Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Last Journey of Ninoy

I am going back to the Philippines
and if I have to go back to jail…
then so be it.

Before he left, sabi ko, “Ninoy can you tell
me? What possible scenarios there will be?
…The last thing he (Ninoy) said was “But
if they make a mistake and have me killed,
then that is the best thing that will happen
to me… I’ve always wanted to die for our

It is only instinctive for a man to look for his peace.
And I debated with my mind.
And I debated with myself.
And I debated with my wife and my children.
Whether I should go back to the arena of conflict.
I felt that I’ve already earned my peace.
I have done my best.
I waited for 7 years and 7 months,
and the Filipino people did not react.
And they would even give me the impression
that they love their chain and slavery.
What can one man do, if the Filipino people love their slavery?
If the Filipino people have lost their voice and not say not to a
What can one man do?
I have no army
I have no following
I have no money
I only have my indomitable spirit

The main objective of this film is to pay tribute to the greatness
of the Filipino people through the emblematic power of Ninoy Aquino’s
life story.To preserve and protect the memory of Ninoy Aquino and his
place in history, as well as the significance of his martyrdom to
Philippine democracy.To address the growing indifference of all
Filipinos, most especially the youth, by making the life
of a modern hero and martyr vivid, moving and relevant to today.
And hopefully, to awaken the Ninoy in every Filipino.

Treatment that they used available news clips, videos and film
footage, photographs, interviews plus dramatizations or re-enactments
shot in Hi-Definition (HD) formatThe viewer will get to witness the
man more intimately --- his strengths and weaknesses,
his triumphs as well as his failures, his dreams and fears,
his simple joys as a husband and family man. As the story
follows the textured highlights of past and present,
the viewer is presented a tapestry of insights into
the man and martyr in particular, and about ourselves
in general.Using Ninoy Aquino’s journey back to the
Philippines from Boston as the narrative spine, we
inter-weave the past and the distant past, with every
stop in his homeward journey serving as the frame for
each episode.

There are things history books won’t tell you about the last journey of Ninoy…
…And these are things you should know, to continue the legacy of Ninoy.
From the days leading to his decision to return to Manila, backtrack to Ninoy’s roots as a brash and talented young man, forward to his long and arduous journey as a private family man and statesman.Through known and new records, plus valuable memories and insights from wife and ally, Cory,discover Ninoy’s truest ideals and deepest struggles, his indominatable spirit and faith, as seen through all his hardships and all hostilities he faced. Intertwined with revelations of grand conspiracies, secret conversations and clandestine meetings, know what truly led Ninoy to and what he hoped would come out of his last journey.

This is really a great movie that every Filipino should see. It brought tears to my eyes and made me proud to be a Filipino.

Ninoy Aquino’s death was a watershed in Philippine
politics. The cataclysmic events following his murder
have unleashed a powerful wave of change that has
gone beyond our borders, setting off people power
movements that have torn down walls and toppled
dictatorships in various parts of the world.
But the past 25 years since Ninoy Aquino’s death have
witnessed a creeping amnesia in the national psyche.
Ninoy Aquino’s legacy of courage, heroism and
commitment to democracy has slowly been dissipated
by the gradual erosion of our democratic institutions
and the weakening of our collective initiative for
change. The nation is experiencing the fading of
memories of the historic struggles that led to the
moment of Ninoy’s death.
There is a need to revive those memories and the
significance of the nation’s struggles and Ninoy’s
ultimate sacrifice that once awakened the greatness
in every Filipino.

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