Saturday, November 27, 2004


My sister Grishan and her son Brox left the Philippines to embark on a new journey. A trip to the United States. I know i'll miss them both so much but in my heart I know that this is what she wants to do and I'm happy for both of them.I'll see them in 10 days.Which reminds me that I have to start packing for our trip.

Andie's yaya gave birth today.. Initially Yaya Bing (Joshwa's yaya) thought na she had appendicities (sp?) kasi she was vomitiing and she couldn't stand up.That's why she wanted to be brought to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital. Dun na lang nalaman that she was pregnant.Kasi she kept saying may lalabas na. Initially ayaw nya pa umamin na buntis sya. But when they did a urinalysis. Wala na talagang kawala di na sya nakapag sinungaling.

When Yaya Bing called me I was in Greenbelt attending a despedida for a friend. Punta agad ako sa Pasay General Hospital .I didn't even know she was pregnant. .. I asked her if she was pregnant last month coz someone told me that she looked pregnant. She denied it.

Apparently she told the nurse at the hospital she didn't want the baby but didn't have a choice natakot daw mag pa-abort (which was good).I don't know what will happen kung aalagaan ba nya yung baby or ipapauwi nya sa province with her mom. One thing is for sure she can expect a very loonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg sermon that she'll never hear the end of. I know the question that will always be asked how could you not know?I guess I just took her word for it.

Nakakainis pa is they ask you to buy na sobra dun sa gagamitin nila. Saka di pa sabay sabay ang bibilhin sa pa-unti unti na pagbili sa napakadaming reseta inabot na ng 3k.. Di pa kasama yung babayaran sa hospital. Buti na lang I have money with me what If wala naku po kawawa naman sya..

I felt guilty because I always take her to the grocery and the mall whenever I have to do some shopping. Surprisingly I'm not angry at her.. I guess I feel more of a concern. Had she told me that she was pregnant. I would have helped her prepare for the baby. Lucky for her I kept most of Joshwa's baby clothes and things so puede ko pa sya pahiramin..

Monday, November 15, 2004

Spirits 2004 & Ultimate Frisbee

I had the pleasure of being able to watch an international tournament last weekend. It was THE BOMB! I had a great time... It really made me miss playing frisbee. The level of play was EXCELLENT & AMAZING to say the least.I have great pictures and I'll be posting them soon. One amazing part was not during the game but after the game when the local and foreign players were willing to exchange jerseys. That was amazing.. There was this great SAMBA band after the final game and most of the people were dancing and it was so cool..

Ultimate Frisbee is really one great sport.Kahit bano ako dyan I'll really stick to that. It's not just a sport its really a community and your team is really like your family.. I love that Game.Iba yung excitement.. Iba yung level of adrenalin..

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Thanks so much for the kind words that you shared with me.It made me feel so much better.
Everything seems quiet for now. Which makes me nervous? Have a great weekend.. Thanks
so much for always finding the time to read my rants and raves about anything and everything.