Friday, August 13, 2010

3M in Your World

Get to know what is 3M in your world

Imagine your wood chair finishes without the use of 3M Sandpaper, washing your dishes with cloth rather than your trusted Scotch-Brite™ or wrapping your gifts without the help of Scotch Tape™.

3M innovations have been so ingrained in our lives that it’s hard to envision going through our daily routine without them. But 3M has more to offer than the usual Post-it® and Scotch Brite™—and this is exactly what will be showcased in The 3M Experience:

Innovation Tour.

“We want to highlight 3M’s Innovation culture and showcase the products borne out of that commitment to innovate says WS Shim, Managing Director. “As we open our doors to everyone, we will invite them to take that 3M Experience, touch the products, understand how they work and discover things they never would have thought to be a 3M application or product. It is a very interesting experience.”

Looking back, 3M has tremendously changed how people live. From its humble beginnings as company that called itself Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in 1902 to a $23 billion company known now as 3M. Since then, 3M has introduced valuable innovations from waterproof sandpaper (early 1920’s) and masking tape (1925), as well as cellophane Scotch Tape™ and in 1980’s the introduction of Post-it® Notes which created a whole new category in the marketplace and changed people's communication and organization behavior forever.

“We never stopped inventing, we never stopped innovating” continues WS Shim. “We have 45 technology platforms all geared to delivering practical ingenious solutions that help customers succeed.”

A whole range from adhesives, abrasives, laminates, safety protection gears, office and home consumer supplies, dental products, electronic materials, electronic circuits and optical films among others. 3M has operations in more than 60 countries – 29 international companies with manufacturing operations, and 35 with laboratories.

“Established in the Philippines in 1964, we became the 26th subsidiary of 3M growing from an organization of 5 personnel to what is now over 200 employees. We have indeed come a long way in terms of manpower, plant facilities, revenues and resources. We continually expand our distribution network throughout the Philippines making sure we deliver that 3M solution to every home, office or plant location where we are needed.“
The said 3M Innovation Tour is open to the public upon schedule wherein, students or special interest groups or businesses will be able to learn about the different applications and products that 3M has through its divisions like Abrasives, Automotive Aftermarket, Commercial Care and Occupational health & Safety (OHES), Commercial Graphics Division, Traffic and Safety Solutions, Industrial Adhesives & Tapes, Renewable Energy, Dental (3M ESPE), Communications Market , Electrical Markets, Electronic Solutions, Electronics Markets and Materials, and Food Safety and Medical. “It’s about time that Filipinos get to know 3M products and technologies at work in their daily lives.” ends WS Shim.

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Bernie said...

wow, very excitiing to visit 3M, do they accomodate public or guests on any day?