Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Different Kinds Of Donations During Calamities

During recent calamities I often see Gang Badoy of Rocked call for donations on donating Used Underwear. I’ve looked this scheme up online and found various references to it. It doesn't matter if its bras or panties One article says that bras are needed primarily and preferably in dark colours for modesty reasons

I’ve also seen some disparaging comments online saying it is patronising and unhygienic to expect these women to take hand-me-down underwear. I personally feel strongly about the value of second-hand.

Surely it is a positive thing if the underwear is clean and if the women are not offended and most importantly if this plays a role in helping them. Rather than throw away your perfectly good undies, recycle them and help others. There's a website called Panty Deal that will buy used underwear so that they can donate to charity,