Saturday, August 01, 2009

Amazing New Information

I recently had a Dengue scare with Joshwa. His platelet went down and I all but panicked because I really thought It was dengue.Good thing that it was not Dengue. I really think that as moms we should our enemy so we can face it head on so because of that scare the mosquito is my enemy.

Here are some quick facts on Mosquitoes:

3000 species worldwide
Life stages in different environment
Only female bites
Vector of infectious diseases, e.g., dengue and malaria

Stimuli that can attract mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes use visual, thermal, and olfactory stimuli to locate a host.
Carbon dioxide released from breath serves as a long-range attractant
Lactic acid and ammonia serve as chemo-attractants. Ammonia in human sweat seems to be the most important chemo-attractant
Heat that come off our bodies and chemicals produced by bacteria serve as short-range attractants

Wouldn’t you want to add to your arsenal against mosquitoes?
Here are a few tips on how you can:
Keep your house “mosquito unfriendly”
Good solid waste management
Use long sleeves and pants
Use mosquito repellants
Use products that are proven to help prevent mosquito landing such as Downy Antibac.

Yes you read it right Downy Antibac:

According to research and it is being endorsed by The Philippine Association of Entomologists.

Downy AntiBac, the first Fabric Conditioner proven to help prevent mosquito landing on fabric!

Mosquito repellency tests using Downy Antibac were conducted in third party institutions in Japan, China, Thailand and the Philippines

Results showed 33% to 53% less incidence of mosquito landing on the fabric washed with Downy Antibac.

How does Downy Antibac help repel mosquitoes?

Human attracts mosquitoes because of:
Sweat/body odor
Carbon dioxide released from breath and skin
Skin temperature and moisture

Downy Antibac action
Antibacterial ingredient controls the growth of malodor causing germs and maintains fabric freshness
Fragrance technology provides long lasting freshness.

Last Note:When I was dating Philbert I used to tell him that he smelled so good.
I would always want to be near to smell him because he really smelled so good.
It was when we were newly married that i found out that he smelled so good because
he used Downy on his clothes.

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