Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My husband just turned 36 last December 28 and he's in denial that he's turned another year older. He says that like Edward who's been 17 for awhile. He too has been 25 for long while. To him age is nothing but a number but there's a big difference between denial and delusion.Just today I asked him what year he graduated from high school he immediately said 1993.I thought about his answer and was almost about to believe him. When I suddenly remembered hey I graduated from high school in 1993 and he is 4 years older.Okay scratch that he is 3 years 9 months and 9 days older than me.He then gave me his sweetest boyish smile which made my heart flutter and my knees weak. I'm a sucker for that smile that I did let that fib slide.I have to admit, he doesn't look like he's a day over 27. Which means that marriage to me agrees with him and he hasn't aged a bit since a bit since we got married.Lucky Him!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Twilight Translations

There's been talk that Twilight will translated to Filipino
and Will be Renamed Takipsilim. Here are some dialogues that
can be used should that ever happen(dare I say I really hope not!!!)
I found this lines from Several Twilight Multiply Groups

"at ang leon ay na inlab sa tupa"
"kay tangang tupa..."
"kay gagong masukistang leon!"

"tungkol sa tatlong bagay na siguradong positibo ako:
una, si edward ay isang bampira...
pangalawa, may isang parte sa kanya, at hndi ko alam kung gaano kalakas iyon..na uhaw sa aking dugo...
at pangatlo, hndi maitatangging ako'y walang sawang inlab sa kanya"

"maging ligtas mahal..."

"ikaw na ang buhay ko ngayon"

"estupidong may-ari ng makintab na VOLVO"

"pano kung hindi ako ang bida, pano kung ako ung masamang tao???"

"ikaw ang eksaktong tatak ng droga ko"

"Imposible ang iyong kabilisan at lakas.
Ang `yong balat ay maputi`t maputla at yelo`ng lamig.
Nagiiba ang kulay ng mata mo at
minsan kung magsalita ka para kang galing ng ibang panahon.
Hindi kalumalabas kapag maaraw. Ilang taon kana?"
"Labing pito."
"Gano katagal kanang labing pito?"
"Matagal-tagal narin."

"alam ko kung ano ka"
"sabihin mo... sabihin mo ng malakas..."
"natatakot ka ba?"

"takot ka ba?"
"ang ikinatatakot ko lang ay ang mawala ka sa akin"

"kung kaya mong mabuhay habang panahon, ano ang ikabubuhay mo???"

"punyeta bella, ikaw ang magiging kamatayan ko"

"*singhot* mmmm... nagdala ka pa ng chichirya..."

"aking lalaking unggoy!"
"humawak ka ng mahigpit, gagambang unggoy!"

Sunday, December 28, 2008

To The Love Of My Life

To The ONE that still makes me giddy after all this years
To the ONE that is always there for me.
To the ONE that my blood sings for.
To my angel, my all, the keeper of my heart.
No words can describe how much I love you.
Happy Birthday Honey!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Joshwa's Milestones

Joshwa lost his first tooth today. Yes!! that's right he'll be
turning 8 next month and he just lost his first tooth.

He also opened his gifts this year on his own.
I don't have to do it anymore!!! He played with
Adrianne's gift which was a small bicycle. I'm a happy
mom. I treasure Joshwa's milestones doesn't matter if
it's late as long as it gets here.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Latest Photos

These photos were taken last Sunday. Wala si Joshwa sa photos kasi tulog sya. Kung kailan kalagitnaan ng party ayun inantok at natulog kaya pag uwi namin wide awake sya at 4am na

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Ten Twilight Commandments:

I found this sa candytalk forum and I just have to share it:


1. I am the best book out there, you shall not have better one than I am.

2. Thou shalt not take Edward Cullen's name in vain.

3. Remember to keep release dates calendard.

4. Honor the Cullens for gracing you with their presence.

5. Thou shalt not kill humans.

6. Thou shalt not love Edward Cullen and Jacob Black equally.

7. Thou shalt not steal Twilight books from your friends to see how they will react when they can't read them anymore.

8. Thou shalt not lie. For Edward know that you did anyways.

9. Thou shalt not covet Edward.

10. Thous shalt not covet Edward's Volvo, or various Cullen cars.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Yehey Party Pics

(Photo Courtesy of Laszlo)

(Photo Courtesy of Laszlo)

With Juddha Paolo (Photo courtesy of Carl Valenzona)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is so disturbing I can't even wrap my head
around this idea. Ginaya na nila ang Gossip Girl.
What's next??? Twilight Pala.. Oh NO!!!

Twilight: Pinoy Version

ABS-CBN has bought the rights to make a tv version of the hit vampire novel "Twilight", ABS-CBN's CEO, Euegenio Lopez III signed a contract last December 6, 2008 for the tv adaptation of Twilight, the rights cost a more than a million dollars, the taping is set to start next year by February in Baguio, Tagaytay, Bukidnon and some parts will tape outside the country. And it will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, the tv adaptation will focus with the love story between Edward and Bella, this is much more than a drama, romance, but also fantasy. This is co-produce by Ignite Media Inc.

Cast (Unofficial) :

Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen
Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan
Valeen Montenegro as Alice Cullen
Gabby Concepcion as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Luis Manzano as Emmett Cullen
Al Tantay as Charlie Swan
Yayo Aguila as Renee Dwyer
Fred Payawan as Jacob Black
Carlos Agassi as James
Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme Cullen
Karylle as Rosalie Hale
Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale
Jessy Mendiola as Jessica Stanley
Empress Schuck as Angela Weber
Brad Murdoch as Laurent
Nikki Bacolod as Victoria
Aaron Villaflor as Mike Newton

from: http://twilightsaga.multiply.com/journal/item/1138/Twilight_Pinoy_Version_poll?replies_read=9

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yehey Party Pics

Had a blast during the Yehey Christmas Party..
Great food and Great Music and Made New Friends.
I even won a PRIZE sa raffle will claim it on Monday.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pepper Lunch

My Cousin and I went to Pepper Lunch. Food was great!!!
Here are some pics. I don't remember what we ordered
but I do remember what It tasted like. YUMMY!!!

Welcome to Pepper Lunch

What my cousin ordered

What I ordered

What we had for Dessert

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Scrapbook Christmas Party

After two years of being absent. Finally naka attend ako ng scrapbook party.
Had so much fun!!My friends were right, Scrapbooking is part of my life
and my soul. I could never quit scrapbooking na pala talaga.Here are some pics
of the party

Group Photo

Group Photo

Me as Sisa. Was supposed to be coming in as Mama Mary but I looked like a Sisa Instead.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I had a falling out with my cousin because I stopped
talking to her. She spanked my child which was unacceptable
to me. So I didn't speak to her for 4 years

Then last Sunday I saw her and I talked to her and
though I can't forget what she did to my son. I
just learned to let it go and moved on from that incident.

Then I realized that maybe that's the reason that I
was sent back to the Philippines.To fix loose ends,
fix the bridges and mend relationships.
St Therese once said that Where You are right now is where you are meant to be.
(Make sense!!)So I'll wait and wait till God says that it's time
to leave. Lately the odds are stacked against us. It's like
everything and everyone is pulling us to stay here. Even If I want
to go and leave.

And So I say Thy Will be done Lord!!! Thy will be done

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yes!!! I've seen it and I really liked it.. I'm a big
vampire fan and I've read a lot of Anne Rice novels.
The story is not as complicated as the Anne Rice vampire novels.
The story brought out the inner teenager in me.
I felt like I was in high school all over again swooning
over the lead character. They made it simple and so sweet.
Very Uncomplicated!I know that there's a lot of nitpicking
when it comes to the book not being true to the movie.
I've never read the book but If I did. I don't think I'd
mind. I guess you can know by now that I really liked
the movie A LOT!!!

Now I can't wait to read the book and gush out about
Edward and Bella all over again

A message

Just when I started to fall in to depression again my best friend sent me an offline message.All this is just temporary. Patience is a virtue. God is listening to your prayers. Keep praying and remember that everything in life has a purpose and a reason behind it. God bless and take care. I know that God is working through her because she knew what I was going through even I didn't say it and she doesn't read my blogs.God is great indeed!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Single Ladies Single Man Beyonce Mashup

Highly Amusing!!


I know I may sound ungrateful or whatever but the
truth is I'm not happy here in the Philippines.
In all honesty i feel like I don't belong here anymore.
I feel like I don't fit in anymore. Initially I was
happy to be home and enjoyed the life the we left behind.
But after the novelty wore off I began to say what now?
What next?

Though I was only gone for 18 months.
I got used to the fact that we were on our
own and that we had to make our own decisions.
The move was the best thing we ever did.We
became a stronger family. Now that we're home
some people think that they have a say
as to how we run our lives.
I don't like it at all but I can't say it out loud
because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
I don't want to be branded as ungrateful.
I'm so grateful for the love the help and the support.
In my heart I know that Philbert and I did what we thought is
the best for our family and I still do.
But somehow I find myself thinking about the what if's.

That's why I'm itching to migrate and to move
again to give it another shot and start anew.
I know that they say that there's no place
like home. But why does it feel like this
isn't for us anymore?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Joshwa's Latest Photo's

We had Joshwa's passport photo taken yesterday. It took
us 45 minutes just to have that passport photo taken.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We were out of town last Sunday.
I thought we were going home the same day but
Mr Driver decided that we should stay overnight.
I was agitated because I wanted to go home.
After dinner FIL and Mr Driver
decided to have a few drinks.

Then for some reason FIL turned to me and
started talking and telling me things that
I'm not doing right. He was telling me how I'm not
doing it right in as far as how I run my household
and how lenient I was with the househelp.
Then he compared me to my SIL. why couldn't
I do it like my SIL. did it she had a big house
and she could handle her household efficiently stuff like that.
I was so annoyed because that was so unfair. She was a different
level altogether. I'm never gonna be as great
as she was. This was the clincher while my FIL. was
ranting his son sided with him and said yes I agree with you!
Yes she is wrong! He went on said I keep telling
the maid that I don't like what they're doing
and she kept defending them.
Whatever happened to if you can't say anything
nice then don't say anything at all.

Then MIL turned to me and said we're just saying this
things because you need to know. I hope you don't get offended!
After all the things that you said and you expect me
NOT to be offended.

I don't know if I overreacted by feeling this way.
I didn't say anything to them about how I felt.
I just didn't want to make it an issue.
I decided to cool off and not attend their
gatherings for awhile. If Mr.Driver wants to go he
can go there bring the kids with him or he can go alone.
But I'm not going with him.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Justice Is At Hand

We just received such wonderful news today!!!
God is so great!

10:53 PM PST on Friday, November 14, 2008

Temecula man sought in fatal hit-and-run caught after car chase
The Press-Enterprise

A Temecula man charged in connection with the hit-and-run deaths of a Winchester family this summer was apprehended Thursday after a car chase and a crash into an Upland house, San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies said.

Deputies in Rancho Cucamonga attempted to stop a car driven by Chad Isaac Huber, 31, around 4 p.m. after determining it was stolen, said Sgt. Dave Phelps, a sheriff's spokesman.

Huber failed to stop and led police on a 2-mile car chase into Upland, Phelps said. He crashed into a house and fled on foot, Phelps added.

Huber then entered an unlocked house, Phelps said. The home's residents ran out and alerted deputies and Upland police.

Officers entered the house and arrested Huber, who was bitten by a police dog, Phelps said. He is being held without bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Huber is charged with three counts of murder and hit-and-run causing death. Investigators believe Huber was responsible for a June 29 accident near Lake Skinner in southwestern Riverside County that killed Andres San Agustin, 48, his wife, Maribeth Pagaspas San Agustin, 36, and their 4-year-old son, Angelo.

The San Agustins were returning from a party around 8 p.m. when a pickup collided with the family's Chevrolet Malibu, driving over most of the driver's side length of the car, running off the road and coming to rest on its roof.

Police said another truck traveling with the pickup stopped to pick up Huber and fled the crash scene.

Just before the crash, witnesses reported seeing a large, raised pickup in the area traveling 75 to 100 mph.

Investigators interviewed the pickup's owner, Huber's estranged wife, who told them Huber drove the truck and sometimes drank at a Winchester bar. The bartender there told police Huber had been at the bar for about an hour before the crash and drank four shots, two beers and a mixed drink. Jarred Abatti, 23, of Banning, was arrested shortly after the crash. Police said he helped Huber flee.

Abatti identified Huber as the driver and said his friend was "obviously intoxicated," according to an arrest warrant declaration.

Following the crash, Huber called police to report his truck was stolen. He said he was vacationing with his girlfriend at the Sheraton Hotel in San Diego when his truck was taken, and he suggested to CHP officers his wife had something to do with the alleged theft, court records indicate.

Investigators checked with the hotel, which reported that Huber had not been staying there. Reach Jeff Horseman at 951-375-3727 or jhorseman@PE.com

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Absent na Naman sa Scrap Event

I want to attend the scrap event on Saturday.
Kaso di ako makakaalis we have to go to Alabang
to fix something. Hayyy Sagabal ang social life
ko sa scrapbooking.I totally miss scrapbooking!!!
My mojo is slowly hibernating( as if may mojo
to begin with) Makakascrap din ako!! Sana naman
before mag 5 si Adrianne tapos na ang 1st year
of life nya.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing Ate

I miss her everyday. I wish she was still just a
phone call away. I miss the advice, the listening
ear and the laughter. I miss her so much.
The holidays are coming and I feel bad that
I don't feel the holiday spirit. Because I'm so
full of sadness and I'm grieving over her loss.
Honestly, I haven't started anything yet as far
as shopping for gifts is concerned.
Siguro man lang for the kids mag shopping ako ng gifts.

Wala naman akong regrets sa mga di ko nasabi.
Lahat kami malungkot na wala na sila. Ganun pala
talaga pag mabait kang tao talagang people would
be vocal about how they miss you and how much they
love you.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I miss scrapbooking.. Tagal na akong di nakakascrapbook.
Feeling ko paurong na paurong ang scrapbooking skills ko.
Was supposed to sell my scrapbook stuff. Ayoko na sya ibenta.
Naiirita lang ako kasi talagang binabarat ako. Wag na gagamitin
ko na lang sya. Kailan kaya?? Great question

Conversations with Philbert..
Philbert-- Dyan ka magaling
Me--- Bats her eyelashes at him.Magaling saan?
Philbert---Sa Spending! Shopping! Scrapbooking and Eating!!!
Me--what can I do?? Di lang ikaw ang may talent sa multi
tasking. ako rin!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Adrianne will be on Wondermoms Again

I'm so excited Adrianne has another taping for Wondermoms tomorrow.Anabelle-LEIRA Rama in the making na ata ako.

Addicted to Plurk

I'm addicted to Plurk. I post first thing in the morning and post before I go to bed
At first it's kind of weird to be posting whatever it is that your doing.
Parang twitter ba??But after I got the hang of
it I really like it.Since I know most of the people that I
plurk with.May nagpost ng statement dun asking kailangan
ba i announce sa plurk ang isang sensitive na bagay.Parang
natamaan ako kasi feeling ko she was alluding to me.
Since sensitive is relative I asked her how sensitive is sensitive?
Hahaha!!! Talagang parang tinablan ako. Oh well I just have to be
careful next time about what I say or post for that matter.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's In A Name

I just read Aggie's blog and I don't know if nakuento ko na kung
paano nakuha mga names ng mga kids.

I really liked the name Joshua. There was no doubt that
yun ang name na gusto ko. But when I saw this baby
book. Joshua- Means Jehovah's witness.
While Joshwa means God is Gracious. The second name
was supposed to be Shane. I also liked that name
kaso naisip ko wala pala syang Christian name. So
I chose the name Dominik in honor of St. Dominic

I really loved the name Adrianne there were
many names that I considered but Adrianne
was the one that I really liked. Marie
is my baptism name and In hindsight
after my SIL rin pala her name is MARIbeth.
Therese is named after St Therese of the Child
Jesus. I prayed for her intercession during my
very difficult pregnancy. Yeah I know that
her name is super long and she'll probably hate me
when she starts going to school.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adrianne is Now Officially 1

I can't hardly believe that my daughter Adrianne is officially 1.
Where does the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday that
I was induced and that I was pushing and pushing
her out as if our lives depended on it. I even remember
that Adrianne had to stay in the hospital because she
was born a few weeks early. Her visitors were
Tita Grish, Tita Beth, Tito JR, Kuya Angelo and
Ninong Ariel.

Adrianne is such a blessing and I'm thankful
that we had a great year. I'm looking forward
to the years to come. Happy 1st Birthday Adee!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Touching Photo

Top 10 Songs

These are the songs that I could listen to over and over again.

1. Every Heartbeat-- Amy Grant
2. Lucky One-- Amy Grant
3. House of Love-- Amy Grant
4. Cherish-- Amy Grant
5. You'll Always Be My Baby--Mariah Carey
6. Underneath The Stars--Mariah Carey
7. Vision of Love--Mariah Carey
8. Isn't It A Wonder-- Boyzone
9. Each Time-- E 17
10.Queen of My Heart-- Westlife

Monday, October 20, 2008

Suppliers Ratings

Sorry if magulo sya.. Pero wanted to share my supplier's rating.

Venue-- The Learning Center Waltermart Mall-
Rating: 10

They were really very nice and very accomodating.
Talagang di ako nagsisi na sila ang venue na
na kinuha namin.

Host--Wizzo--booked thru Apple Cabel
He was so good and very patient.
Even my husband became a fan. Maski medyo
pricey sya he was worth it. He knew what to
do with the kids na makulit.
Rating: 10

Give aways- Photomagnet- Booked thru Katrina Tan

I was a bit disappointed kasi she was late and although
she apologized to me and I accepted her apology.
I still felt bad. But it's all good. Kasi people really liked the
photo magnets. Kaya siguro ako naiinis na late sila kasi
mas maganda sana at the start of the party pero medyo
fresh pa yung mga bata.
Rating: 8

Save The Date, Invitations &Lootbag Box -- Melisse Baylosis
I really love dealing with her. Stressfree sya
saka madaling kausap. She went out of her
way to deliver it.
Rating: 10

Food Carts-

Arce Dairy booked thru Analyn Arce
Very easy to deal with. Very nice kausap
and stress free supplier.
Rating: 10

Jimini Pizza-booked thru Jhoanne of Polkadots Events
Very professional. On time dumating and wala akong
naging problem with them.
Rating: 10

Caterer- LSS Fastfood-
Will never even think of booking another caterer
kasi masarap talaga ang food. Saka di naman
super mahal. Just gave them a budget and
was able to stick to my budget.
Rating 10+++

Venue Decorations and Balloon Centerpieces-
I initially was considering a lot and i mean
a lot of suppliers to do the decors. Tamang
tama nagmeet kami accidentally ni Apple
and ayun na I booked her and she did a
great job. Thanks Apple
Rating: 10

Photographer-Tito Rekz-
I booked my uncle because gusto yung
kilala ko na yung photographer. It takes
awhile for my kids to warm up to people.
Kaya when I saw the initial pics I loved it
and he really captured Adrianne's smile.
Rating: 10++

Cake, Cupcakes and Cookie Lollipopts-- Thru Partytime Philippines-
I know I was a difficult client because I kept changing my
mind. Di ako makadecide kung ano ba gusto ko.
Kasi talagang maliit lang ang budget ko.
Nung nakita ko yung cake it was exactly what I wanted.
Rating: 10++

Ryan Torres-Face Painter
Another stress free supplier. He was early and went to
work right away. Even if di ko masyadong type na naka
shorts lang sya. I overlooked it na lang because were really
happy with the outcome and I was really happy with the
Rating: 9

Imago - Sundo

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adrianne's TV Exposure

Adrianne will be featured in Wondermom's ( Sat Channel 2 @ 9:45 AM)
Topic is Infant Massage. Hope you guys could watch it. Excited na ako.
Kaso di naman ako makakanuod kasi I have somewhere to go to.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Check List

Venue-- The Learning Center Waltermart Mall-Booked
Host-- Wizzo-Booked
Give aways- Photomagnet- Booked
Food Carts-Arce Dairy and Jimini Pizza-Booked
Caterer- LSS Fastfood- Booked
Photographer-Tito Rekz-Booked
Cake-- Thru Partytime Philippines-Booked
Face Painter-- Ryan Torres-Booked
Invites--All Sent...

I think we're pretty much all set. Just need to buy a few
things by Friday. So why am I all stressed.. Malapit na..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joshwa as a Cub Scout

Solo Shot ni Joshwa

With the Group

With Kuya Prince

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Ate Beth

People are singing
All around their tombstone
happy birthday

Sorry if thats a weird haiku
or if tama ba talaga yan. That's exactly
what we did. We gathered around their
tombstone and started singing
Happy Birthday! Today is Ate Beth's 37th
Birthday. It's still hard to think of her
in the past tense. I still miss her everyday.
Happy Birthday Ate!!!! During the time
that we were singing there was a white
butterfly fluttering all around us.
I'd like to think it's her and she's happy that
we gathered to sing to her.

They took photo's but I purposely didn't bring
my camera. I can't take pictures of the tomb
it's just too painful.

When will this pain go away?
When will this longing for her ease?
I don't know if it'll get easier as time goes by.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Scrapbook Day

Working on our challenge the Altered Journal.My seatmate Reggie won the Challenge.
My finished product is the one in the middle Notes for Today

Our Group Pic

Working on our Group Challenge

Our Finished Product

Friday, September 26, 2008

Joshwa is Jealous

Yes.. You read it right.. Joshwa is starting to show signs of
jealousy towards his sister. He looks at Adrianne differently this past few days.
Sya naman ang nang aagaw ng toys ni Adrianne and sya rin ang gusto
maglaro si Crib. Lately not just playing in her crib but sleeping
inside the crib. Buti na lang matibay ang crib ni Adrianne
When Adrianne was playing with Joshwa and she was
holding on to her kuya Joshwa really got annoyed and
screamed at his sister. Adrianne!!!

I was like grinning like an idiot from ear to ear.
It was like did you hear that?? Did you hear that??
He used a different tone on her. YES!!! Kilala
nya si Adrianne. Hahaha!!! Yes I'm so weird I know.

Thank God for our simple joys and cognitive milestones.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Working Again

Finally have a new job. Working for my mom at the restaurant. Please please if ever you guys are in Makati.Please do drop by.. I'm posting the menu..

Monday, September 22, 2008