Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Call For Help

Over the past few days I've been emailing virtually
all the Autism Organizations that I could find.
Joshwa is regressing, despite all the intervention
which is not much considering that I could not
really afford the great ones (great meaning
expensive and great at the same time) Tapos
tinanggihan na kami ng BMAC. Apparently
they think that we can afford the therapy
pero kunwari lang nagpapanggap kaming
walang pera para makatipid. Which doesn't
make any sense kasi kung may money kami
di ko na titipirin yung therapy na yan.

I've emailed 50 groups all over the world.
I know isipin mo kapal naman nitong
babaeng ito virtually begging na talaga.
At this point it doesnt matter what others
think as long as matulungan ko ang anak ko.

Here's my email:
My name is Leira Pagaspas and
Im from the Philippines
I need your help I have a son who
was diagnosed with Autism.
I want to bring him there to your country
but I dont have the finances to do so right now

I was hoping to ask your organization so
that I could bring him there for programs.
If you cant help me can you refer me to
someone who can help me to bring him
there to help him.

Im willing to do anything and try anything
and beg if I have to. Just as long as I know
that my son will have a fighting chance.
Because here in the Philippines if you dont have the
money you cant do anything.
I know that with your support he will have the
best intervention that you can give him.
hope you can help my son.

Kung may kakilala kayo na puedeng makatulong
please paki email na lang ako sa

God Bless!!

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