Monday, August 31, 2009

SM Definitely Has Everything

Now I can definitely say that SM has it all..They definitely provide their consumers with what they need at reasonable prices.

The SM Malls is big and very spacious. Which is something that I love about going there. It is a treasure trove of good finds! Most of the items for sale are affordable and of good quality. The clothes are in style and fashionably chic

One can never say that SM Malls are boring. You can never run out of things to do. There are cinemas, a bowling alley, a lot of arcades where the young and those that still they are young play video games. There are restaurants, bookstores, clothing shops, shoe stores and now it is a WI-FI Enable zone..

I am now in SM Manila testing the speed of the WI-FI connection.I can truly say that it is fast.No lags and waiting just log on and you are in cyberspace. Truly what they say is true the best things in life are free. If it's not free then it might as well be affordable. I tasted the food from Lydia's Lechon and it was yummy!!!! They have one of the best lechon's that I have ever tasted..Another amazing thing about them is that they are now online.. They can be found here

So basically, everything that you want and need . They can proudly say We’ve really got it all for you.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Globe Immortal Text Promo

Globe Tattoo gives you the new IMMORTALTXT, the first and only text offer with NO EXPIRY. For just P10, enjoy 50 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks that will never expire*.
To register, simply text IMMORTAL10 to 8888. Also available to Globe Prepaid subscribers.

*Subject to SIM validity.

*Offer is available to Globe tattoo sim users and old Globe sims.

IMMORTALTXT is the first ever NO EXPIRY text offer that will give Globe Tattoo and Globe Prepaid subscribers the following for only P10:
   • 50 texts to Globe/TM
   • 10 texts to other networks
* Needs P1 maintaining balance to be able to use service
   Every Globe Tattoo SIM is also pre-loaded with 25 free texts to all networks.

IMMORTAL BAL to 8888 to request for a status update of your subscription. You will receive a reply message that will indicate the following:

   • Number of texts to Globe/TM left in the subscription
   • Number of texts to other networks left in the subscription. The remaining FREE SMS in the account will be added to the free texts to other networks and will be included in the reply message.
You will be charged P1.00 for the balance inquiry.
The following message will be received:
"You have remaining XX texts to Globe/TM and XX texts to other networks. Your texts to other networks have been added to your account's text balance. P1/text."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Letter From PLDT

Dear Ms. Pagaspas:

Good Day!'Advertise

We apologize for the untoward experience you had during your travel. All members of our staff are required to conduct business with utmost courtesy, professionalism and efficiency at all times. Anything less is unacceptable. We regret to learn that you did not find this to be the case. Please be assured however, that your e-mail was forwarded to the concerned Division Head for appropriate handling.

Again, we would like to reiterate our regret for the unfortunate incident. We appreciate your gift of feedback and welcome every opportunity for service improvements. Thank you!



Customer Care Analyst

Customer Care

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Taxi Passenger's Worst Nightmare

Last August 20 between 5:30 to 6PM.I was on my way to Podium. It was traffic and it was in EDSA and so I assumed it was normal to get caught in a traffic jam.

When suddenly your PLDT Vehicle (ZBP 776) cuts us off and starts cursing the taxi driver.They follow us and harass the taxi of which I was in. And starts cursing the taxi driver AGAIN but with a louder voice. The windows were closed but I can hear them and as if It wasn't enough they stop their vehicle i nfront on the taxi get down.3 Men get out of the vehicle and 2 of them starts pounding the taxi my window included and demands the taxi driver to get down.A man pulls out a knife.I was appalled and shocked at their behavior to say the least.

I'm sure they would say that it was the taxi driver's fault. But I really think they should know better being educated and working for a prestigious company like PLDT. These people represent their company and they would do that to a taxi driver not even caring that there was a passenger.I'm sure that they will say that its not their fault.

I will tell it as I see it This was ego and power tripping to the highest level.
I maybe just a passenger and I can still feel the trauma up to now.
I even had to call my doctor because my palpitations was so bad I thought I
was going to have a heart attack.I'm scared to ride a taxi..I freak out when I
see a PLDT vehicle.

I would like to put on record the mental agony that I have undergone.
No one should have the go through the trauma that I went through.
I maybe just be a simple citizen but I too have a voice and this voice
would like to be heard and would not be kept silent

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Kitty Online

At last the amazing world of Hello Kitty and Friends comes to interactive life as a massively multiplayer online game! SanrioDigital and Typhoon Games have combined Sanrio's much-loved characters with new eye-catching graphics and the engaging gameplay of MMORPGs. Gamers and fans now have the opportunity to be a part of the Sanrio universe!

At last the amazing world of Hello Kitty and Friends comes to interactive life as a massively multiplayer online game! SanrioDigital and Typhoon Games have combined Sanrio's much-loved characters with new eye-catching graphics and the engaging gameplay of MMORPGs. Gamers and fans now have the opportunity to be a part of the Sanrio universe!

There are so many things that you can do:

This feature allows you to plant, grow, and harvest your own crops.
Taking good care of your farm will give you a good yield and a nice farm to show your pals.

Players can also own a variety of different pets by defeating monsters.
Pet cards are dropped randomly and can give players pets that give bonus attributes.

Hello Kitty Online gamers can dig for ores in mines, or gather fruits from forest trees;
as well as gain skills that will allow them to cook, tailor clothes, make furniture and build their own homes.


Guild can also be formed inside Hello Kitty Online where players can choose from 6 Sanrio characters to be shown as an emblem and stand as their guardian. Guild members will also have their own special set of emoticons depending on their guild guardian.

Game Setup

First, create a SanrioTown account - it's fast and free. Once you have your SanrioTown account, and install the DVD game on your PC.

Log in to Hello Kitty Online using your SanrioTown username and password. Choose which server to play on, then the character creation process will begin. You can customize your character's hair, hair accessories, facial features, clothes, shoes, and handheld items to set up your own original and unique Sanrio toon.

Once you've finished customizing your character, you are ready to take your first steps in Hello Kitty's world.

Hello Kitty Online includes your favourite Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, Dear Daniel, and many others. They will serve as non-player characters (NPCs) and country leaders, providing guidance and missions to complete. Accept and complete missions to improve your skills and gain experience points and other rewards.

Hello Kitty Online recreates that familiar cartoon ambiance that Sanrio and Hello Kitty are known for, and the excellent audio is full of Hello Kitty songs and sound effects. This is a fun, light-hearted MMORPG that is guaranteed to provide cheerful entertainment to players of all skill levels and ages. So get started today and make some friends in Hello Kitty Online!

System Requirements

CPU: Intel ® Pentium ® 4, 1.5Ghz+
Memory: 512MB RAM (Preferably 1GB)
Hard disk: 3.3GB Disk Space
Operating System: Windows ®2000 / Windows ® XP / WindowsVista™
Others: Web browser, DVD-ROM, Fast Internet connection
Network: 56K or above
Display card supports DirectX®8.0 or higher
Any sound card which support DirectSound®

III. Getting Started

A. Installation

To enter Sanrioworld, you must first install the game. Follow these simple steps to install HKO:

1. Insert the DVD Installer in the DVD-ROM Drive.

2. When the launcher loads, click on Install.

3. Follow the instructions and accept the agreement.

4. Choose the directory to install Hello Kitty Online in, or install in the default directory.

5. Click next and Install.

Congratulations! Now you can enter Sanrioworld to meet your friends!

B. Running the Game

To run the game, just double-click the Hello Kitty Online PH logo on your desktop.

For more information and screenshots please visit the Hello Kitty Online Philippines Website at

Installers can be downloaded for free, and players can also play Hello Kitty Online at any Netopia Branch nationwide.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Asia's Titanic

First Pinoy documentary on NGC. Award-winning Filipino director Yam Laranas gives specific directions to his cameraman during the filming of a scaled replica of MV Doña Paz for the National Geographic Channel’s (NGC) documentary “Asia’s Titanic.” This is the first documentary produced by National Geographic Channel in collaboration with a Philippine film production under the NGCI-EDB Development Fund. “Asia’s Titanic,” which tells of the tragic sinking of MV Doña Paz just few days before Christmas of 1987, will premiere on NGC (Sky Cable Channel 41) on 25 August 2009, Tuesday, at 9 p.m

What's so sad about this whole thing is that it could have been prevented. Had they been strict in the implementationn of the rules this could have been avoided all together. There so much
finger pointing and blame on others but no one wanted to take responsibility for the tragedy.
This is a very good documentary that will give the viewers an insight on what really happened.
This is a must see because this is something that we hope would never happen again.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Amazing Discovery

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70: A water-resistant, PABA-free sunblock for thorough protection.

Description: This highly protective formula effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburn, hyperpigmentation, photo aging and even skin cancer. The silky, lightweight formulation creates an invisible ''second skin'' that stays protective even after time spent in the water. Non-comedogenic and ideal for all skin types. Free of fragrances and PABA.

Recommended Use: Shake well before use. Apply on face and body skin, carefully avoiding membranous areas of eyes and nostrils. For best results, apply 30 to 60 minutes prior to sun exposure, especially before highly active sports. We make great sunscreens but our greater love is skin: when outdoors, reapply every 2 hours. Practice sun avoidance, particularly from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Let me just say that this is not a paid post. I love this product!!!! I used it and I really didn't have a tan. No one would have known that I went to the beach. I really, really love this amazing product.I was also a big fan of Hawaiian Tropic's SPF 70 but I couldn't apply that to my face because it's painful when it reaches my eyes the effect of the saltwater and sunblock is bad. But with this one no pain all just pure fun.. Love this new product!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Last Journey of Ninoy

I am going back to the Philippines
and if I have to go back to jail…
then so be it.

Before he left, sabi ko, “Ninoy can you tell
me? What possible scenarios there will be?
…The last thing he (Ninoy) said was “But
if they make a mistake and have me killed,
then that is the best thing that will happen
to me… I’ve always wanted to die for our

It is only instinctive for a man to look for his peace.
And I debated with my mind.
And I debated with myself.
And I debated with my wife and my children.
Whether I should go back to the arena of conflict.
I felt that I’ve already earned my peace.
I have done my best.
I waited for 7 years and 7 months,
and the Filipino people did not react.
And they would even give me the impression
that they love their chain and slavery.
What can one man do, if the Filipino people love their slavery?
If the Filipino people have lost their voice and not say not to a
What can one man do?
I have no army
I have no following
I have no money
I only have my indomitable spirit

The main objective of this film is to pay tribute to the greatness
of the Filipino people through the emblematic power of Ninoy Aquino’s
life story.To preserve and protect the memory of Ninoy Aquino and his
place in history, as well as the significance of his martyrdom to
Philippine democracy.To address the growing indifference of all
Filipinos, most especially the youth, by making the life
of a modern hero and martyr vivid, moving and relevant to today.
And hopefully, to awaken the Ninoy in every Filipino.

Treatment that they used available news clips, videos and film
footage, photographs, interviews plus dramatizations or re-enactments
shot in Hi-Definition (HD) formatThe viewer will get to witness the
man more intimately --- his strengths and weaknesses,
his triumphs as well as his failures, his dreams and fears,
his simple joys as a husband and family man. As the story
follows the textured highlights of past and present,
the viewer is presented a tapestry of insights into
the man and martyr in particular, and about ourselves
in general.Using Ninoy Aquino’s journey back to the
Philippines from Boston as the narrative spine, we
inter-weave the past and the distant past, with every
stop in his homeward journey serving as the frame for
each episode.

There are things history books won’t tell you about the last journey of Ninoy…
…And these are things you should know, to continue the legacy of Ninoy.
From the days leading to his decision to return to Manila, backtrack to Ninoy’s roots as a brash and talented young man, forward to his long and arduous journey as a private family man and statesman.Through known and new records, plus valuable memories and insights from wife and ally, Cory,discover Ninoy’s truest ideals and deepest struggles, his indominatable spirit and faith, as seen through all his hardships and all hostilities he faced. Intertwined with revelations of grand conspiracies, secret conversations and clandestine meetings, know what truly led Ninoy to and what he hoped would come out of his last journey.

This is really a great movie that every Filipino should see. It brought tears to my eyes and made me proud to be a Filipino.

Ninoy Aquino’s death was a watershed in Philippine
politics. The cataclysmic events following his murder
have unleashed a powerful wave of change that has
gone beyond our borders, setting off people power
movements that have torn down walls and toppled
dictatorships in various parts of the world.
But the past 25 years since Ninoy Aquino’s death have
witnessed a creeping amnesia in the national psyche.
Ninoy Aquino’s legacy of courage, heroism and
commitment to democracy has slowly been dissipated
by the gradual erosion of our democratic institutions
and the weakening of our collective initiative for
change. The nation is experiencing the fading of
memories of the historic struggles that led to the
moment of Ninoy’s death.
There is a need to revive those memories and the
significance of the nation’s struggles and Ninoy’s
ultimate sacrifice that once awakened the greatness
in every Filipino.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back to Music School with Nescafe Sound Skool

NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool is an inter-collegiate competition open to young, unsigned bands in the Philippines. From its beginnings as a battle among student bands in the Greater Manila Area in 2005, the competition has become of the country’s most anticipated music events. NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool has produced some of the Philippines hottest young bands, including Hilera and Letter Day Story.

This year, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool is widening its reach to around 400 colleges and universities nationwide. NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool sets itself apart from other music competitions because it not only makes participants experience fame — it also provides opportunities that help young artists build on their craft to become better overall performers.

NESCAFÉ strongly believes in young, talented Filipinos. NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool has committed itself to discovering the best college bands and helping them become famous. Handa ka na bang sumikat? Log on to for competition guidelines, schedules and updates.

Thanks to the sponsors for making it happen:

La Carmela De Boracay
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel
Ix Chel

The band cover song should fall under pop, light rock or alternative genre.

Upon submission of the song, the band should include the following Nescafe Soundskool requirements:

Xerox copy of Birth Certificates
Proof of Enrollment
Letter of endorsement
Group Picture (4R size)
Demo cd with 1 cover and 1 original song (3 minutes maximum)

Send your entry in a short brown envelope with the band and school name at the back, and send to

Unit 1005, Atlanta Centre Condominium,
31 Annapolis St. Greenhills, SanJuan MM

Deadline of entries is on September 6, 2009. Selected bands will be notified through their indicated contact numbers on or before September 25, 2009.
After the screening. there will be a regional eliminations, and after that only 13 bands from gma (4), luzon (3), visayas (3), and mindanao (3)
will make it to the finals where they will be given mentor band to assist and help them improve their grand final performance.

Nescafe Soundskool Mentor Bands

Moonstar 88
Jr. Kilat
Sponge Cola

This promo runs from February 1, 2009 and ends on January 31, 2010. Be the next Hilera, Lazy Susan, Letter Day Story and Effinboiche.. Join the Nescafe Soundskool 2009 now!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Surfing? Me??

Sago is organizing a surfing class for none swimmers like me.
But I decided to brave the waves so to speak and give it my best shot. I still need to do a lot of things. I need to brave the traffic and go to a place where they have it all. Where is that you may ask? Why SM of course.

After my 1st Surfing trip (if I make it out alive that is). I plan to buy a small trinket from BICO as a sort of gift to myself for a job well done

Thanks so much to the Sponsors:
Department of Tourism
Starbucks Coffee
VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics

Qtube of QTV (Official TV Media Partner) They’ll join us & cover the event
Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine (Official Print Media Partner)
Web.Com.Ph (Official Web Hosting Partner) (Official Online Media Partner)

with the support of:
Travel Factor

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Technology of the Future

Breathtakingly thin, it's designed as one seamless piece of flawless crystal with its screen, vivid details are captured in every frame. Picture edge-blur removed and full, robust colour restored to each pixel. It's a remarkable feat of design, on or off


Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Screen Size: 101cm diagonal
4 HDMI inputs
Freeview Digital tuner
100Hz Scanning
Super Slim 29mm depth
2 xUSB (Wiselink Pro Movie/ Picture/Music)
internet @ TV - (RSS Support Via USB adapter)
Content Library (Embedded information on Built in flash memory)
1x Ethernet Port (DLNa with movie Support)
3ms response time
Crystal Design (black rose)
Optional WiFi dongle model WIS09ABGNX (1194)
Optional slim wall bracket model WMN1000B

There can be only one thinnest, clearest, most elegant television. Easily, it is Samsung's LED TV Series 6. Breathtakingly thin, it's designed as one seamless piece of flawless crystal.


Screen Size: 40"
Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 3,000,000:1
Backlight: Edge LED
1080 24p Real Movie: Yes
Picture Engine: SAMSUNG LED Engine
Wide Colour Enhancer: WCE Pro
100/200Hz Motion Plus: Yes (100Hz)


Speaker Type: Down Firing
Sound Effect System: SRS Trusurround HD & Dolby Digital Plus
Woofer: Yes
Sound Output (RMS): 10W x 2


Sleep Timer: Yes
Still Picture: No
Auto Channel Search: Yes
Auto Power Off: Yes
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Yes
Game Mode: Yes
Caption: No
Teletext (TTXT): 1,000P
Picture-In-Picture: No
Clock & On/Off Timer: Yes
OSD Language: English
EPG: Yes
Internet@TV: No
InfoLink: No
DLNA Wireless: No
Content Library (Flash): No
USB2.0: Yes (USB2.0)
BD Wise: Yes
Wireless LAN Adaptor Support: No
Smart Content Manager: No
Remote Controller Type: IR Remote Control
User Interface: Single
Auto Volume Leveler: Yes


Set size(WXHXD) with stand: 983 x 688 x 255mm
Set size(WXHXD) without stand: 983.0 x 631.0 x 29.9mm


Package weight: 23.2kg
Set weight with stand: 18.4kg
Set weight without stand: 14.7kg


Power Supply: AC220-240V 50/60Hz, AC100-220V 50/60Hz (Singapore)
Operation Power Consumption: 140W
Stand-By Power Consumption: < 0.1 watt

Input & Output (back)

Digital Audio (Optical): 1
Audio Out L-R (Mini Jack): No
PC Input (D-sub): 1
PC Audio Input (Mini Jack): 1
DVI Audio Input: Common Use for PC Audio Input
Component (Y/Pb/Pr): 1
Composite (AV): 1
Ethernet (LAN): No
RF Input: 1
USB: 1
Scart: No


Type: Crystal Design
Colour: Rose Black
Light Effect: Yes
Swivel (Left/Right): Yes (20/20)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Amazing New Information

I recently had a Dengue scare with Joshwa. His platelet went down and I all but panicked because I really thought It was dengue.Good thing that it was not Dengue. I really think that as moms we should our enemy so we can face it head on so because of that scare the mosquito is my enemy.

Here are some quick facts on Mosquitoes:

3000 species worldwide
Life stages in different environment
Only female bites
Vector of infectious diseases, e.g., dengue and malaria

Stimuli that can attract mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes use visual, thermal, and olfactory stimuli to locate a host.
Carbon dioxide released from breath serves as a long-range attractant
Lactic acid and ammonia serve as chemo-attractants. Ammonia in human sweat seems to be the most important chemo-attractant
Heat that come off our bodies and chemicals produced by bacteria serve as short-range attractants

Wouldn’t you want to add to your arsenal against mosquitoes?
Here are a few tips on how you can:
Keep your house “mosquito unfriendly”
Good solid waste management
Use long sleeves and pants
Use mosquito repellants
Use products that are proven to help prevent mosquito landing such as Downy Antibac.

Yes you read it right Downy Antibac:

According to research and it is being endorsed by The Philippine Association of Entomologists.

Downy AntiBac, the first Fabric Conditioner proven to help prevent mosquito landing on fabric!

Mosquito repellency tests using Downy Antibac were conducted in third party institutions in Japan, China, Thailand and the Philippines

Results showed 33% to 53% less incidence of mosquito landing on the fabric washed with Downy Antibac.

How does Downy Antibac help repel mosquitoes?

Human attracts mosquitoes because of:
Sweat/body odor
Carbon dioxide released from breath and skin
Skin temperature and moisture

Downy Antibac action
Antibacterial ingredient controls the growth of malodor causing germs and maintains fabric freshness
Fragrance technology provides long lasting freshness.

Last Note:When I was dating Philbert I used to tell him that he smelled so good.
I would always want to be near to smell him because he really smelled so good.
It was when we were newly married that i found out that he smelled so good because
he used Downy on his clothes.