Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Samsung's French Door Refrigerator for the Philippine market


Designed with the user in mind, the RF62NERS incorporates a host of convenient features to make consumers’ lives easier, as well as advanced storage technologies to keep food at its freshest. With its sleek and sophisticated design, the Samsung French Door Refrigerator is the most appealing kitchen storage appliances for the modern home.

“The new RF62NERS French Door Refrigerator is designed to provide the ultimate convenience, based on Samsung’s research into understanding users’ habits,” said Lei Venturina, Product Manager Home Digital Home Appliance Business, SEPCO. “The modern family makes less frequent grocery trips and needs to keep food fresh for a longer period, and also uses the fridge more than the freezer. The RF62NERS meets these evolving needs in consumers’ lifestyles.”

“Samsung has had great success with the French Door Refrigerator style in the United States, and is now the market leader there. We look forward to introducing this newdesign to consumers in this region and have an ambitious plan to be the number one brand in this segment,” she added.

Ultimate Convenience
As the fridge is used more often than the freezer, the fridge compartments of the RF62 Samsung French Door Refrigerator isare placed above the freezer at the most convenient height for users. Even though the freezer is placed at the bottom, users do not have to worry about hurting their backs when they bend down to open the heavy freezer door. The RF62NERS feature Samsung’s proprietary EZX-Open Handle technology, which enables users to open the heavy freezer door with minimum force by simply lifting up the handle slightly and pulling the freezer easily.
The refrigerator also uses a single, full body shelf, unlike conventional twin separated shelves, which makes organising food items easier. The clear shelves also offer an easier way to view the items stored and are made to withhold heavy weights. In addition, the RF62NERS also incorporates an easy-to-carry movable fresh box for jam, cheese and bacon.

Advanced Storage Technology
TheSamsung’s RF62 French Door Refrigerator also comes with Samsung’s unique Twin Cooling technology. which This Twin Cooling action uses two independent evaporators, combined with a precise control system to provide optimal humidity at 43 percent compared to the only 17 percent found in conventional models. This ensures fresher food that keep longer. To keep nutrients locked in, the No Frost feature ensures that food do not develop ice build-up or frosty layers, to maintain quality and taste. All these ensure that food is kept healthy and fresher much longer.
The Twin Cooling technology also eliminates cross-contamination of food odours, as there is no sharing of cooled air between compartments. Consistent and ideal temperature for the freshest food is also ensured because each compartment is cooled separately and. Ooptimal temperatures are also more quickly restored after the door has been opened.

Tastefully Ergonomic
The RF62NERS French Door is incorporated with Samsung’s CoolSafe Lock Design. This sleek and durable mullion design eliminates the need for unsightly and often damage prone insulating door strips. The design also helps in maintaining optimal temperatures within the fridge to keep the food fresh by trapping cold air underneath its flaps as the fridge door is closed. In effect, the fridge looks neater, the food stays cooler and your energy bills remain lower.

To keep nutrients locked in, the No Frost feature ensures that food has no ice buildup to maintain quality and taste. In addition, the RF62 is also equipped with the Samsung Silver Nano Anti-bacterial coating which kills 99 percent of germs.

Stylish Flair Design
The RF62 Samsung French Door Refrigerator also features a 33 inch slim fit installation that enables them to fit seamlessly into the modern kitchen. Their blue-colored, easy-to-view digital displays give a state-of-the-art look, while the contour doors and hidden hinges provide a neat square frontal view to enhance their graceful exterior, infusing a modern look to any kitchen décor.

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