Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Ribbon Cookies and Cream Cake

What exactly is Cookies and Cream to some it is typically a flavor infused into desserts using crushed chocolate cookies sandwiching a cream filling. The flavor is widely associated with the Oreo cookie, a kind of cookie sandwich with a sweet, white cream filling commonly used in cakes.milkshakes and other frozen desserts.
To others it reminds them of how great it is to be always childlike. Who could resist? Crunch chocolate sandwich cookies, and whipped cream.It is definitely kid-friendly cake that also appeals to adults as well.

Which is why Red Ribbon created Cookies and Cream Cake with Oreo. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate From birthdays and christenings to weddings and anniversaries or just say I love you. here are countless reasons to celebrate. Whether these are special red-letter days or just an especially personal and meaningful event. These moments are definitely worth celebrating are made more beautiful with a Red Ribbon cake.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura:

Tokyo Tokyo, the leading Japanese fastfood chain in the country, marks another milestone in celebrating its 24th year in the industry.

Seizing your tastebuds with the best of tempura delight, Tokyo Tokyo now uses not only ¬black tiger prawns but also a (secretly) reformulated batter mix, making its Tempura bigger and crunchier! Watta Tempura talaga!

Take a feast in every scrumptious bite of the BIGGER and crunchier WATTA Tempura in three enjoyable selections with MIXED SEAFOOD TEMPURA, PRAWN VEGGIE TEMPURA, ALL PRAWN TEMPURA, and TOKYO BENTO PRAWN and VEGGIE TEMPURA.

Why settle for least satisfaction when you can take a bite with the best meaty tiger prawn tempura experience? Indulge yourselves with the big catch of WATTA Tempura goodness in your nearest Tokyo Tokyo stores now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Arizona on my mind

It’s really hot now here in the Philippines and I’m sweating. Amidst the April summer heat is the excitement to dive into the pool or eat ice cream. The heat does remind me of the heat in Arizona. Except that when I was there I wasn't sweating a lot.It's hot there but It's humid here so I liked the weather there. Arizona also is a very nice place that I would like to visit. I can never forget Arizona and the beauty of the Grand Canyons.

We stayed in the Grand Canyon Lodges and they had a great landscape design. They really utilized the beauty of the Grand Canyon and used it to their advantage. I'm really awe of the The Grand Canyon.Nothing can be beautiful than having The Grand Canyon as your view when you wake up in the morning.


Furniture Search

I’m now starting to look for rustic furniture that we can use for our room in my parents new home that they are are building in Tagaytay. The kind of furniture that I’m looking for is a new bed frame and side tables. What I’m looking for is furniture that is made of sticks, twigs or logs so it has a very natural look.

I know that there are many companies, artists and craftspeople who make rustic furniture in a variety of styles and with a variety of historical or contemporary influences but I needed to narrow down my list. I really love rustic furniture because it would go so well with my mom's log cabin theme.

By narrowing down my search and using the web to search for the kind of rustic furniture that I like.I know that it will give me great ideas on what kind of furniture I will really choose for our new room.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

Circulo Verde to address housing need in the market

Circulo Verde to address housing need in the market In spite of the global financial crisis that is slowly affecting the local market, Ortigas & Co. remains bullish about sales of its residential units this year.

Ortigas & Co. chief operating officer Rex C. Drilon II says there remains a 1.2 million shortage of units in the mid-market, which the firm intends to address with its Circulo Verde, its latest innovative residential development, located in a 12-hectare property along Calle Industria in Bagumbayan, Quezon City.
“Even if you look at all the projects going on at this time, we’re nowhere close to addressing the housing gap,” says Drilon. “And, while there are many on-going projects, we believe that we are able to offer something different.”

The Marikina River surround the perimeter of Circulo Verde, allowing the residents to have a unique home that brings them close to nature. Its 15 residential buildings have been designed with staggered heights that offer unparalleled sightlines of the nearby Sierra Madre mountains and the Metro Manila skyline.

“When we engaged RTKL, which is a globally renowned top caliber architectural planning company, we gave them certain design parameters : respect the environment and respect the features of the land,” Drilon adds. “Rather than fight the water — which surrounds the development — we’ll use that same water as a plus factor, as an amenity for those who will live here.”

While Drilon considers the past year to have been a tough one, with the prices of oil and food commodities doubling, he says 2008 still good since the company’s residential project after a long hiatus, Luntala Valle Verde, was sold out. The company intends to continue development in spite of the adverse economic environment. “We’ve been in this game long enough and have built many residential communities, like Greenhills and Wack-Wack. We will probably have a hiccup in the next two years, but after that, things will go back to normal,” says the Ortigas & Co. official. “The average industry take-up last year was about 500-600 condo units a month. That shows how much is moving. And, if the shortfall is 1.2 million units, there should still be a lot of opportunities.”

It’s good to worry. It’s good to be cautious, but it’s not advisable to be paralyzed,” he adds. “What we are trying to do at Ortigas is to precisely prevent a despair situation where people are so scared of 2009 that they will stop investing. When you stop investing, you stop creating jobs. Circulo Verde may be quite an ambitious project, but it will create a lot more jobs this year, next year and the next 12 years. If we allow ourselves to be scared, we’ll just stick to Greenhills and Tiendesitas and harvest the eggs from the so-called golden goose. But, that for me is not exciting and doesn’t solve too much of our economic and social problems. So, Ortigas continues to grow, and to expand, offering value-laden products, whether they are shopping centers or homes.”

The first phase of development at Circulo Verde covers five residential buildings on a 2.7-hectare area within the property. Development work on the first two buildings, Ibiza Tower and Majorca Residences is currently being pursued.

Ibiza Tower is a 23-story residential building that offers a variety of layouts for one- to two-bedroom units, with floor areas ranging from 44- to 80-square meters. Unique to Ibiza are bi-level units that give homeowners the luxurious space they need for their homes.

Majorca Residences is an 11-story residential development that offers spacious layouts for families needing room to grow. Room layouts come in a variety of configurations for three-, two- and one-bedroom units, with floor areas ranging from 42 square meters up to 107 square meters. All units have balconies to give residents their own private retreat at home.

Circulo Verde is a development of Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership For inquiries, please call 638-1641 and 638-8633, send a fax to 631-5962, or e-mail to Visit its website at

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Celebrate Freedom and Space at Circulo Verde

Ortigas & Co. recently unveiled Circulo Verde, its latest premiere residential development, which offers its residents living space right in the heart of the city.

During the launch hosted by model and TV host Teresa Herrera, guests were entertained with different performances depicting freedom and space. A piano and ballad performance that embodies the freedom to nurture one’s talents set the mood for the evening. A ballet dance number fused with the Brazilian Capoeira demonstrating the freedom of space and movement followed this.


Seasoned comedienne and actress Mitch Valdes gave an entertaining performance that emphasizes that timelessness of what entertains us.

Finally, international pop jewel, Amber Davis, showed us what we can achieve when we dream big.

The celebration ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

General Partners and top executives of Ortigas & Company led by Mr. Rex C. Drilon II, Chief Executive Officer, were present during the event to share the vision and details of the project.

The 12-hectare property along Calle Industria in Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Circulo Verde will have 15 residential buildings of staggered heights that gives residents unparalleled sightlines of the nearby Sierra Madre mountains and the Metro Manila skyline. As part of the global effort to go green, the development retains natural features that are unique to the property, as well as maximizing the potential of the Marikina River, which surrounds the site.

The first phase of development at Circulo Verde covers five residential buildings on a 2.7-hectare area within the property. Presently being developed are Ibiza Tower and Majorca Residences.

Circulo Verde is a development of Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership For inquiries, please call 631-5968 and 638-8633, send a fax to 631-5962, or e-mail to Visit its website at

Credits to Yehey for the invites & Iris for the photos. More pics can be found here

Saturday, April 04, 2009


A small Spanish town is divided between the upper and lower parts. The poor and the less-poor parts of the pueblo. (Known as the people who lives in the valley) The In the 'upper' part is the barren part and they say it is a cursed place because people believe in the superstition that all the women are barren. Legend has it that all women born under the shadow of a certain mountain range called The Black Girl in Southern Spain will be rendered barren and thus ineligible for marriage. Young Juan from the 'lower' part falls in love with Cruz, a pretty girl from the upper side: a girl who some assume must of course be barren.

The lower town has orchards and a spring. The higher reaches of the town has only rubble. The men of the town make their miserable income from cutting and burning wood to make charcoal. They have to endure the superstitions. Cruz is shunned because she married an outsider she is taunted by her own kind so she decides to go to the mountains with her husband who makes coal for a living.

The couple endures endless hardships, culminating in an attempt by the film's villain Lucas to steal Cruz away from him. Juan's perseverance pays off when Cruz beats the curse by giving birth to their son.

This is a great story that really proves that love conquers all. That despite the things that are stacked against you Love is your greatest weapon. This movie is really worth watching.

Building Homes for the Sophisticated Urbanite

Imagine going through a long day at work. You step out of the office and wind down by taking a calming stroll by the river. A few steps more and you’re home looking at a marvelous sunset. Surely, this idea sounds too good to be true. Yet, a concept like this is fast becoming a reality through Ortigas & Co. Limited Partnership’s latest development, Circulo Verde.

Located in Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City (near C-5 Libis), Circulo Verde is a stone’s throw away from top business establishments, schools and other business hubs. Combining the planning expertise of Baltimore-based architecture design firm RTKL and OCLP’s corporate vision, Circulo Verde presents the ideal blend of old world charm and the conveniences of modern living.

Nature and modern amenities are put together to create a perfect balance for holistic living. This innovative concept intends to redefine the lifestyles of young urban professionals, newly married couples and starting families, by providing them freedom to choose what they deem fit for their living needs.

Circulo Verde is planned and being developed to provide you the convenience of creature comforts like quaint shops, coffee shops, and restaurants a few steps away from one’s private living space.

Recognizing each individual’s unique needs, Circulo Verde provides a myriad of living space options. Its 15 residential buildings are designed with staggered heights that offer unparalleled sightlines of the nearby Sierra Madre Mountains and the Metro Manila skyline.

The first two residential buildings, Majorca Residences and Ibiza Tower, are defined by spaces that merge style and substance. Each unit is versatile and easily personalized. The Majorca Residences are perfect for families needing room to grow. Room layouts come in a variety of configurations for three-, two- and one-bedroom units, with floor areas ranging from 42 square meters up to 107 square meters. All units have balconies to give residents their own private retreat at home.

Ibiza means “individual”. Thus is the concept behind The Ibiza Tower because the units, in either flat or bi-level format, present countless options for creating dream spaces. The open lay-out allows one to define the size of his own living space.

Bi-level units are another highlight of Ibiza, a decidedly fresh take on today’s concept of the modern home. Natural lighting and ventilation contribute to the atmosphere of lightness in this space. The double volume ceiling enhances the verticality of the space.

Show flats for the one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and bi-level options show how the flexible space can be transformed into a home defined by one’s personality. Show flats area available for viewing at Circulo Verde’s Guest House, located at Calle Industria, Bgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

Both Majorca and Ibiza have sky gardens built in between residential floors to let residents feel the wonders of nature. Sunscreens are also installed in all units to provide insulation and help reduce energy usage while still allowing the beauty and benefits of daylight to illuminate the living spaces.

Circulo Verde’s stress-free environment is set to redefine your concept of modern city living. Find your own piece of paradise and discover the benefits of a balanced lifestyle. For more information, please call (632) 638.8633 or log on to

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Classic Brews of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

In a world where the hierarchy of taste is usually determined by what's brand new – nothing provides more satisfaction than classic flavors delivered with a distinct twist.

This is why, nearly 50 years since its inception, the distinct blends, down-home flavors and cozy ambiance continue to remain the main draws for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, who has gone on to indulge the palate of millions across the globe.

As the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's commitment to quality is evident with every sip of their finely brewed coffee and tea mixes.

"Our company is probably one of the few establishments whose exceptional drinks can be attributed to our efforts to directly source superior tea leaves and coffee beans from all over the world," says The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Marketing Director Paolo Del Rosario "As well as process and brewing these ingredients fresh daily."

Innovation is of course, a significant part of the company's success. In fact, the perennial favorite ice blended coffee drinks available today were first served by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as far back as the 80s.

Today, their specially trademarked Ice Blended® is created starting with their secret coffee extract, which refine their specialty coffees to bring out the richest and most concentrated flavors, and mixed with their specially processed ice to produce a smooth and unique drink.

Trimmed with its trademark oak and tea chest paneled walls, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's interiors draw customers in by virtue of its intimate and inviting décor. Complemented by an attentive service team, a chockfull of amenities, gourmet menu selections and delectable dessert choices, it's easy to indulge with your favorite cup of coffee or tea within its relaxing and home-like appeal.

Indeed, it is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's decades old understanding of their craft that allows them to deliver exceptionally. And for the gastronomic experience like no other, it is truly the place where cult favorites, best-loved infusions and innovative new brews are available in every soothing cup.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Gives Back

Imagine looking at a piece of artwork and seeing more than just strokes, the relationship of lines used, and the artist's manipulation of space, but the lives you have touched simply because you have that work of art on your wall.

Having long been a supporter of one's passion – with activities like The Zen of Tea, a tea appreciation seminar with Master Tea Blender David DeCandia and What's Your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Story?, for ardent storytellers – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Give in to Giving campaign aims to spark its customers' interest in the art of giving through art.

"This exclusive auction is part of The Bean's ongoing initiative of pursuing one's passion," says Paolo Del Rosario, Marketing Director of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf "Proceeds will go to the different participating advocacies of 12 Cups with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Give in to Giving campaign. So each time you follow your passion for art, you fulfill another's passion as well."

On the block are Temperature by Augusto Albor, Salvador Joel Alonday's Celeste, Benjie Cabangis' …and remember what peace there may be in silence, Zean Cabangis' diptych Tess and Lito, Noell El Farol's Mounds with stone settings similar to those in Batanes Island, those known from much older settlements, may have been equivalent to making a religious, as well as political, statement about a wider world-order and cosmology, Riel Hilario's Whatever Happened to Pygmalion and Galatea, Sandra Fabie-Gfeller's Paper Bag XX, Erwin Leaño's Bend, Jim Orencio's Leaves, Ling Quisumbing's Madre Simula (BIRTH), Jose Terence Ruiz's Mana: TAKBU, and Carlo Angelo Saavedra's This is the Sea.

"All the artworks can also be found on the covers of our commemorative limited edition Giving Journals as part of the 12 Cups with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Give in to Giving campaign," continues Del Rosario.

The 12 partnering organizations that will benefit from the exclusive charity auction cater to different advocacies giving The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf customers a chance to support the cause they are most passionate about.

Kababaihan Gabay sa Bayan (KAGABAY)

KAGABAY is a Social Development Organization set up to address poverty reduction through social, political and economic empowerment of women in communities.

Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)

In its four decades of existence the PBSP has been relentlessly instilling a culture of corporate citizenship in its member-companies. Its ability to deliver long-term business interests alongside improving the quality of life for Filipinos makes corporate citizenship a win-win business principle that benefits the member companies and our nation.

Bahay Tuluyan

Bahay Tuluyan is a non government organization established in 1987 to serve the street children who flooded the red light districts of the Malate area. Since then, they've branched out to all regions of the country educating the community of their responsibility to respect, protect and fulfill children's rights.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

PAWS is a volunteer-based NGO whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy.

Haribon Foundation

The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources is a membership organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. One of its projects called Rainforestation, aims to restore our original rainforests by planting tree species native to a particular forest.

Cartwheel Foundation Inc.

Cartwheel is a non-stock, non-profit organization which has focused its efforts towards giving the marginalized and disadvantaged communities of indigenous peoples (IPs) the chance to enjoy their right to an education.

Caritas Manila-Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice Program of Caritas Manila renders service to prisoners and the members of their families in all jails in the Archdiocese of Manila through formation, paralegal assistance, and outreach programs.

Kythe Incorporated

The Kythe P100 Miracles Project is a nationwide advocacy campaign that encourages people to donate 100 pesos a month to support Kythe's Child Life Program which is designed to alleviate the anxiety of pediatric patients and their families.

Autism Society Philippines (ASP)

ASP is a national, non-profit organization committed to the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorder especially in the provincial areas that are underprivileged and underdeveloped, to have access to intervention services.

Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc. (PCPI)

PCPI assists and aids cerebral palsy victims by providing facilities, equipment and supplies for the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, training and rehabilitation of cerebral palsy sufferers as well as to engage in, maintain and support research activities designed to aid in the prevention and care of cerebral palsy.

Resources for the Blind Inc. (RBI)

RBI began as a personal project of Dr. Arthur Lown to produce a Braille version of the Filipino Bible. And now it has grown to programs that prioritize education through the Philippine Braille Technology Center which is set up to ensure that blind students have access to all the same information that sighted students have in order for a successful integration into a regular school.

The Philippine Band of Mercy (PBM)

PBM was founded by Irving S. Hart, an American war veteran who came to the Philippines in 1899 and for 68 years, it has attended to indigent Filipinos suffering from cleft lip and palate, congenital cataract and glaucoma, and hydrocephalus & meninggoceale.

"We hope that you follow your passion and join us at the Give in to Giving Art Auction and put your passion to the paddle to help the different advocacies," says Del Rosario.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is located at TriNoMa, SM The Block, Gateway, Ortigas Park, Paseo Center, Bonifacio High Street, Mall of Asia, Convergys Ayala Avenue, Salcedo Village, Alabang Town Center, Rockwell, Robinson's Ermita, Greenhills Promenade, Robinson's Galleria, Eastwood, Tomas Morato and 3 more branches in Cebu. Visit their website at for more information

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

TGI Friday’s: Giving you never-ending reasons to celebrate!

Toxic deadlines and stressful workloads may take over each day of the week, but we know your million lined-up festivities couldn’t care less but wait to be celebrated! That Monday after graduation party, a birthday blowout on Tuesday night, client interlocks by Wednesday, a dinner date on Thursday and finally—a kickoff to the weekend in high spirits on Friday! With this insatiable indulgence for merriment, the whole week’s never going to be enough—thank goodness indeed, there’s
TGI Friday’s to give back the joyous reward, A Week of Friday’s.

T.G.I Friday’s, one of the top of mind restaurants in the country, offers great popular American cuisine, while everyone carefree sits back, enjoys the fun and celebration with good laughs mixed with good food, drinks and conversations. Trademarked as the resto’s in red and white, Friday’s was brought to the Philippine shores in 1993 by Bistro Group of Companies (Italianni’s, Steakhouse, Outback and Fish & Co.), and for a decade and counting has served yet the best in dining, in the most upbeat and casual feel.
Continuously reengineering the dining experience to cater to more and more people whose reasons to celebrate run endless—TGI Friday’s offers A Week of Friday’s, (starts from 5pm ‘til closing) a whole week of non-stop fun and gastronomic treats for the whole gang who celebrates after the workload hours!

A WEEK OF FRIDAY’s (5PM til closing)
MOB Mondays:
Refillabe Chips and Salsa, Buffalo Wings for 1 & to share, Calamari, Liempo Bites and Thin Onion Rings

Choose your booze! – Buy one take one on beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

Wacky Wednesdays
Happy Hours every Wednesday- Spend 1,000 and get a chance to play a game and then pick a prize!

Happy hours every Thursday. Special drinks just for this day! – Buy 2 cocktail drinks and get 1 more cocktail FREE.

Fun Fun Fridays
It’s the loudest and happiest day of the week. Spend 1,500, pick a card and you win!

Bring it on workload! Forget about the nonstop to do’s and strenuous work freight because TGI Friday’s will definitely help you chew up all the stress in your money’s worth with an array of mouth-watering meals, lip-smacking appetizers, entrees and desserts matched with great specialty drinks served right up for your dining and drinking pleasure! Experience a different kind of enjoyment each day of the week only with TGI Friday’s A Week of Friday’s.

Offered on the following TGI Friday’s Branches:

TGI Friday's Sta. Lucia
TGI Friday's Tomas Morato
TGI Friday's Manila
TGI Friday's Alabang
TGI Friday's Mall of Asia
TGI Friday's Galleria

Photos of the event can be found here