Wednesday, February 16, 2005


My mom once asked me may bestfriend ka ba.
I said that wala. Kasi i have different sets of
friends and iba iba yung level of friendship namin.

Here's a bit of trivia about my dear friends
in no particular order.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.
I think would like to pay tribute to them somehow.

1.) Pinky- My confidant, my dear friend she
always takes time out to talk to me. To call
me and to find out how I am. Im so amazed
at how she balances and manages her time.
She's not just a friend I consider
her as my soul sister.

2.) Jem- She really made me realize na its not
easy to be SAHM ( Stay At Home Mom). Sa
mga kuento lang nya about how it is to stay
at home it gave new meaning to the word
" Ilaw ng Tahanan"

3.) Jovie- She made me realize that your
husband should be your number one
priority. Di dapat kids uunahin coz in the
end the kids will fly away in the end
kayo na lang dalawa ang maiiwan. Kung
may tanging ina sya po ang tanging

4.) Mia- She gives me good advice
specially in terms of discipline and
raising my daughter. She's so fun
to be with and a good mom at that.
She gave up a good career and stayed
home to raise her kids.

5.) Bet- A great mom. She reminds me that
it is possible to be a Work At Home Mom. She
has a lot valuable experience that I have
learned from.

5.) My Scrapbook Group- How I love
this girls kasi we really grew together
in terms of our scrapbook development.
I always look forward to our monthly
meetings. Kasi talagang masaya sya
tipong pag naka attend ka na once you look
forward to the next one.

6) N@W Family - I truly love this
group. There may have been ups
and downs but I still appreciate the
help, the support and the learning.

7.) Lali- This girl is like my sister
she's my cousin pero feeling ko mas
ate pa sya kaysa sa akin. Always
keeps me in line and tells me what to do.

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