Monday, October 26, 2009

Power Planner for the Modern Woman

What’s 2010 going to be like for you? With the 2010 Belle de Jour Powerplanner at hand, you’re guaranteed a year of success and achievement!
Specially designed for the stylish go-getters, Belle de Jour helps you manage your life better. The layout is based on time management principles that gives users a wider scope on everything they’re juggling in their busy lives. With Bellle de Jour Powerplanner, you’ll be able to do more things and accomplish more goals, thus living your life to the fullest!
2010 Checklist
Ever wanted to create soundtrack of your life or paint even if you don’t know how? Sometimes we lose track of little goals like these just because we don’t list them down! With BDJ’s 2010 Checklist, you’ll never lose track of the things you should tick off the list before the year 2010 ends.
Habit Tracker
The BDJ planner understands that some habits are hard to break and some are even harder to start! A new feature of this year’s planner, the habit tracker, encourages  BDJ users to turn a new leaf by allowing them to list down the habits they ought to start and break. The planner even allots space to monitor progress.  
Savings Tracker
Suggested by loyal BDJ users, this feature makes sure you are allocating funds for a rainy day while monitoring your progress in saving for big ticket items.  With the Savings Tracker, you manage your finances  better and monitor your nest egg for those things you really want and need.
Menstrual Trackerkeep track of those “special” days.  Knowing your menstrual symptoms, flows, and patterns is vital to your health.
Goal Pagestake the first step to turning your dreams and ambitions into realities.  Let this page be a constant reminder of your life goals.
Forward Planningthis page is your life masterpiece in the making.  Like a spontaneous artist, fill this area with notes, doodles, clippings, and other random thoughts of the year to come.
Health Checklistdo you know which types of doctors you should see regularly?  Don’t fret; we’ll be your constant reminder so that you’ll never miss another doctor’s appointment ever again.
Grab a copy of the 2010 Belle de Jour Power Planner! This year’s edition comes with a cloth cover, a garter enclosure, a pen holder and a BDJ-forget-me-not notepad! The 2010 BDJ planner will surely make you breeze through the new year with greater sense of ease and style. With pages and pages of coupons, and lots of special features, this planner is definitely a must have for the coming year! BDJ is available at leading bookstores and via   

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a leading mobile phone provider, today announced the availability of Samsung Corby (model: S3650), a mobile phone designed to support the digitally connected lifestyles of today’s young mobile users.

The Samsung Corby,  is a full-touch handset that places users at the center of the social media revolution with a wide range of social networks support, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The new mobile complements the company’s touch screen strategy, “touch for every lifestyle,” by targeting the youth market.

The device represents a complete makeover for the youth segment, with its eye-catching profile featuring two-tone diagonal contours. The Samsung Corby is notable for both its body design and colors which mark a significant break from the way full touch phones are usually designed. It is available in bold color options such as Jamaican Yellow, Cupid Pink, Minimal White, and Festival Orange so that users can choose their favorite colors.   

The best social networking services are combined with enhanced multimedia capabilities in a compact form factor. Corby’s 2.8-inch QVGA screen delivers a quality online video experience and its quad band connectivity and support for EDGE networks means that Samsung Corby users can stay in touch regardless of their location.

About Samsung Corby

Sensuous Design
The Samsung Corby aims to stand out from the crowd with its pop-style contours and curved edge design. The handset comes with a selection of colored yellow, white, orange and pink back covers. Each Samsung Corby also comes with two additional back covers (also called ‘Fashion Jackets’) – a unique pattern design cover and a standard black cover inside the package. These interchangeable back covers ensure that Samsung Corby users can quickly adapt their mobiles to reflect their personal style. A wider variety of colored covers and designs will be made available in the future. This focus on cutting-edge design extends to the user interface through a Cartoon UI (user interface), a highly stylised graphical menu and wallpaper that adapts according to handset functionality.

Advanced Communicator
A wealth of communication options is available to Samsung Corby owners. Users can update their current status and access friends’ updates and live feeds via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter through a simple Pop-up SNS (Social Networking Service) notification feature. The handset also supports various community sites by integrating leading user-generated content sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket and other popular SNS sites directly into the handsets user interface. Users can upload photos and videos to these sites through this Communities solution.

Trendy Full Touch

The Samsung Corby incorporates Samsung’s new Touchwiz UI and haptic feedback system making touch screen operations simple and easy to use. The handset offers haptic feedback when users make a selection on the touch screen and through the device’s widget system. Users can further customise the handset and interface with useful applications and widgets that move with drag-and-drop ease. Samsung Corby owners will also have access to a substantial library of additional applications through the Samsung online widgets store. The handset also supports “one finger zoom” and “smart unlock,” Samsung’s own unique technologies that are incorporated in most of the company’s premium full touch devices such as the Samsung Jet. “One finger zoom” enables consumers to zoom in and out with one finger while “Smart unlock” is a feature which enables users to unlock the phone and use the menu by drawing a letter on the screen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Art of War Against Rotavirus

Ignorance is never an excuse—especially when it comes to Rotavirus infection.

Gone are the days when parents dismiss diarrhea as mere “suka’t tae,” as health advocate group ROTAPhil gives the real deal on this potentially fatal disease in a handbook entitled The Rotavirus Disease: What Parents Need to Know.

The handbook unveils important facts about Rotavirus that concerned parents need to know in combating the number one cause of death due to diarrhea among children around the world.  It discusses symptoms of Rotavirus infection such as diarrhea, fever and vomiting—all of which can happen in children, especially aged five and below, from across the socio-economic spectrum.  Because of its non-discriminating nature, Rotavirus has been dubbed by health experts as a “democratic disease,” causing more than 600, 000 deaths yearly among children from both developed and developing countries.

“One of the purposes of the handbook is to make parents aware that Rotavirus may be present in one’s hands or virtually any surface and can strike their unprotected child at any place, and any time,” says Dra. Ma. Lourdes G. Genuino, Assistant Secretary of the Philippine Society of Pediatric Gastroentology and Nutrition.

Dra. Lulu Bravo, Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of the Philippines Manila and Executive Director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, furthers that the handbook was especially developed by health experts from ROTAPhil, in partnership with global pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, to guide parents on how to deal with children infected with Rotavirus and how to take proactive steps such as vaccination in order to protect their children from possible infection.  “Through ‘The Rotavirus Disease: What Parents Need to Know,’ we hope to advocate action leading to a reduction and gradual elimination of the rotavirus disease,” Bravo explains.

Indeed, in the world of diarrhea, the need for prevention can never be overemphasized.  As front liners in championing children’s health, parents should arm themselves with the most powerful ammunitions against this enemy.  In the battle against Rotavirus, there can’t be anything more potent than getting to know your enemy and attacking it where it is weakest—through vaccination.

Rotavirus infection is the leading cause of death due to diarrhea among young children worldwide.  Be one of the proponents in protecting the Filipino children against this fatal disease. If you want to request for a free copy of The Rotavirus Disease: What Parents Need to Know handbook, you may email us at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In 1998 Michelis Inc. started out by opening a small retail shop on the ground floor of Greenbelt Mall in Makati. Since then the company has established several other outlets, some in the countries most distinguished 5 star hotels. Michelis is recognized both here and abroad for their quality silver pieces. Michelis has participated in several Philippine Jewellery shows as well as taken part in several International Jewellery Fairs held in Europe. Michelis has a strategic alliance with the guild of Philippine Jewellers to develop new collections for the domestic and international market. They have also cooperated with the Ayala Group in several fashion shows and promos.

For the past eleven years, Michelis has become a trusted name and has been
providing the Filipino market with sterling silver jewellery and gift items.
Michelis takes pride in creating its own unique designs – providing the timeless,
classic appeal of silver with a new and contemporary twist and quality
workmanship. Michelis silver pieces are recognized internationally for their
timeless beauty and quality construction.
From 2002 to the present, Michelis entered a period of expansion and currently
has 9 stores throughout the metro. Branches in at the Block, the Podium, and
Mega Mall now join its other locations. In 2008, Michelis opened its first Visayan
boutique at the North Wing of SM City Cebu. This year, Michelis finds a new
home in Greenbelt 5. Michelis also has boutiques at three Rustan’s branches:
Alabang Town Centre, Robinson’s Ermita and Rustan’s Tower at the Shangri-la
Plaza. Michelis also consigns to the Silk Cocoon and the online store,
In 2005, Michelis has had the opportunity to join the Hong Kong International
Watch And Jewellery Show, hosted by the HKTDC. The show has helped solidify
Michelis’ design viewpoint. Additionally, due to exposure at the Hong Kong Show,
Michelis has been able to meet clients that carry some Michelis items on
consignment basis. Michelis has also been exposed to clients interested in
importing Michelis into their home countries.
This year the plan is to consolidate and build stronger partnerships with the
media, and of course, its clients. First of which is the launching of the Michelis
website within the year.
Greenbelt 5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Podium. The Block.
North Wing, SM City Cebu. Atrium, SM Mega Mall.
Rustan’s ATC. Rustan’s Robinson’s Ermita. Rustan’s Tower
Head Office: 55 A 11th Street, New Manila, Quezon City 1112 Philippines
Tel: (632) 723 4851 Fax: (632) 721 0024
As an on-going project since 2005, Michelis now offers a line of men’s jewellery
under the brand Michè Michelis for Men. Slowly and steadily, Michè has delighted
both male and female clientele with its offerings for men. Most notable is that
the Michè has the widest selection of cufflinks in the Philippines.
Not to be outdone of course, Michelis’ primary line of women’s jewellery is also
coming into its own with more exciting designs. Other future plans include a
children’s line of jewellery and of course, strengthening the brand’s gift section.
Beauty and Quality
Silver has long been prized for its luminescent beauty. However, by itself, pure
silver is considered too soft to create any lasting design. Most quality silver
items are crafted from sterling silver. Combining pure silver with an alloy metal
(such as copper) makes it easier to mould and shape while sacrificing none of
silvers beauty and shine. Michelis silver products are guaranteed to possess a
minimum of 92.5 percent purity. The International Federal Trade Commission
decrees that quality sterling silver must contain 92.5 percent pure silver and only
7.5 percent alloy metal. Michelis products are all trademarked and recognized by
the Federal Trade Commission.
Perfect Piece for Any Occasion
Silver items have long been prized as gifts and used to mark milestones, special
events and milestones. “Born with a silver spoon”, “Silver Anniversary”, “Silver
Jubilee” – silver has long been used to denote wealth, distinction and privilege.
Michelis’ gift item collections are perfect for birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries
and any special occasion. Michelis offers elegant picture frames, statuettes,
religious icons and various desk and tabletop items appropriate for any event
and any distinguished recipient.
Sterling Silver has long been called the Queen of Metals. Michelis uses this
illustrious metal to craft fine ladies jewellery and accessories. Capturing the
classic beauty of silver with semi-precious gems in contemporary designs that
appeal to today’s modern woman – Michelis believes that Sterling Silver is the
perfect medium to commemorate an important event in a woman’s life or to
simply show her that you care.
Silver was once traditionally reserved for noblemen. Now silver is the ultimate
symbol of confidence and distinction for today’s modern man. Michelis has an
extensive line of silver pieces for the special men in your life. From barong studs
to watches to key rings, Michelis has the most extensive range of available men’s
silver items.
Greenbelt 5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Podium. The Block.
North Wing, SM City Cebu. Atrium, SM Mega Mall.
Rustan’s ATC. Rustan’s Robinson’s Ermita. Rustan’s Tower
Head Office: 55 A 11th Street, New Manila, Quezon City 1112 Philippines
Tel: (632) 723 4851 Fax: (632) 721 0024
The Michelis Technique and Touch
Michelis uses the finest materials and the finest local silversmiths available to
create their unique and distinctive designs. Michelis has moved away from the
traditional methods of production to more modern, environmentally friendly
methods that guarantee the quality of the finished pieces. The company
provides the domestic consumer with the same quality and designs they would
get from established European and US-based silver companies. Michelis
products are recognized internationally for their high-quality and uniquely
beautiful designs.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Enchanted Kingdom (EK) gives you more reasons to smile this 2009!  For over 14 years now, the country’s premiere theme park has been spreading the magic through its fantastic rides & attractions, unique corporate packages (Enchanting Events), edutainment value, personal milestones packages (Enchanting Celebrations), wonderful shows and many more.
This October, come to Enchanted Kingdom as it celebrates its 14th year anniversary with a big bang on October 24! Expect a lot of energetic musical numbers guaranteed to fire up the night to conclude with the much-awaited Grand Fireworks Display. 
The spectacular Fireworks Display will light up the sky of Santa Rosa, Laguna with Enchanted Kingdom’s “Everyday, Everday” jingle as a fitting score.  Pyrotechnicians from the October 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 & 18 elimination rounds will compete for the title of Sky Wizardry Champion.  Cash and other prizes are also at stake for this annual contest. 
The celebration does not end there as the search for Enchanted Kingdom’s Princess 2009 will soon be over with young girls aged 6 to 10 vying for the crown on October 25, 2009.
The fun and magic continues at Enchanted Kingdom in October!  Do not miss out on these spellbinding treats brought to you only by the country’s first and only world-class theme park.

For more details, you may visit www.enchantedkingdom.comph or call (632) 830-2111 to 16 or (632) 843-6074 to 76.  Enchanted Kingdom is located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna.  

Thursday, October 15, 2009


If you want an easy way to win an iPod Touch, then join the Samba Win an iPod Touch Raffle Promo. Get a chance to win one of three (3) iPod Touch units by simply registering to the Samba Brazilian Corned Beef website. It is that easy! You can also increase your chances of winning by becoming a fan on Samba’s Facebook page and sending your Facebook friends invites to join the raffle promo.

Samba Win an iPod Touch Raffle Promo
1. The raffle promo is open to anyone residing in the Philippines.
2. All employees of CDO Foodsphere, Inc. and Rakso Computer Technology, their dealer network, accredited advertising agencies and suppliers, and their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from participating in the promo.
3. Interested participants need only to register by filling up the registration form with correct information and submitting it.
4. An entry can only be valid if the information written in the submitted registration form are also valid and correctly belongs to the participant. The fields that need to be filled out are as follows: (a) Email address; (b) Name; (c) Gender; (d) Birthday; and (e) Mobile phone number. Entries with incorrect data and information will be considered null and void.
5. A participant may register and submit as many entries as he/she can, provided that each entry must have a unique email address and mobile phone number.
6. A participant can increase his/her chances of winning by: (a) becoming a fan in CDO Samba’s Facebook Fan Page; and (b) sending Facebook friend invites to join the promo. A Facebook account is required for the abovementioned options, and each of them constitutes one (1) raffle entry for the raffle promo.
7. Three (3) units of iPod Touch 16GB 2nd Generation will be given away to three (3) lucky winners in the raffle draw.
8. The online raffle draw will be held on November 3, 2009 in Rakso Computer Technology, 3rd floor Ricogen Bldg., 112 Aguirre St. Legazpi Village, Makati City.
9. A participant can win only once in the raffle promo.
10. Winners will be notified through an email confirmation and a phone call from Rakso Computer Technology.
11. Prizes shall be claimed 60 days after the notification in the CDO Foodsphere, Inc., #560 West Service Road., Paso de Blas, Valenzuela City. For winners residing outside the Metro Manila area, delivery of prizes shall be arranged.
12. Winners must present the email notification and a valid ID when they claim their prize or upon delivery.
13. Promo period is from October 1-31, 2009.

For more information, visit

Saturday, October 03, 2009

SM Supermalls launches Operation Tulong Express