Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Call For Help

Over the past few days I've been emailing virtually
all the Autism Organizations that I could find.
Joshwa is regressing, despite all the intervention
which is not much considering that I could not
really afford the great ones (great meaning
expensive and great at the same time) Tapos
tinanggihan na kami ng BMAC. Apparently
they think that we can afford the therapy
pero kunwari lang nagpapanggap kaming
walang pera para makatipid. Which doesn't
make any sense kasi kung may money kami
di ko na titipirin yung therapy na yan.

I've emailed 50 groups all over the world.
I know isipin mo kapal naman nitong
babaeng ito virtually begging na talaga.
At this point it doesnt matter what others
think as long as matulungan ko ang anak ko.

Here's my email:
My name is Leira Pagaspas and
Im from the Philippines
I need your help I have a son who
was diagnosed with Autism.
I want to bring him there to your country
but I dont have the finances to do so right now

I was hoping to ask your organization so
that I could bring him there for programs.
If you cant help me can you refer me to
someone who can help me to bring him
there to help him.

Im willing to do anything and try anything
and beg if I have to. Just as long as I know
that my son will have a fighting chance.
Because here in the Philippines if you dont have the
money you cant do anything.
I know that with your support he will have the
best intervention that you can give him.
hope you can help my son.

Kung may kakilala kayo na puedeng makatulong
please paki email na lang ako sa

God Bless!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Andie Update

Great News!!! Di na babawiin si Andie.
Her bio mom and I had a long discussion
and we settled our issues and bottomline
is we both want what is beth for Andie
what was great was she signed the
waiver for the adoption.

Sa totoo lang talagang I lifted it all
up to God and I told him that
if she's not meant to be with us then
I humbluy accept his will and this
good news came. I am so ecstatic.

God is goood!!!!!!!!!

A Sad Day

I just wanted to tell you guys that Andie will be
going back to her biological mom. Im hurt
and sad at the same time but if its not meant
to be then its not meant to be.

This is probably for the best. i prayed for this
I asked God to give me a sign to tell me
kung para sa amin ba sya o hindi and
God gave me an answer not exactly what I
wanted to hear but this is still God's answer.

Please pray I may be hurt and mourning
because I feel like I lost a child.But
this is something that will not ruin
my spirit
will destroy me

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My True Bestfriend

I was struck by what Hanagirl said that her
bestfriend is her Hana. Napaiisip ako talaga.

Oo nga pala kung may bestfriend pala na
ako matuturing si Philbert nga pala yun.
Buti na lang he is not reading my blog.
Kasi baka mag tampo sya.

I realized na wala namang nakakakilala
sa akin ng husto kung di sya lang eh.
It's even so freaky na tipong iniisip ko
palang ay alam na nya.

He knows what I look like in the morning
and before I go to sleep. He has endured
my singing voice and He has seen me
when I was sick and seen the worse
that I've ever looked. A day after
giving birth comes to mind.

Yes I may have close friends, girl friends
and really great friends who can give the
greatest of advise but at the end
of the day he really is the one that
I would turn to next to God of course.

We may have had our fights, disagreements
and moments na tipong ayoko na sya
makita pero sa kanya din naman ako
uli tumatakbo.

I love you Hon! I hope you come home
soon. I miss you so much!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


My mom once asked me may bestfriend ka ba.
I said that wala. Kasi i have different sets of
friends and iba iba yung level of friendship namin.

Here's a bit of trivia about my dear friends
in no particular order.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.
I think would like to pay tribute to them somehow.

1.) Pinky- My confidant, my dear friend she
always takes time out to talk to me. To call
me and to find out how I am. Im so amazed
at how she balances and manages her time.
She's not just a friend I consider
her as my soul sister.

2.) Jem- She really made me realize na its not
easy to be SAHM ( Stay At Home Mom). Sa
mga kuento lang nya about how it is to stay
at home it gave new meaning to the word
" Ilaw ng Tahanan"

3.) Jovie- She made me realize that your
husband should be your number one
priority. Di dapat kids uunahin coz in the
end the kids will fly away in the end
kayo na lang dalawa ang maiiwan. Kung
may tanging ina sya po ang tanging

4.) Mia- She gives me good advice
specially in terms of discipline and
raising my daughter. She's so fun
to be with and a good mom at that.
She gave up a good career and stayed
home to raise her kids.

5.) Bet- A great mom. She reminds me that
it is possible to be a Work At Home Mom. She
has a lot valuable experience that I have
learned from.

5.) My Scrapbook Group- How I love
this girls kasi we really grew together
in terms of our scrapbook development.
I always look forward to our monthly
meetings. Kasi talagang masaya sya
tipong pag naka attend ka na once you look
forward to the next one.

6) N@W Family - I truly love this
group. There may have been ups
and downs but I still appreciate the
help, the support and the learning.

7.) Lali- This girl is like my sister
she's my cousin pero feeling ko mas
ate pa sya kaysa sa akin. Always
keeps me in line and tells me what to do.

Monday, February 14, 2005


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Sunday, February 06, 2005

I've been taggedI got tagged by MICKEE
so here's my take

Random 10:
1. Im A Little Bit-- By MYMP
2. Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin--
4. More & More -- GARY V
5. Colourblind-- DARIUS DANESH
6. Dreamlover-- MARIAH CAREY
7. You'll Always Be My Baby-- MARIAH CAREY
8. Runaway-- THE CORRS
9. Twin Hearts-- SARAH GERONIMO
10. Sukob Na--17:28

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Madami eh. I cant even count kung gaano na sya kadami.

2. The last CD you bought is.. I just download the
song that I like.

3. What is the last song you listened to before this message?
I cant remember na
4. Write down five songs you listen to a lot
or mean a lot to you:

a. I'm A Little Bit
b. Walking After You( theme song namin baduy ba? )
c. Boys Dont Cry.. (fave song ng asawa ko)
d. Sukob Na (favorite song ko)
e. Free (favorite song ko rin)

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to?
Cher, Coo of Sy & Son and Kuya Pepe. I'd like
to read about their perspective on this matter.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Andie!

I initially wrote this for Andie's
5th Birthday Last January 26.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl..
We've been through a lot this last
six months.. It was rough, tough,
bitter,sweet and joyful all at the same

I read somewhere that a mother once
said to her daughter. You may not have
grown from my belly. But you grew
from my heart. That's exactly how I
feel about you.

I regret not being there when you were
born. Not rocking you to sleep. Not
watching take your first step or see
you blow your 1st candle.

But that's all in the past because I know
that we can face the future together.
My promise to you is that I will try my
best to find a way to fix your papers
so that you can really be ours. We will
never migrate without you. You our
part of our family and no one can
tell us otherwise.

Every day is exciting as I continue to watch
you grow. I want you to always know
that in good and bad times.
I will love you and that no matter
what you do or how you think or
what you say you can depend on
my support, guidance friendship and
I love you every minute of everyday
I love being your mother. I will always
be your mom no matter what and nothing
can ever change that.

Happy Birthday Andie!

We love you so much..

Daddy, Mom & Joshwa

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Verdict

Philbert is not going home just yet.
(Much to my disappointment)
Philbert wants to stay til May kung wala pa
talagang mangyari saka na daw sya uuwi. I was
really praying and asking God to help him.
Just when I was about to to lose hope and I
told him to go home na lang.
Tumawag daw yung agency nya may
interview daw sya sa Thursday.
I hope this is it. If di naman maybe he
will get "the break" that he needs in due time
and in God's time.

Please pray for us because this is a very difficult
time for me. But with your prayers and your
support I know I can do it and I know that this
to shall pass.