Thursday, May 27, 2004

1.) Rate how frequent you and your spouse make love? (as in "sexually",all the way) .. With 10 being always and 0 - none at all. 0
To be honest eversince I started Ultimate Frisbee which is everyday exceptFridays.
I'm always soooo tired when I get home. So my answer would be a 2.
2). Who usually sets the mood (READ: Sinong unang kumakalabit?) ?
Depende kung sino nasa mood..
3). Have you been rejected in favor of say ... sleeping/resting?
Thats our one rule no rejections except for special reasons like may sakit or may period..
4). Do you give your spouse some "indications" that you're in the mood?i.e., Dim the lights or Wear his fave scent of you or Play "the music"or Dance (ngek!)
I just tell him. i want to do it tonight.
5). This is an old time Q ... what's your favorite position?
:)i used to like a particular one but now i dont have one basta as long as we achieve our goal then its all right..

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thursday Q's of the hypothetical kind

1. Your neighbor's loud music kept you up at night?

Depende kung close ako sa kanila i'd probably talk to them. If di ako close i'd just bear it.. but if i cant take it anymore the last resort would be to callthe barangay security..

   2. Your highschool sweetheart called you out of the blue, not knowing you were married?

I won't say anything till I'm asked about it.

3. You were invited for dinner at an acquaintance's house and theyserved something you refuse to eat or were allergic to?

I guess they'd probably serve something safe or kung wala i'd eat the desert.

4. Your child got in a fight with his/her classmate and came home with a bloody nose?                

I'd really talk to my child and ask him to explain what happened then i'd go to the school DEMAND to talk to the prinicipal set up a meeting with the parents of that child and i'd really make a big deal out of this.

5. Your sister/brother won the lottery but never offered you any of it?

I'd find out how much. If its just a small amount It will be no big deal if it's a big amount I'd still wait for my sister to talk to me about it