Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Asia's Titanic

First Pinoy documentary on NGC. Award-winning Filipino director Yam Laranas gives specific directions to his cameraman during the filming of a scaled replica of MV Doña Paz for the National Geographic Channel’s (NGC) documentary “Asia’s Titanic.” This is the first documentary produced by National Geographic Channel in collaboration with a Philippine film production under the NGCI-EDB Development Fund. “Asia’s Titanic,” which tells of the tragic sinking of MV Doña Paz just few days before Christmas of 1987, will premiere on NGC (Sky Cable Channel 41) on 25 August 2009, Tuesday, at 9 p.m

What's so sad about this whole thing is that it could have been prevented. Had they been strict in the implementationn of the rules this could have been avoided all together. There so much
finger pointing and blame on others but no one wanted to take responsibility for the tragedy.
This is a very good documentary that will give the viewers an insight on what really happened.
This is a must see because this is something that we hope would never happen again.

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