Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sugarleaf Makati offers New Workshop

Sugarleaf Makati recently held a gathering to launch another signature raw food preparation series. Attendees learned a lot about raw food preparation from UP cum laude graduate and Bali-certified raw chef Sonia Astudillo who partners with Sugarleaf Makati for a series of raw food workshops in November through to April 2016. As part of its 4th anniversary activities, the thanksgiving event saw loot bags and raffle prizes of healthy treats being given to attendees, some of whom have supported Sugarleaf Makati since its opening on November 2011. Partner merchants Matstone slow juicer and Vitamix high speed blender demonstrated some healthful and delicious recipes to the delight of the visitors!!
Sugarleaf Makati is a one-stop resource assisting those on different stages of their journey towards health and wellness.
Diners savour an all-day dining menu showcasing the use of organic produce (not necessarily vegetarian or vegan though we’ve options). They have fresh organic salads and appetisers, hot soups as well as ‘sweet fools’-cool fruit-based soups, warm crust sandwiches, paninis and pitas, organic rice meals with free-range chicken, organic pork, grass-fed beef and ocean sea farm-raised bangus and home-made fettucini and ravioli. Real energising hot and cold beverages, desserts and vegan dairy-free ice cream using natural sweeteners powered up with superfood complement and complete the dining experience.
Their menu is simple, nothing too fancy or gourmet, just allowing the organic ingredients’ freshness and health benefits be highlighted.
They wish to dispel misconceptions that healthy doesn’t taste good, is expensive, difficult to prepare, and is mostly just vegetables. For us, there is room in a healthy diet for some animal products, dairy and eggs as long as these are grown organically or naturally. 

Sugarleaf Makati celebrates 4th anniversary with Raw Food Is The New Hot
Sugarleaf Makati continues its 4th anniversary celebrations with #RawFoodIsTheNewHot: a five-part workshop series with UP-cum laude graduate and Bali-certified raw chef Sonia Astudillo. “We are thrilled to be doing what we do best–organise a series of raw classes which our customers, loyal and new appreciate will surely learn a lot from.” Sugarleafer Angelo Narciso Songco shares.

#RawFoodIsTheNewHot will guide students to raw food whether they are in it for the long haul or a quickie adventure,” said Chef Sonia, who’s been teaching raw food classes in Manila since June 2013. Attendees learn a lot from each class and builds up one’s knowledge about raw food, benefits of ingredients, going organic, superfoods and more.

At the end of the day, we decide what is best for us and how committed we are to a certain lifestyle. In my classes, students are introduced to the perks of a healthy raw vegan lifestyle and an array of dishes–most of which are considered the healthier alternatives to the real but not so healthy thing. Classes are held in a very relaxed, home visit like style that welcomes people from all walks of life. Home is the place where you are accepted as you are – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, meat eater, or an optionarian. In my classes, it’s all about how you feel and how your body reacts to raw food,” said Chef Sonia.

#RawFoodIsTheNewHot will discuss the benefits of raw vegan lifestyle and why it is gaining popularity among the healthy community. “Years ago, we wanted fancy, elaborate dishes. Now we’re moving back to basic, unprocessed food,” observed Chef Sonia.
Join each or all classes and leave feeling at home in your own body.

14 November 2015: Christmas Around the World: Introduction to Raw Vegan Lifestyle
16 January 2016: Chocolates Are Forever: Know your Sweeteners
20 February 2016: Better than A Summer Fling (#CoolingFoodIsTheNewHot): Alkaline vs Acid Food
12 March 2016: French Fit (inspired by the book French Women Don’t Get Fat): Juicing 101 and Healthy Eating Practices
23 April 2016: Living Bread: Food Dehydration 101
All classes are at P2,000 per person per class inclusive of handouts and samplings of at least five dishes. Early bird registration is at P1,800 for payments made two weeks before the class at the store or through bank transfer. P200 discount for senior citizens and students is available. Attend the three workshops and get 75% off on the 5th class or attend four workshops and get the 5th class at 50% off. Workshop includes all course materials, food sampling, and a healthy discussion. Contact Angelo on 0917 803 9055 for more information and reservations.
Venue for all workshops will be at Sugarleaf Makati at the MEDICard Lifestyle Center located at 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City. Email or call, SMS 0917 803 9055 for more information and reservations. Facebook event pages will be created on Sugarleaf Makati and Raw Yogini Sonia.
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Information on each workshop:
14 November 2015 – Christmas Around the World: Introduction to Raw Vegan Lifestyle
Know why more and more why people are transitioning to the raw vegan lifestyle. Learn information on how to stock-up a raw vegan kitchen, how to gradually transition to this lifestyle, and how to celebrate Christmas and not miss out on your usual Holiday dishes
Menu: Christmas Fruit Cake • Mango Cinnamon Tart • Mexican Pizza • Christmas “Turkey” • Apple-Squash Soup
16 January 2016 – Chocolates Are Forever: Know your Sweeteners
It’s a month from Valentine’s Day and what better way to prepare than to learn how to change your ordinary chocolate binge into a guiltless pleasure with several desserts and a couple unexpected savoury chocolate dishes. Know the best sweetener to use to avoid the sugar spike.
Menu: Raw Chocolates • Chocolate Mousse • Raw Yogini Brownies • Chocolate Pasta • Salad with Chocolate Basil Vinaigrette
20 February 2016 – Better than A Summer Fling (#CoolingFoodIsTheNewHot): Alkaline vs Acidic Food
Summer is just around the corner. Stock-up on cooling, non-fattening yet filling dishes and learn which food is making your body acidic and sickly. Who wants to stay in bed sick when everyone else is enjoying the summer hear?
Menu: Raw crackers with Strawberry Sauce • Coconut Yogurt • Walnut Hummus • Tzatziki • Cool Cucumber Spinach Soup
12 March 2016 – French Fit (inspired by the book French Women Don’t Get Fat): Juicing 101 and Healthy Eating Practices
French are one of the healthiest eaters. Mind you, they don’t starve nor do they count calories. It’s all about variety, slow and steady eating, ritual preparation and eating, portion control, substitutions and pacifiers, facing nos petits demons, weekend rewards, and zipper syndrome. Know more about this and eat like a French. Wine for lunch, anyone?
Menu: French Vanilla Ice Cream • Chocolate-Cardamon Truffles • Nutty Couscous • Handmade Cheese • Soupe Exotique
23 April 2016 – Living Bread: Food Dehydration 101
Bread is the ultimate comfort food, at least for Chef Sonia. It was for her the hardest food to give up but not so much anymore with the dehydrator that makes all raw bread feel and taste like the real thing. This all-dehydration class is the icing on the cake of this raw food workshop series.
Menu: Banana-Walnut Loaf • Carrot-Walnut Loaf • Onion Bread • Bagels made into a raw sandwich • Cinnamon Roll
Sugarleaf Makati is only represented by its location at G-2F MediCard Lifestyle Center, 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City, Philippines.Telephone (632) 812 7323 Mobile (63 917) 8039 055 Website Facebook Sugarleaf Makati (with Honest to Goodness in the profile picture) @sugarleafmakatiNo other site or social media account for Makati

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Work out then burn out with RedoxFat

Just how many times have we heard someone say “I can’t feel my legs” after a long strenuous work out at the gym and sees them walk straight to a nearby fast food chain, relate much? I guess we all have moments of weaknesses, no matter how much we feel so motivated at the start of the day at some point we just get so demotivated by how tired we are. Forcing to feel the need to reward ourselves with guilty pleasures like junk foods.

RedoXFat is a slimming food supplement that contains L-Carnitine, a natural antioxidant that aids in fat- burning. Next time you feel burned out and wanting to give in to a guilty pleasure always think about all the efforts you’re going to waste if you let it get to you, and remember RedoXFat can help you big time with achieving your body goals right in time for your next beach getaway.
RedoXFat is available at Mercury Drug and all leading drugstores nationwide at P15.00 per capsule. Slim Down, chin up with RedoXFat

COQ10 Winning streak on a roll

We can’t always be on a winning streak, sometimes we’re faced in situations where it’s just not our day, and worse it can be a week, or a month but one thing is for sure, tough times never lasts but tough people do. Sometimes, just so we cope up on days like these we resort to stress eating which is totally understandable at times, but when it becomes a habit, it can be a dangerous cycle, it can harm our body, especially the functions of your heart.

ATC Coenzyme Q10 is great for the heart, it improves the hearts ability to pump more blood and lowers the viscosity of blood, making it even easier for the heart to function normally. Don’t wait for a heart attack, always keep in mind that you are what you eat, take ATC Coenzyme Q10 for a healthier heart!

Growing up Primrose


Monday, September 07, 2015

Fun Mealtime Transformation with Lactum

Create and capture your own fun mealtime transformation for a chance to win a kitchen showcase from Electrolux and other exciting prizes!

To join, just upload your own #FunMealtimeTransformation in Facebook or Instagram based on the given inspiration and caption it with #FunMealtimeTransformation. Email the link to with your details and wait for 24-48 hours to see it in the gallery in

Inspirations and submission period are posted on these dates:
Post 1 - September 1-23

20 winners will each receive Electrolux kitchen appliances worth Php20,000 plus Judy Ann's Kitchen Cookbook and 100 winners will get signed Judy Ann's Kitchen cookbook.

We encourage you to join the Panatag moms by uploading your own #FunMealtimeTransformation and get featured in our Lactum page. A token of our gratitute will be provided for your active participation.

For more details about the promo, you may visit