Thursday, November 20, 2008


We were out of town last Sunday.
I thought we were going home the same day but
Mr Driver decided that we should stay overnight.
I was agitated because I wanted to go home.
After dinner FIL and Mr Driver
decided to have a few drinks.

Then for some reason FIL turned to me and
started talking and telling me things that
I'm not doing right. He was telling me how I'm not
doing it right in as far as how I run my household
and how lenient I was with the househelp.
Then he compared me to my SIL. why couldn't
I do it like my SIL. did it she had a big house
and she could handle her household efficiently stuff like that.
I was so annoyed because that was so unfair. She was a different
level altogether. I'm never gonna be as great
as she was. This was the clincher while my FIL. was
ranting his son sided with him and said yes I agree with you!
Yes she is wrong! He went on said I keep telling
the maid that I don't like what they're doing
and she kept defending them.
Whatever happened to if you can't say anything
nice then don't say anything at all.

Then MIL turned to me and said we're just saying this
things because you need to know. I hope you don't get offended!
After all the things that you said and you expect me
NOT to be offended.

I don't know if I overreacted by feeling this way.
I didn't say anything to them about how I felt.
I just didn't want to make it an issue.
I decided to cool off and not attend their
gatherings for awhile. If Mr.Driver wants to go he
can go there bring the kids with him or he can go alone.
But I'm not going with him.


noemi said...

if that happened to me, I will be offended and angry of course and correct them and say "thank you for your insights but this is how I handle things at home..." at the same time, I will also see if what they said made sense...if not, then just do what you think is right for your household. I believe your husband should not have said anything na lang but you can take it up with him or you will just bottle up your resentment towards him.

I remember I had the perfect sister in law, such a homemaker...and just nice. To make the long story short, she is not in talking terms with the mother in law. Not everything will seem perfect on the outside. So just do what you think is best for your situation.

Jenny said...

oh yeah, major issue! tama ba reaction mo? yes, they shouldn't expect anything else.