya talagang ang saya saya ko. Kaya ganun na lang
ang panlulumo ko nung nalaman kong may
special need sya.

Pero sige kinaya ko.Kasi kailangan nya ako.
Nung una inaamin ko parang naging detached
ako kayJoshwa at sa lahat ng pangyayari sa
buhayko kasi yun lang ang paraan ko na para
makayanan ko lahat.

Napapansin ko talaga nitong nakaraang araw
nagiging mahigpit ako pagdating sa pag disiplina
kay Joshwa. Ayoko talaga na naiinis ako sa kanya.
Na sinasabi ko lagi Joshwa NO!Joshwa STOP THAT!
pero iniisip ko na lang na I can't be his friend.

I have to be his mom.Kamakailan lang na pag usapan
sa isang egroup na sinalihan ko kung ano ba talagang
mga takot ko para kay Joshwa.

Isa sa mga malaking kinakakatakutan ko pag namatay
ako nang maaga baka hindi pa handa si Philbert
na alagaan si Joshwa.

Di ko alam kung kakaiba lang ako o
weird talaga pero naisip sana ma outlive
ko si Joshwa. Ibig ko sabihin matanda na
sya at matanda na rin ako sabihin
na nating pumanaw sya ng mga 60 so mga
85 na ako nun.

Gusto ko lang mailagay ko sya sa ayos hanggang
sa huli. Naalala ko sinabi ko dati kay Philbert
pag namatay ako ayoko sya mag asawa kasi
baka makakukuha sya ng salbahe tapos
sasaktan si Joshwa. Sabi ko sa kanya hihilahin
ko paa nyo pag ginawa nya yun sa anak ko.

Nagbilin din ako sa mama ko na wag nya
pabayaan si Joshwa pag may nangyari sa akin.
I know morbid sa it may seem death is inevitable.
The only thing that we have to do is to prepare
for it. Pag alam ko nang okay na si Joshwa
without me then I know that I can go anytime.

26 & 25 Days To Go: MALLING

Here are some photos of the weekend that
was Aug 5.. Taken at Mall of Asia

These photos below were taken at Glorietta

Friday, August 04, 2006

27 Days to Go.. My Mom the Restauranteur

My mom opened her new venture last Monday
I know I don't say this out loud
I'm proud of her and this new
venture she's embarking on. The first
time I saw her in action I was so proud
of her its as if she was meant to do this.

The food is also great. Im not just saying this
because she owns the place. The food is really,
really good.

I don't know if you're ever reading my blog
Ma.. Just the same let me say this Im proud
of you and Keep up the Good Work.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

28 Days To Go.. Closure

According to In psychology, closure
may refer to the state of experiencing an emotional
conclusion to a difficult life event, such as the
breakdown of a close interpersonal relationship
or the death of loved one. People may behave
in a certain way or perform certain rituals to
help "bring closure" following such events.
In many other cases, "closure" may only come about
through the passage of time
(as in "time heals all wounds").

So thats what I've been doing this past
couple of days talking to old friends
forgiving them if needed but I do in such
a way that I don't have to actually say
I forgive you. For me just the fact that
I can talk to them and forget what happened
in the past was enough.

Unfortunately, much as i want to ask for
forgiveness from those that I have hurt
in the past I can't anymore. I already did
ask from at least 10 of them and they scoffed
at me and threw it right back at me called me
ugly names behind my back. I can't do that
anymore,I can't go through that again.
So call it being a coward,I call it self preservation.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I always remember her as the kid who came to
live with us and I treated her as to how I would treat
my sisters.And believe it or not I do feel like she
is my sister. Protective at times and most of the
time her partner in crime. We went through a lot
of mischiefs together. I dare not elaborate on this blog
coz it will be incriminating.

I always look forward to spending time with her.
We are like two peas in a pod. We derive a lot
of pleasure from the simple things in life: shopping,
eating, talking and laughing about things. Though I know
a lot of people don’t get her but I do.

I may be older than her but she always had a way of
putting things into perspective for me.
If there was something really disturbing me,
I would call her talk to her about it and
she would blunt her opinions and it
would make a lot of sense.

People talk about these values that a decent person
should have but she embraces them. She could easily
could disarm any tenuous situation and have people
laughing with her many one-liners. She always tries
to be calm but of course her temperament gets in
the way but I still believe that she is a person who
has honor, loyalty and integrity.

To my dear cousin Beehong.. Happy Birthday..
Thank you for being in my life. I would always treasure
you and hope that you have a great year ahead of you.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

30 Days to Go

The person who will replace me as far as
work is concerned came today. She's okay
I've met her before. She might be the person
that my parents have been looking for
softspoken and yet good with filling something
that i'm not good at.

I'm going to have one last scrap session with
my friends. I'm going to miss the scrapbook
girls. But i'm looking forward to seeing my
husband. I haven't seen him in 20 months so
I know that when I do see him again
fireworks are bound to happen. (whatever it
is that y'all are thinking yup thats it).

Imagine this:

Scenario 1

Me: Joshwa its time for your medicine
(AKA Benadryl)
Joshwa: Mom!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Noo!!
(after 10 minutes he is knocked out cold)
Let the games begin!!

Scenario 2

Me: Who wants $100
whoever raises their hand will say why what's
the catch. Babysit Joshwa.. and i know no one
will take me up on that. So Im thinking the
scenario 1 will be a better option.

Scenario 3
Wait till Joshwa's asleep God knows how long
will wait. We waited for 20 months whats
a few hours. Scenario 1 will be a great option
but if you know us will probably just go with
this option.