Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Avon gives birth to the Avon Baby Line

   As the company for women, Avon always puts the needs of women at the forefront, becoming a companion in every woman’s life journey. From the budding teenage years of exploration to the full-bloomed beauty of womanhood, Avon stands right beside them by continuously developing and providing world-class products that cater to a woman’s changing needs.

Testament to Avon’s commitment is its latest product line catering to mothers: Avon Baby line of baby soothing oil, tear-free head-to-toe wash and shampoo, and moisturizing baby lotion. The launch event, hosted by celebrity mom Isa Litton, was a day of activities for mothers and children held at the Taguig Arts Center. Kids were treated to fun-filled workshops for drawing animation, storytelling and learning programs that honed the children’s presentation skills and confidence while mothers enjoyed talks on proper baby skincare and sharing each other’s parenting experiences.

“As the company for women, Avon has always made it its mission to focus on their changing needs and desires. We understand how life-changing motherhood is as well as the many challenges it brings. With our Baby line, we want women to feel that we’re with them in their journey by providing them with products that will help them along the way,”
said Avon Philippines General Manager, Mike Gudgin.

Included in the Avon Baby collection is the Avon Baby Moisturizing Lotion, Baby Head-to-Toe wash and shampoo, and the Baby Soothing Oil which soften, cleanse, and sooth baby’s skin.  Designed for mothers, the entire collection comes in easy to use packaging for single-handed use.

The Avon Baby line is made out of gentle, mild products specially formulated with natural ingredients. It is created by doctors and developers who are mothers themselves, made with the love and concern that only a mother understands. All products are dermatologist tested, with infusions of organically-derived ingredients like conditioning Vitamin E, soothing aloe, and calming Chamomile. All products are also tested to be hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

“The Avon Baby line collection considers a mother’s convenience with bottles that are easy to hold, allowing moms to easily manipulate and apply the products on their babies.  The three variants complete baby’s total cleansing and bath cycle, making babies smell fresh and clean all day,” said Ellys Punsalan, Associate Category Manager for Personal Care.  

Monday, August 30, 2010

Scents to Remember

Downy unveils luxury line of fabric conditioners in Scents to Remember. Downy taps perfumer to develop scent of new Passion and Attraction by Downy

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Downy provides women with a new experience in luxury as it unveils the Downy Perfume Series, Passion and Attraction by Downy, at its gala lunch event “Scents to Remember” at the Manila Peninsula.

A line of premium fabric conditioners, Passion and Attraction by Downy contains a unique blend of perfume oils, plus special touch-activated technology, to give women a long-lasting perfume-like scent that they can wear everyday.

The fragrance of Passion by Downy was developed by P&G’s Perfumer, Hector Esquinca, the leader of the Asia Perfume Development Program of P&G. Esquinca has more than 20 years of experience in developing scents and brings his training from the top perfume centers of the world to bear in creating the scent of Passion and Attraction by Downy.

Passion by Downy has a delectable, fruity fragrance with apple blossom, freesia and vanilla as its top and middle notes, and fresh mulberry and cedarwood as its bottom notes.

Attraction by Downy contains a blend of floral scents like Jasmine, Rose and Ylang-Ylang for its top and middle notes, which is mixed with soft musk, tube rose and wood fragrances for its bottom notes to give the scent a lingering hint of the Oriental.

Guests were able to learn more about the fragrance of Passion and Attraction by Downy as they walked through the Downy Scent Museum, where scent curators described the meaning of the different scent notes included in the two fabric conditioners.

Aside from containing a special blend of perfume oils, Downy’s Perfume Series also has an advanced, touch-activated Perfume Microcapsule (PMC) Technology, which allows it to give clothes a long-lasting fragrance. The perfume oils are placed in microcapsules within the Downy formula, which are deposited on the fabric during the rinse stage.

These capsules, when rubbed or touched, slowly release more fragrance into the air so that women not only get a subtle whiff of scent as they put on their clothes but fresh bursts of fragrance all day.

By bringing together the craft of French perfumery and the science of advanced fabric conditioner technology in the new Passion and Attraction by Downy, P&G has truly created two new Scents to Remember.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding Singer: Cast Reveal

The cast is finally complete and it has been revealed Iya Villaña as Julia Sullivan, Nikki Valdez as Holly (alternate Analyn Bantug) and from RENT, Gian Magdangal as Robbie Hart which is played by Adam Sandler in the movie and Stephen Lynch from the original Broadway rendition.

Get to know the cast:

The Wedding Singer is about Robbie Hart a wedding singer from Ridgefield, Connecticut who was engaged Linda his longtime girlfriend and Julia Sullivan a waitress where Hart usually performs and the best friend of Linda. Linda broke up with Robbie and the male singer was so devastated that leads to his intemperate and drunk in all his gigs. And Julia comes to the rescue trying to give Robbie the chance to go back with his life

The sounds of THE WEDDING SINGER include as follows:

Act I

* It's Your Wedding Day - Robbie and Company
* Someday - Julia and Company
* A Note From Linda - Linda
* Pop - Holly, Julia, Glen and Company @
* Somebody Kill Me (Music and Lyrics By Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler) - Robbie
* A Note From Grandma - Grandma Rosie
* Casualty of Love - Robbie, Losers and Company
* Come Out of the Dumpster - Julia and Robbie
* Today You Are a Man - Sammy, George, and Robbie
* George's Prayer - George
* Not That Kind of Thing - Robbie, Julia, Clerk, Crystal, Mookie and Company
* Saturday Night in the City - Holly, Robbie, Julia, Glen, Sammy, George and Full Company

Act II

* All About the Green - Glen, Robbie and Suits
* Someday (Reprise) - Julia
* Right in Front of Your Eyes - Holly, Sammy
* Single - Sammy, George, Ricky, Bum, Robbie and Company
* If I Told You - Robbie and Julia
* Let Me Come Home - Linda
* If I Told You (Reprise) - Robbie and Julia
* Move That Thang - Grandma Rosie, George and Company
* Grow Old With You (Music and Lyrics By Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy) - Robbie and Julia
* It's Your Wedding Day (Finale) - Full Company

The production team of the local presentation of the musical comedy is headed by the Director Robbie Guevara, Musical Director Rodel Colmenar conducting the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Choreographer Francis Matheu, Vocal Coach Onyl Torres, Scenographer Mio Infante, Lighting Designer Martin Esteva, Sound Designer Chuck Ledesma and Costume Stylist Rosanna Aranaz. The Production Team is composed of Executive Producer Santi Santamaria, Production Manager Sunshine Domine, Technical Director Paul Domine, PR and Publicity Consultant Toots Tolentino. PR Director Christopher de Venecia, PR Manager Jonjon Martin, Marketing Manager Shelyn Tayanes, Stage Manager Lambert de Jesus, and Company Manager Anna Santamaria. THE WEDDING SINGER is presented through a special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI), 421 West 54th Street, New York, New York 10019, Tel.: (212) 541-4684. For tickets and inquiries, you may call 586.7105, 557.5860, 0917.554.5560, or visit www.9workstheatrical.com.

Friday, August 27, 2010

REI Nail Art

In a small salon in Quezon City you would never have guessed that an artist was busy painting on a blank canvass.This is a Really good place to get and nail art. Akiko certainly knows what she is  doing. Yes it is a bit pricey but I guarantee you that you get what you pay for. Not an upscale place so you won't get any champagne or strawberries and the walls could use some touch up paint.  This Not a dirty place, but just not luxurious.  But I overlooked all of this and because the work that she does is AMAZING. My nails  friend's Sire looks really good.

We were also lucky to meet the celebrity endorser Ms. Gelli De Belen.

She was really nice and modeled her nails

 She was even gracious enough to allow us to take photos of her while she had her nails done.

Voila! The final verdict!

I just can't stop raving about this great place where they do fantastic work, friendly service, not rushed out the door. I want to enjoy it and not feel like it's a chop shop atmosphere. Sure it's a bit pricey but it's worth it. ! Love this spot, and I am their new regular! Amazing! Customer Service goes a LONG WAY!

I really love this place. If you are looking for a salon where the employees aren't annoying and pressuring you to get services you don't need or don't want to get then go here.When they are all done they let you relax in the chair and don't pressure you to leave. They never try to upsell you.. When you leave the place the only thing you think about is what's your next Nail Design.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ocean Minded

Surf's up! Keep your mind on the ocean with Ocean Minded surf-inspired footwear, specializing in beach-ready sandals. Dedicated to ocean conservancy and a proud sponsor of leading pro surfers, Ocean Minded keeps their mind on the ocean. From supportive athletic looks to casual flip-flops, find your faves from Ocean Minded.

Their mission is to become the global leader in sustainable lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories whilst ensuring that the four pillars of the Ocean Minded brand – Quality, Authenticity, Responsibility and Community – resonate throughout our company, products, associates and actions.

Be Ocean Minded

That simple idea is the foundation of  the company. Being ‘ocean minded’ and living an ‘ocean lifestyle’ begins with the inspiration and allure that the world’s oceans and beaches offer each one of us. The Ocean Minded brand enables an individual to identify, visualize, and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure.

Live. Protect. Respect

We can no longer deny that our planet is rapidly becoming a crowded and polluted place. Ocean Minded believes we should utilize recycled and sustainable materials in our footwear, apparel, and accessories whenever possible, and we consistently strive to achieve this.

Additionally, they feel that as both a corporation and a group of individuals, it is essential to Live, Protect and Respect our environment. Since 1996, they have been organizing community beach clean-ups around the world, and educating our customers on the importance of leaving their chosen playgrounds in better condition than when they were found.

They believe that everything eventually ends up in the ocean has led us to host additional clean-ups in the mountains, as well as on the banks of inland rivers and lakes.

These are the cornerstones of the brand, and we invite you to Be Ocean Minded.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Passion and Attraction by Downy

Indulge in the fragrance of Perfume everyday with the new Passion and Attraction by Downy

From one of the world’s best perfumers comes a new line of  Downy fabric conditioner that gives women the chance to enjoy the luxurious scent of perfume everyday – Downy’s Perfume series, Passion and Attraction by Downy,

The trained noses of Procter & Gamble (P&G) traveled to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, to create two exciting new scents for Filipinas to enjoy. Passion by Downy excite the senses with a floral blend and a hint of the Oriental, with Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and soft musk notes. Meanwhile, Attraction by Downy delights the senses with the fruity, sweet fragrance of apple blossom, freesia and vanilla. Meanwhile,

Downy’s Perfume Series also has an advanced, touch-activated Perfume Microcapsule (PMC) Technology. The blend of perfume oils are placed in microcapsules within the Downy formula. When rubbed or touched, these capsules slowly release more fragrance into the air – so you get fresh bursts of fragrance with every embrace, all day!

Inspired by French perfumery and crafted with new technology from P&G. Passion and Attraction by Downy allows you to indulge in the scent of perfume everyday. Available now in supermarkets nationwide.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eton Properties launches Centris Walk

Eton Properties Philippines adds a new family destination to its growing township project, Eton Centris. Located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue, Centris Walk is the newest dining and entertainment strip in the metropolis.

Centris Walk’s main attraction is its variety of high-end restaurants, fine dining cuisine, and cozy cafés. Ten specialty restaurants will be setting up their shops, including Asya, My Thai Kitchen, Jack’s Loft, Italiannis, Pancake House, Tutti Frutti, Pho Hoa, Zong, Claw Daddy, and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Organized by SIDCOR, the Centris Weekend Market will be held every Saturday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., showcasing an array of delicacies from organic food choices and native goods to fresh produce and ornamental plants.

Centris Walk is just one of the establishments within Eton Centris that is geared towards having a one-stop work-shop-play-live concept.

An open-space center that offers a mix of hubbub and relaxation, Centris Walk boasts of paved, covered walkways for long family walks, lush landscapes for relaxing afternoons, and 1,000 secured parking slots. State-of-the-art technology mushroom-like pods also line up the walkways of Centris Walk. At night, they light up a soft glow, complementing a relaxing nightly stroll.

Run Against Time

DO you feel the effects of aging creeping on you? You feel sluggish and lethargic! Maybe you need a Lifestyle Change.

US-trained Coach Jim Saret headlined the list of sports enthusiasts in IMMUVIT’s “Run Against Time” at Bonifacio High Street on August 21, 5 pm. The event was a campaign that focuses on how people can stay fit and healthy even as they get on in years.

Coach Jim was joined by national running champions Cris Sabal, Aileen Tolentino, Merecel Maquilan, and Isidro Villadosal in the event’s 1.5K to 3K cardiovascular endurance training run.

“It’s never too late to take care of your health. IMMUVIT’s Run Against Time will teach you how to make health and fitness a way of life,” says Saret, who holds an MS in Sports in Medicine from Brigham Young University in the United States.

One of the highlights of the event was the lecture that will be delivered by Coach Jim. Topics include “Workout As The Fountain of Youth” and “Living Within The Parameters of Youth.”

He also shared the Four-Minute Workout that he developed. The workout enables one to burn up to 600 calories in just four minutes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eton Cyberpod hosts ultimate Cosplay championship

Cosplayers met and battled it out at the E-Life Cosplay Genre Wars Ultimate Championship at Eton Cyberpod Corinthian. Fans, anime lovers, and video game enthusiasts supported their favorite characters until the end where Guy Singzon who  played Spawn Mandarin from Spawn Dark Ages won the title as ultimate champion.

The Ultimate Championship is the last leg of the four-week cosplay convention, Cosplay Genre Wars. Each weekend, cosplayers showed up in different costumes to match the given theme: Anime Mayhem, Comic Book Battle, Video Game Face-off, and Motion Picture Showdown. For the Ultimate Championship, the three winners of each event go head-to-head for the three top prizes of P5,000, P10,000, and P15,000.

Dan “Spider-Dan” Geronomo, a cosplayer aficionado, opened the show as Michael Jackson. He showed his moves on the stage as fans cheered and waited for the auction event where a lucky winner gets to go on a date with Spider-Dan. Girl group Cloud 9 also joined the entertainment and engaged the crowd in their trademark Korean pop song-and-dance number.

Cosplay fans were also treated to a cosplay parade where they got to see their favorite manga, anime, video game, and movie characters come to life on the catwalk. After the auction and the raffle, the afternoon closed with the announcement of the three ultimate winners: Marx Fulloda as Batman Killgear from The Batman in third place; Abraham Cruz as Master Gundam for Gundam G. in second place; and Guy Singzon Spawn Mandarin from Spawn Dark Ages the ultimate champion.

All of this was held at E-Life, which features a wide range of electronics and gadgets stores. Located across Robinsons Galleria along Ortigas Avenue, E-Life opened last March to become the latest electronics haven this side of Ortigas. Among the stores are Villman Computers, Datablitz, Zoom Out, TCA, Net Gear, CDR King, Computechnologies, Fujifilm, Crown, PC on Demand, Platinum PC, Linkcity, Audiophile and Quantum Amusement, among others. E-Life is also home to famous fast food chains and restaurants such as Jollibee, KFC, Mang Inasal, Savory, Bargos Restaurant and Bar, Dunkin Donuts, Potato Corner and Yoshi’s. Service-oriented stores include Western Union, LBC, Stanford IT Learning Center, National Bookstore and the Philippine National Bank. E-Life is open Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 9pm.

A project of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc., E-Life is a must-see one-stop lifestyle destination for the digital savvy shopper. E-Life is open Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 9pm.


Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. is a member of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies, one of the biggest and well-established business conglomerates in the Philippines. Its foreign counterparts, Eton Properties Group of China and Eton Properties Limited of Hong Kong, are highly-recognized real estate brands.

Since starting operations Eton Properties has launched a total of 30 projects. Its property portfolio of launched and completed projects encompasses residential, commercial, office projects and township developments. It entered the Philippine real estate scene in 2007 with the launch of several residential projects including its almost 1,000 hectare township project in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, dubbed as the Eton City.

Experience E-Life at Eton Cyberpod Corinthian

Eton Properties Philippines Inc. graces Ortigas with a site that brings a new and refreshing lifestyle to city goers. E-Life, the lifestyle hub and retail component of Eton Cyberpod Corinthian, started its operations this March 9 with a launch and the opening of most tenants.

E-Life deviates from the usual mall scene. It’s a space where a wide range of consumers can purchase and enjoy their choice of electronics and gadgets. An exciting one-stop shop digital destination, E-Life shines like no other place of its kind in the city.

The mall is complete with general electronics, gaming gear and gadgets for the hip and fun loving youth; photography equipment and peripherals for the digitally artistic; and audio-video hardware for the above average film fan and music mogul. Of course, desktop computers, printers, laptops, supplies and accessories, as well as cellular phones for everyone who’s riding the techie trend of today.

The launch was attended by Quezon City Mayor Sonny Belmonte, Mrs. Carmen Tan, ETON Properties Philippines President and COO Danilo Ignacio, ETON director and Asia Brewery CEO Michael Tan, as well as tenants from E-Life and Eton Cyberpod Corinthian.

E-Life is situated throughout the ground floors of the three four-storey buildings that comprise Eton Cyberpod Corinthian. The upper floors serve as office levels for BPO (business process outsourcing) companies. It is currently home to two BPO companies – Northgate Arinso of UK and US-based Star Tek.

Among the 27 tenants of E-life who opened their doors to the excited stream of consumers were Villman Computers, Compex International, E2 GameZone, Datablitz, Zoom Out, TCA, Net Gear, CDR King, National Book Store, Jollibee, Mercury Drug, LBC Express, Bargo Restaurant and Bar, KFC, Mang Inasal and the Philippine National Bank. More stores are scheduled to open within the next two weeks.

Eton Cyberpod Corinthian is a project of Eton Properties Philippines, Inc., the global real estate brand of the Lucio Tan Group of companies. It is strategically situated at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue, next to Corinthian Gardens and just across Robinsons Galleria. So whether you’re walking or driving, E-Life is the newest and savvy shopping experience you could have in this side of town.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world(1) and it is thought that 1.2 million children and young people are trafficked every year for sexual exploitation and cheap labour(2).

Philippine Trafficking facts

- In the Philippines, 60,000 to 100,000 children are trafficked annually (through both cross-border & internal trafficking), and most of these girls are to be sexually exploited.

- The Philippines also ranks fourth in the world in terms of countries with the highest number of prostituted children.

Inspired by their founder Anita Roddick and her commitment and passion for justice, The Body Shop is proud to continue her fight against human trafficking, bringing awareness of this modern-day slave trade to world leaders and the global community.

Please sign their petition here Your signature really can make a difference.

There are many ways to show your support for our campaign. By signing the petition you are joining our call for greater protection of children and young people against sex trafficking. But you can also tell your friends about the campaign on Facebook, on Twitter, by email, or even face to face. Go here to find out how you can help.

Don't forget that sharing is caring.. Buy some of the items that have the Raise your hand and Make a Stand Logo.100% of the proceeds goes to EPCAT to combat and raise awareness of sex trafficking of children and young people.

Best if you want to: Care for skin while leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple with a light, yet richly moisturizing lotion with a refreshing fragrance.
100% of the net proceeds go to our global partner charity, ECPAT, to combat and raise awareness of sex trafficking of children and young people.
Best for: normal skin
How it works:
  • Angelica extract is known for its protective and soothing benefits and Community Trade organic olive oil to condition and soften the hands.
  • This non-greasy formula sinks into the skin to moisturise and condition. With a sparkling green fragrance with fresh citrus aspects in the top, leading to an elegant floral heart on a warm amber background.

Best if you want to: Make a difference with a stylish, re-usable tote bag made of natural cotton.
  • bag: 13.39 in x 15.75 in
  • handles: 1.18 in x 12.2 in
  • gusset: 3.94 in
  • Made using natural cotton.
  • 100% of the net proceeds go to the Somaly Mam Foundation. Which  aims to give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, liberate victims, end slavery, and empower survivors as they create and sustain lives of dignity,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Global Leader in Infant and Children's Nutrition

Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) is a global leader in infant and children's nutrition. Its mission is to create nutritional brands and products trusted to help give infants and children the best start in life. It is best known for its Enfa family of infant formulas as well as for its other children's nutritional products, including the Sustagen, Lactum and Alacta lines.

It was founded more than 100 years ago — and has been committed from its very beginning to earning the trust of parents and health care professionals by offering scientific evidence of the benefits of its products.

Through expanded research and development, the company was able to produce several products that were firsts of their kind in the U.S. They included, the first standardized cod liver oil; Pablum, the first fortified-pre-cooked cereal for infants; Nutramigen®, the first protein hydroloysate infant formula; and Vi-Sol®, the first water-soluble infant vitamins in drop-dosage form.

President Cory on Mead Johnson

In October 2006, during the centennial celebrations of the company in the country, former President Corazon Aquino said:

“A secret I discovered is the strong corporate social responsibility program which the company (Mead Johnson) pursues…I was made aware that Mead Johnson has been involved in a nationwide milk feeding program and is committed to make it even bigger in the coming years, to each out to more malnourished Filipino children…I hope to see [this] promulgated more and more…”
Since this partnership began, 25,000 children from 800 feeding centers in the poorest communities have been cared for. Eighty-five percent of these are no longer malnourished, and more than 90% of the children have manifested substantial weight gain.

In covered communities, the Feeding Hope program gives malnourished kids hot meals and milk, medical check-ups and treatments. Mothers are immersed in seminars and workshops that teach them about health, sanitation and parenting. They are also given the tools to be able to completely nourish their families.

Beyond the communities, the Pasiglahin ang Estudyanteng Pinoy (PEP) Program was also launched in schools. This program works with parents and teachers to help prevent children from dropping out of school because of malnutrition. Since then, the drop-out rate in the participating schools has been reduced to just less than 1%, significantly lower than the 33% national average.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Samsung Galaxy 5

A Universe of Applications. A Galaxy of Fun with the new Samsung Galaxy 5

Young-minded consumers will surely be thrilled with the new Android-powered smart phone from Samsung, the Galaxy 5

Samsung Electronics Phils Corp., is bringing the fun experience of smart phones closer to the Filipino with the country’s most affordable, yet incredible sleek and stylish Android-powered smart phone, the Galaxy 5 (Model: i5503).

Powered by the Android™ platform, the Galaxy 5 gives you access to a virtually limitless array of downloadable applications from the Android Market. Plus, with Samsung’s Social Hub, users can indulge in a whole new experience of social networking. “The Galaxy 5 is designed to cater to the needs of the millennial generation who want to personalize the way they use their phone. From downloading games, live wall papers, videos to instantly updating one’s status to their favorite social networking site, the Samsung Galaxy 5 offers a unique and enjoyable mobile phone experience wrapped in a bold, sleek and intuitive design,” said Glenn Glinoga, head of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung .
A Universe of Applications
Choose from a seamlessly endless range of free applications from the Android Market™. A variety of games, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, communication, and much more downloadable applications are available through the phone’s built-in Android Market™ widget. You can customize how you want your phone to keep you engaged and entertained. There are even applications to keep you updated with the latest in news, weather, and even show business.  

A New Experience of Staying Connected
With Samsung Galaxy 5’s Social Hub, have all of your contacts from your facebook, twitter and gmail integrated into your phone and sms contact list. Schedule regular updates to see the latest profile pics, status updates and media posts like photos and videos uploaded by your friends. Receive emails, instant messages through Gmail, facebook and twitter virtually anywhere and anytime you desire. Keeping connected has never been so quick, so integrated and so much fun.

A Galaxy of entertainment
Featuring a host of entertainment options, the Galaxy 5 will keep you busy and engaged all the time. You’ll love using the 2 megapixel camera to photograph you friends on a night out, while the lightning-fast browser will allow you to instantly browse the web. A single tap on the address bar enables seamless web navigation and you can easily revisit favorite sites, thanks to webpage thumbnails – which provide visual feedback in addition to the URL. Since the Galaxy is armed with HTML5 and HSDPA 7.2, you will be able to view all types of content more quickly, and download files faster than ever.  

If you’re craving a new type of experience, you can use the Layar Reality Browser to overlay contextual information about points of interest and explore new locations from the comfort of your screen. You can access rich, accurate augmented reality content by holding up your Galaxy 5 to a point of interest, such as a landmark. Then you can easily pull up a menu or reviews for a restaurant or bar for a night on the town. Also, you won’t have to worry about getting lost thanks to great navigational support. Google MapsÔ will help you navigate any new area and find your chosen destination.

On the off chance that you grow weary of the content on your device, the Galaxy 5 is equipped with excellent connectivity features so that you can easily access content from anywhere. Wi-Fi offers fast internet browsing on-the-go. Bluetooth 2.1 provides wireless convenience when connecting to PCs and other devices, and USB facilitates easy file transfers of your important documents, photos, and music. Additionally, Samsung AllShare™ allows you to control, search, swap and play videos, photos, and music across a full range of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified Samsung devices, including notebooks and TVs. The technology makes it easy for you to seamlessly share videos, without the hassle of connecting cables. You can even use the Galaxy 5 as a remote control for your Samsung TV or play video games through a laptop.

Made for your active lifestyle
The Galaxy S has been built to keep pace with your busy life. Samsung’s customized TouchWiz 3.0 user interface (UI) delivers a swift, intuitive experience. The Galaxy 5 features Swype, the ultra-fast text-input service: simply draw your finger in a continuous motion over the letters on the screen to quickly form a word, Swype then intelligently predicts the word that you’re spelling, providing a fast and easy way to write messages.
For added speed and flexibility, the Galaxy 5 allows you to first write the text before deciding the best way to share it – you will have the freedom to transform the text into a Facebook status update, life stream on Twitter, or a personalized note to a friend via text or e-mail.

Stand out from the crowd
Samsung’s Galaxy 5 is perfect for those who need their mobile device to match their own chic, sophisticated or individual style. The phone exhibits a bold yet fun, design that will look good anywhere. The mobile’s sleek contours and asymmetric casing will look great in your new handbag or your pocket. The Galaxy 5’s simple, rounded edges and ergonomic, comfortable grip make it tactile and a joy to hold.

Product Specifications   

Samsung Galaxy 5 (I5500)
2.5G : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps) : 900/2100 MHz  
Android 2.1
2.8” QVGA TFT LCD (C-type)
2MP FF w/o LED Flash
MPEG4, H.263, H.264
MP3, ACC, ACC+, Eacc+
FM Radio, 3.5mm Ear jack
Value-added Features
Integrated Messaging ‘Social Hub’
Google Mobile Service
Android MarketÔ for more applications and content
Augmented Reality with Layar Reality Browser
Touch Wiz 3.0 User interface, A-GPS
Bluetooth v2.1, USB v2.0 (Full-Speed), Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, All Share
170MB, MicroSD (1GB included, up to 16GB)
56 x 108 x 12.3 mm,  102 g
Talk Time: 570 Min (2G)/ 380 Min (3G)
Stand-by Time: 520 Hr (2G)/ 370 Hr (3G)

* All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

* Android, Android Market and Google Maps are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera

The Polaroid Two is a new Instant Digital Camera with a built in printer that utilizes ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging, Inc. Yes, the brand that brought you instant photography is still bringing you innovative and unique ways to capture and share your memories.

Available since May 2010, the Polaroid Two can snap a 5MP image and print it on demand, making it an ideal camera to take with you anywhere to snap, print and share your memories with family and friends.

With over 70 years of visual innovation that includes the invention of instant photography, Polaroid has established itself as a trusted consumer electronics company. In addition to its flagship line of Polaroid PoGo(TM) digital instant products, Polaroid is globally recognized as a leading brand for LCD TVs, digital cameras, digital photo frames, and more.

The Polaroid Two prints 2x3-inch photos instantly using Polaroid ZINK Photo Paper which also has an adhesive back, whilst having all the functions of a digital camera, enabling you to preview the image and print if you wish.

The Polaroid Two is the first in a line of many new unique Polaroid instant imaging products including the re-release of traditional instant cameras and film in coming months - bringing the magic of instant back with old and new technology together in this exciting chapter of Polaroid history.

The Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Digital Camera is the second product in the Polaroid PoGo(TM) family of products. Like the Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Mobile Printer, which hit store shelves in July 2008, the Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Digital Camera uses the same ZINK Photo Paper(TM) and ZINK(TM) Zero Ink(TM) Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging. ZINK(TM) Zero Ink(TM) is an ink-free printing technology which replaces ink cartridges or ribbons with ZINK Photo Paper(TM)—a composite material that has embedded, heat-activated dye crystals. Before printing, ZINK Photo Paper(TM) appears white like regular photo paper. Once the pictures are printed, they are immediately dry to the touch, durable and smudge and water resistant.

The Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Digital Camera offers a full-feature digital camera with 100 percent inkless printing, 2x3-inch sticky-backed photos with or without fun borders and the advantage of reviewing the captured photos on a three-inch color LCD screen before printing. The instant digital camera measures 4.7-inches wide by 3-inches tall and weighs only 10 ounces.

The Polaroid PoGo (TM) Instant Digital Camera will be available beginning in March 2009 at major retailers for a suggested retail price of $199. Ten- packs of ZINK Photo Paper(TM), which can be used in both the Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Digital Camera and the Polaroid PoGo(TM) Instant Mobile Printer, retail for $4.99 and 30-packs for $12.99, and are widely available at national retailers everywhere.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chikka Releases New Version

In 2000, as world Internet and mobile players were discussing the next “killer app” in the form of a mobile instant messenger that might hopefully soon be created, a Manila-based company quietly released Chikka Text Messenger on beta.

Chikka’s breakthrough had been in marrying IM technology seamlessly with SMS, and then building a back-end that would withstand its use by the world’s ‘text capital’ – The Philippines. 

2010: Chikka for the new digital generation

Ten years later, Chikka has served over 68 million people who had registered on-line and via mobile to enjoy the way Chikka had united on-line Filipinos with the sea of SMS users.  The company is also releasing the latest version of its Chikka Text Messenger.

“Back in 2000, Internet penetration in the country was a mere 2% but many had mobile phones and we were already a texting culture,” said Chikka founder Dennis Mendiola. “We enabled Filipinos to connect to an on-line IM community via texting which was second nature to us.”

Today, a “digital generation” has emerged and 30% of Filipinos have Internet access taking part in social networks and becoming active in social media. Mobile penetration is closer to 80%.

“We saw this during the great reawakening and national mourning for the passing of former President Cory Aquino. We witnessed it again as Typhoon Ondoy brought great floods to the Capital and the Youth, with their Internet and mobile tools helped relay information for mobilization and disaster relief,” said Mendiola.  

Thus is setting for Chikka latest version release.

“Chikka is more relevant than ever. We observe for example that a lot of casual messaging previously exchanged via text has shifted to the social networks. Our latest version is being released, combining the cool convenience of sending an IM message when one is on-line with the personal warmth, immediacy even urgency of receiving a message as text, instantly read on ones phone,” Mendiola added.

Lighter “load” 

Promoting even higher utility for the community, the new Chikka version features P1.00 replies during off-peak hours when a lot of Global Filipinos are driving message traffic to friends and loved ones mobiles in the Philippines. Unlimited text packages akin to popular UNLI packages being offered by Philippine telcos are also now available all day.

It is also interoperable with Google Talk while Chikka is working on partnering with other instant messaging applications to make it easier for users to keep in touch.

“In 2010, there were over 16 million visits to the Chikka site from 215 countries during a one month period,” CIO Dennis Mendiola said. “Even though there are a lot of technological advancements in the communications industry, Chikka still remains to be the preferred communications tool for Global Pinoys.”

The future

According to Mendiola much of the work that went into the “new Chikka” actually happened in the back-end with a major re-architecture.

This allows the company to pursue a technology roadmap that will very soon enable Chikka for any platform and operating system, for any IM aggregator, and also for any mobile device, Already a 3rd party developer has released an iPhone App. Chikka for its part is set to unveil its own app for the iPhone, as well as Blackberry and Android devices.

The idea is for Chikka users to be able to access it on numerous communications platforms,” Mendiola said. “Simply put, as long as you have a computer or mobile phone, you can use Chikka.”