Monday, April 26, 2010


This INN is famous for its mini-zoo and is overlooking Taal Lake. Located 56 kilometers south of Manila, this idyllic ridge city in the southern part of Cavite is blessed with crisp and cool mountain air all year round. Considered as the country's second summer capital after Baguio City, Tagaytay has an average temperature of 22.7 degrees Celsius. Located 2,250 feet above sea level.

They have rooms for overnight accommodation and ideal for planning session and conference can accommodate a maximum of twenty five (25) persons. We also have a restaurant, Serpentarium, Birds Aviary, Honey Bee Farm, Bonsai Garden, Game Room, Activity Area, Playground, Souvenir Shops and Food Kiosk. During Sundays and Holidays , we have a special entertainment such as Magic Show, Pantomime and steel walkers that awaits you.Tagaytay offers many residents of Manila an opportunity to escape the heat and bustle of the busy city. For tourists, this city on a ridge is a convenient place to spend a day or a weekend in the countryside.

Rates are as follows:

Room Type
Weekday Rate (Sun - Thur)
Weekend Rate (Fri - Sat)
Main House A*
Main House B*
Main House C **
Guest House *
VIP Room **
View Deck Rooms *
Paradizoo Mendez
Function Room
P6,000.00/ day consumable to food
Extra Person
P360.00 (8 yrs old and above)
Entrance Rates  
Children / Adults
Educational Tours

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Have a unique family bonding this holyweek. Come to Zoocobia, the newest fun and zoo Theme Park located in Clark, Pampanga and have a unique family experience. It offers a fun filled activity for the family and educational attraction that includes Birds of Paradise – a close encounter with colorful birds perched on tree branches. Philippine's pride a collection of various plants and animals that are endemic to the Philippines. Maze, The Barn and Menagerie completes the attraction line up in Zoocobia.

Now in the Philippines! The ZOOC - a fun-filled gravity ride that's safe for all ages, with a unique steering and braking system that allows you to make the ride as leisurely or as exciting as you want. It runs on a 400 meter track with three hairpin curves that is guaranteed to make one's ride a zoo-per thrilling experience.

The Zooc is only available in Zoocobia. This imported made to order cart is very safe because the riders are provided with helmet, knee and elbow pads as a safety gear. The Zooc can comfortably seat one adult and one child even one in front of the other. Available in three bright colors: yellow, pink and blue.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo is an affiliate of Zoobic Safari in Subic. Located inside Paradise Ranch, Sacobia Clark Pampanga. For inquiries and reservation call: (045) 599-3956; or 898-3695; 895-7142;
txt: 0917 835-1111

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Summer Escape

Do you want to treat your family and friends to a unique farm experience with a resort atmosphere? Then bring them to the newest destination south of Manila – Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite offers a unique farm experience that is relaxing and enjoyable in Tagaytay-like climate. It offers a variety of educational, outdoor and group outing programs for nature, flowers and animal lovers.

The farm is a 10 hectare rolling terrain land which boasts of different areas like Farm Animals breeding area, Vegetable & Flower farm, Honey Bee, Butterfly Garden, Rest and Recreational area and the Perpetual Cemetery which will provide a comforting means of expressing a lasting tribute to your pet. Experience a delightful organic menu at Paradizoo Café including their mighty Lumpia and vegetable salad; all are freshly picked inside the farm.

Pradizoo Theme Farm is a project of Residence Inn mini zoo and hotel in Tagaytay. It offers a unique Caribbean style view deck rooms. Enjoy the magic and Pantomime show on weekends and holidays.

Make your special occasions be more intimately enjoyable at PARADIZOO – a haven for plants and animals.  Visit Paradizoo theme farm located in Panungyan Mendez Cavite opens from 8AM to 5pm daily including holidays and weekends. For more information, call (02) 899-9824/ 19; 898-3605; 895-7142; text 0917-8351111; Visit

Friday, April 23, 2010

“One Big Green Park”- Philippines

In celebration of Earth Day, Zoomanity Group invites you to a one month event for a cause entitled One Big Green Park on April 22 to May 31 in cooperation with Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), PINE TREES, DENR and Bamboo Network of the Philippines.

Thousands of seedlings will be planted in different areas of: Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez Cavite, Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga and Zoobic Safari in Subic. The event is an initial advocacy program of Zoomanity Group to save Philippine forests.

One Big Green Park – Philippines event will also be participated in by Enchanted Kingdom, Manila Ocean Park, and Splash Island.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Zoomanity Group is the leading company in the theme park industry. Among our theme parks are Zoobic Safari, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, and Zoocobia as well as Zoocology, an animal museum in Manila Ocean Park.

Be a part of this celebration! Come and get a tree seedling by visiting the above mentioned theme parks and help us vote for a “one Big Green Park- Philippines. For more information you may visit and book online at or call: 899-9824, 895-7142.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make Your Own Havaianas

Make Your Own Havaianas, which is presented by Power Plant Mall this year, has always inspired flip-flops fans to unleash their creativity and let their imaginations go wild. With the celebration of its 5th year, Havaianas offers a number of stylish, new options- from silver letter pins and Swarovski-studded pins to jelly, fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark Top straps. It’s the perfect chance to let your hands add more flair to your favorite pair.

This year’s celebration gives Havaianaticos (those obsessed with these comfy and stylish flip-flops) a nearly unlimited number of ways to create their personal memento of this historic fashion event. Embellish a pair of Havaianas Slim with a Swarovski-studded seahorse or mix glow-in-the-dark Top straps with the Philippine-designed MYOH commemorative sole and pin. This commemorative sole, the first printed sole to be offered at Make Your Own Havaianas, spells out MYOH@5 using sign language to symbolize how each pair is lovingly assembled by the hands of the dedicated Make Your Own Havaianas staff.

“Make Your Own Havaianas is really a labor of love from the brand,” says Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines. “We really try to come up with enough options so that every person can create a pair that’s perfect for them. This year, more than ever, we’ve really gone all out because it’s our 5th anniversary and that’s a real milestone for the brand.”

As they say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground,” so put your hands to good use by creating your own personalized pair of Havaianas.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make a Stand for Democracy Now

Elections should always be about change, about hope and the chance to start anew. But while this strong pillar of democracy should be all about the collaborative power of the Filipino people to choose leaders that they believe and trust in, history has shown that some have chosen to wrest power through violence, brutality and bloodshed.

When Reality Is Mirrored as Fiction
Now that elections are just a month away, it’s the perfect time to ask ourselves what we can do to prevent election-related violence. With this in mind, Cherie Paris watches urges everyone to shout “No!” to electoral violence in any way we possibly can. A specially commissioned photographic tableau, titled Not Today, which was created by award-winning photographer/visual artist Wawi Navarroza, will be put up as a billboard along EDSA, Mandaluyong, to remind all Filipinos that democracy means clean, peaceful and honest elections.

Taking after news photos from the media and Francisco de Goya’s cathartic painting, The Third of May, 1808, Navarroza creates a critical piece that comments and re-imagines the absurdity of violence by staging a thought-provoking Real/Unreal tableau vivant. Like Not Today, The Third of May, 1808, which commemorates the Spanish resistance to Napoleon’s armies during the occupation of 1808, also served as a poignant reaction against political violence. “I got interested in re-creating a shared pathos, a familiar disturbing image as a way of addressing the problems….”

“I’ve designed this piece to function in many levels through the different contexts I staged this photo to be read (billboard, gallery, commercial),” explains the contemporary artist. “The work aims to destabilize our usual reception of images in order for us to remember and rethink how images shape our ideas and opinions in a massive insidious way. I’ve decentralized the meaning in this picture by depicting reality mirrored as fiction.”

She adds further: “That this photograph seems to be parading the Theatre of the Absurd is nothing different to the absurdity of massacre, war, atrocity and violence. People have died for pointless reasons, the "senseless" killings (is there sensible killing?), the blood-stained election votes. We all know it's starting to feel like circus around here. We're living in a cabaret of underhanded politics... the huddled masses with collective amnesia, the trigger-happy demons on wheels, sequined evangelists, stupid whitening products, scams and scandals, the madmen and monsters who are willing to do horrendous acts of violence in exchange of...what? This is our dark comedy, our self-styled campy horror show.”

The Time is Now
And just like the photographic tableau Not Today, a limited- edition Cherie Paris watch likewise reminds us that there’s no time better than now to make a stand against electoral violence, against brutality and against bloodshed.

Designed by Navarroza for Cherie Paris, the “Peace” watch features a short hand that reads “It’s about time” and a long hand showing the words “Enough blood on the ballot,” emblazoned as strong symbols of peace, as well as non-violent and honest elections.

With each limited edition advocacy Cherie Paris watch is a response to the call to action to speak up and to show others that Filipinos will not take this important issue sitting down. With three distinct colors, people can now opt to wear what they stand for on their wrists. The “Peace” watch reminds Filipinos that it’s about time we emerge from behind our mobile phones, behind television sets and behind our Facebook and Twitter accounts and take an active and visible stand against electoral violence.

Wawi Navarroza’s Not Today and the limited edition Cherie Paris watches share all Filipinos’ common advocacy for peaceful elections and a better Philippines.
Wear one to show that Filipinos are one in our conviction against election violence. Today.

For more information about Urban Time and Wawi Navarroza’s anti-violence advocacy, please visit Limited-edition Cherie Paris “Peace” watch is available at The Urban Time boutique in SM North EDSA Annex and select Robinsons and Metro Gaisano department store

Friday, April 16, 2010

10 Things I want To Try

  1. Learn to Drive
  2. Try Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is a genre of computer role-playing games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world.
  3. The next step of course is learn how to  Buy WoW Accounts
  4. Learn to Ride a Bike
  5. Overcome my fear of heights.
  6. Figure out if we should have another child.
  7. Lose 10 pounds.
  8. Swim with a whale shark. Swimming with these gentle giants is among the most powerful wilderness experiences in the world.
  9. Surf. It’s not about being a ripper but just catching waves.
  10.  Optimize my Blogs

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Meme of the Week Challenge from Yahoo! Seeks the Best in Pinoy Creativity

Yahoo! users in the Philippines will have a fun new opportunity to express their creativity, passion and views online in the Meme of the Week challenge come April 21, and win some amazing prizes in the process. Yahoo! Philippines will launch the Meme of the Week challenge which calls for users to create the most unique representation of their views on topics ranging from sports to celebrity gossip, using text, music, pictures and videos on Meme by Yahoo!.

Meme is a light blogging and self-expression tool that allows consumers to connect to the things that matter most to them. To put it simply, with Meme by Yahoo!, getting the word out is super easy and oodles of fun. Meme is a great way for Yahoo! users to share personalized and interactive content that goes beyond text, including while on-the-go from their mobiles. Now, with the Meme of the Week challenge, it is also a great way to win. Aimed at fostering online creativity, the challenge will reward creators of the most popular, original and relevant posts with bi-weekly prizes of iPod nanos and coveted Yahoo! premiums. The final winner will receive a grand prize of the recently-launched Apple iPad.

Participating in the competition is easy. People with a Meme account simply need to register for the Meme of the Week competition at the Meme of the Week landing page , that goes live on April 18. New Meme users can sign up for an account at The competition begins on April 21 and ends on June 30, 2010.

Yahoo! attracts hundreds of millions of users every month through its innovative technology and engaging content and services, making it one of the most trafficked Internet destinations and a world class online media company. Yahoo!'s vision is to be the center of people's online lives by delivering personally relevant, meaningful Internet experiences. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit or the company's blog, Yodel Anecdotal

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Face to Face

TV5's first talakserye and barangay hall on-air, "Face to Face," has quickly become a very popular watch every noontime since its premiere last March 22, where it initiated tension-filled confrontations of two opposing parties in an indeed controversial, yet highly constructive forum. In just three weeks, the show has marked a high-rating of 21.1% audience share, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research.

Hosted by Amy Perez as "Tiyang Amy," Face to Face "brings together two opposing parties in a forum that aims to resolve misunderstandings by providing advice from counselors and opinions from the audience."
“Babae Ipinagpalit ni Lalaki sa Isang Bading,” "Santa Salbahe?!?" and "Rebelasyon: Ayaw ko na sa Aking Karelasyon!" are just some of the controversial stories of guests who vent their sentiments in the show and confide their problems to Tiyang Amy, her co-host Hans Mortel, and to the show's group of (legal) credible counselors who helps them sort out their problems, known as the "Trio Tagapayo."

Composed of resident (legal) counselors Atty. Persida Acosta, Fr. Gerry Tapiador, and clinical psychologist and family counselor, Dr. Camille Garcia, the Trio Tagapayo helps facilitate a constructive confrontation between the two erring parties – after releasing such bottled-up emotions — by giving out pieces of advice and opinions that are aimed to help the opposing camps be enlightened, and finally be reconciled.

Segments of the show are called "Face-Off," "Facebuking," "Just Face It," and "Amy-nan." "Face-Off" is where the two opposing subjects meet and face-off for the first time. "Facebuking" is where a surprise subject comes in revealing secrets of either of the two subjects. "Just Face It" is where the two subjects get to hear the opinions of the Trio Tagapayo and the studio audience known as the "Sawsaweros/Sawsaweras," and "Amy-nan" is where Tiyang Amy shares her own take on the issue.

In the upcoming episodes next week, two mag-kumares fight over their sari-sari stores competition, a man gets in trouble with three lesbian women, an abused mother gets fed up with her pesky son and daughter-in-law, two neighbors - after failing to settle their issues in the barangay hall - air their prodding accusations against each other, and a group of angry gay beauty queens riot over a stolen crown (which will feature Ms. Gay Philippines Ian Valdez, Manny Calayan, and Renee Salud as the episode's Trio Tagapayo).
Witness the most controversial program where real people argue over and solve real issues on Face to Face, airing weekdays from Monday to Friday at 11:00AM on TV5.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Samsung Marvel S5560

Samsung mobile unveils its hottest phone, the Samsung Marvel S5560, for those who put a premium on not only being entertained wherever they are but those who want to do so while looking uber stylish. This new full touch phone boasts of an elegant finish and an 11.9mm depth sleek body that houses great entertainment features.
Samsung Marvel promises to amuse users with features that complement the interest of photo enthusiasts, music lovers and internet aficionados.

Samsung Marvel has a built-in 5 Megapixel camera bundled with LED flash, autofocus, anti-shake function, face detection and a whole bunch of photo effects to aid in making great photos. Take note, this phone is not only good at taking high-quality photos, but in capturing videos as well, making your video taking experience never like before, Samsung Marvel is equipped with MPEG4 / 3GP video format that is matched with 3.0” LCD size and 262K TFT LCD resolution. Yes, this phone has a microSD slot that enables you to save all your files in its external memory of up to 8GB.

Music function is one of the most sought after features of Samsung Marvel. Being able to play a wide range of music formats (MP3, AMR, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ and WMA), having a 3.5mm music jack for you to use your favorite earphones, FM radio with auto-tuning and recording for a round the clock music trip plus a lot more music features will surely keep you entertained especially during your lull time.
Internet access anytime, anywhere? Samsung Marvel is the answer.

This phone will keep you posted on the on-goings despite your busy lifestyle. Geared with Wi-Fi for full internet browsing, Samsung Marvel gives you a “desktop” like browsing experience via its Samsung Dolfin Browser. Stay connected to your favorite internet site or any social networking site such as Facebook, Friendster or MySpace via the readily available online widgets and be updated on what’s the latest. Samsung Marvel is also equipped with WAP, Bluetooth ver2.1 and USB ver2.0 for a full connectivity experience.

Log on to to see more of this phone or visit any Samsung Experience shop and authorized dealers near and see for yourself the difference of Samsung Marvel.

Monday, April 12, 2010


In celebration of Earth Day, Zoomanity Group invites you to a one month event for a cause entitled One Big Green Park on April 22 to May 31 in cooperation with Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), PINE TREES, DENR and Bamboo Network of the Philippines.

Thousands of seedlings will be planted in different areas of: Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez Cavite,
Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga and Zoobic Safari in Subic. The event is an initial advocacy program of Zoomanity Group to save Philippine forests.

One Big Green Park – Philippines event will also be participated in by Enchanted Kingdom, Manila Ocean Park, and Splash Island.

Zoomanity Group is the leading company in the theme park industry.Among our theme parks are Zoobic Safari, Residence Inn, Paradizoo, and Zoocobia as well as Zoocology, an animal museum in Manila Ocean Park.

Be a part of this celebration! Come and get a tree seedling by visiting the above mentioned theme parks and help us vote for a “one Big Green Park- Philippines. For more information you may call: 899-9824, 895-7142, 09178351111.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

SM Prime Holdings Brings Al Gore to Manila on June 8

SM PRIME HOLDINGS, the Philippines’ largest mall developer and operator, today announced that the third staging of the Leadership Conference Series featuring Former United States Vice President Al Gore will now be held on June 8, 2010 to serve as a fitting culmination to the company’s activities in celebration of World Environment Day.

“We have lined up activities to celebrate World Environment Day and we see VP Gore’s visit as the most fitting culmination to these efforts. We want his environmental messages to resonate loudly and we believe holding it close to World Environment Day will help achieve that,” Hans T. Sy, President of SM Prime Holdings, said.

Since 1992, SM Prime Holdings and SM Supermalls have embarked on numerous programs to manage consumption of power and energy, water and solid materials in all its malls—which now number 37 malls nationwide.

To be held at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia, Part 3 of the Leadership Conference Series will have Gore present an Asian version of An Inconvenient Truth, the provocative multi-media presentation on the threat of climate change and solutions to global warming and the subject of the movie of the same title, which has won critical and box-office acclaim. The Academy Award-winning film is already considered one of the top documentary films of all time.

A Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Vice President has just published Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, his latest book which gathers in one place all of the most effective available measures that will help solve the climate crisis.

*Tickets to Leadership Conference Series 3 will be made available soon thru TicketNet. For more info call TicketNet at 911-5555 or email

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Friday, April 09, 2010

J a m i e C u l l u m: T h e P u r s u i t


“Always either on a peak of happiness or drowning in black waters of despair they loved or they loathed, they lived in a world of superlatives.”
Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit Of Love.
Jamie Cullum releases his eagerly awaited fifth album entitled “The Pursuit”. This, his first solo album in four years, is a combination of his eclectic music tastes and enduring love of Jazz and its timeless standards. “In life, we pursue everything. Life is one long pursuit,” says Jamie.

“The Pursuit” is a record that mixes his heritage with a thrilling selection of modern influences. Describing its sound he moves from Cole Porter to Rihanna to Aphex Twin in the same sentence. Jamie is a performer capable of delivering constant surprises with a talent elastic enough to evince a four-to-the-floor acoustic Ibiza song on the same record as a lushly recorded Jazz standard.

The making of the album was a marathon not a sprint. Having decided to take time off after two years touring 2005’s ‘Catching Tales‘ and the juggernaut of praise and press that followed the previous album 2003’s ‘Twentysomething’, Jamie turned to other projects. “I took a whole year off,” he says, “I played in other people’s bands and worked with other artists, I Dj’d, made dance music with my brother and travelled.” He also found time to build his own studio, Terrified Studios, in London’s Shepherd’s Bush – “I call it that because I am so unknowledgeable about technology that I’m usually terrified when I’m in there,” laughs Jamie.

All the songs on ‘The Pursuit’ began life at Terrified Studios and in Jamie’s kitchen before recording moved to Los Angeles for three months over the summer of 2008. While work there with producer and long-time associate Greg Wells proved productive, some of the work from Jamie’s kitchen made it to the final product. “We realised there were some things we couldn’t recreate in any studio,” Jamie reveals, “There’s a Rhodes solo on a song called “We Run Things” which I played on two different organs in LA but in the end we used the performance I recorded in my little kitchen in London!”

Recording in LA meant changing the techniques and routines Jamie had developed on his previous records. “I didn’t want to make this album with my old band or my old producer,” he says, “I needed to frighten myself.” While many of the songs were put together by Greg and Jamie in the studio, a selection of stellar talent contributed their musicianship. Members of Beck’s band joined the sessions while the horn section that featured on Michael Jackson’s Thriller also appear. “Getting out of your comfort zone is such a cliché for your third or fourth album,” Jamie says sincerely, “But, you know, it really worked.”

“I had more songs and new experiences to draw upon,” says Jamie, “I’d been doing the Rihanna cover and thought, actually I really want this on my album.” Covers have always been part of Jamie’s DNA as a Jazz musician , and after previously covering Rhianna’s all conquering uber-single “Umbrella”, it’s ubiquity led Jamie to choose another of the r’n'b poppet’s tunes – “Please Don’t Stop The Music”.

“I wanted to reference more of my contemporary musical influences,” says Jamie. While his crate-digging, band-discovering love of music has been present all along, The Pursuit is the first record where he has allowed these impulses full reign. “People who have seen me play live and read things I’ve written will already know that I’ve got a very eclectic taste,” he says, “But the average person will just think of “What A Difference A Day Makes”. I’ve never had a problem with that though. Singing a song like that and doing it well is one of the hardest things you can do.”

Ten years on from his first self-funded release, Heard It All Before, Jamie is still (here’s that theme again) pursuing new sounds and new ideas in his music. “We’ve had a lot of musicians who’ve arrived fully formed recently like Alex Turner or Jamie T. They knew what they wanted to sound like and said it straight away. When I made my first record it was a stab in the dark, something to sell at my wedding gigs.”

Though he says he lived his “twenties to the fullest”, in recent years the up-and-downs of his personal and professional life have fuelled an even more powerful creative drive. His personal happiness (exhaustively and often inaccurately documented by the tabloids) is at the heart of one of the album’s most important songs – ‘Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down’. “I’ve never written a love song that didn’t have a joke in it before,” Jamie admits, “The only pure love songs I’d sung before that were by George Gershwin.”

‘Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down’ is also the song that ties up the album’s over-arching theme in the lyric “the pursuit of love consumes us all”. But for Jamie, the love he documents is not just the romantic one that obsesses the red tops but a love of music that shines out from every track. The Pursuit is an album that starts with a track featuring the Count Basie Orchestra recorded live at Tony Bennett’s studio in New York and ends with a dance track and a jazz standard combined with trip-hop beats.

Despite possessing a talent that has seen him pursued for collaborations by Carole King, Burt Bacharach and Clint Eastwood as well as beat-boxer extraordinare Killa Kella and hip-hop big hitter Pharrell, Jamie is still far more interested in writing songs than seeking acclaim. “When you concentrate on making music, the whole point is that you never stop and are always trying to move on. Unless you’re P-Diddy I guess,” Jamie laughs. “The only thing I have to live up to is making an album that I’m proud of.” On the strength of this astounding record, that’s yet another pursuit he’s succeeded in.

The tracklisting is as follows:
Just One Of Those Things
I’m All Over It
If I Ruled The World
You And Me Are Gone
Don’t Stop The Music
Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down
I Think, I Love
We Run Things
Not While I’m Around
Music Is Through
The Pursuit features the single I’m All Over It, fan’s favourite Wheels, a version of Cole Porter’s Just One Of Those Things, a stunning version of If I Ruled The World and an explosive version of Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music. The Pursuit is available in record stores, released by MCA Music.
For Globe subscribers, text CULLUM to 2222 to get listing of available content. Standard rates apply.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fitness First Fights Obesity with Lose Big Program Premier fitness club launches special weight-loss program

March 24, 2010 – The world witnessed how participants of the hit reality series The Biggest Loser Asia shed the pounds and emerged with not only fitter bodies but renewed spirits. Bringing the same promise of successful life-changing weight loss to the Philippines is Fitness First with its very own Lose Big Program specially designed by Biggest Loser Asia Blue Team Trainer and Fitness First Asia’s Regional Fitness Manager Dave Nuku.
The program, takes on two teams of eight for a total of 16 participants with a qualified trainer leading each group. The intensive program and structure allow participants to achieve their weight loss objectives together with people who share their needs and motivations. Qualified participants must have a BMI of 25 and above or a body fat of 35% and above to be able to join as the program is designed for that weight class.

“The program is designed to cater to a certain weight class and the lifestyle they live. In creating this program, several factors have to be considered to achieve the desired weight loss,” said Nuku.

The program, open to both Fitness First members and non-members, is a 13-week exercise and nutrition weight loss group-workout program that specially caters to people who have the will and desire to lose the weight but need initial guidance and structure.

“Most people who want to lose weight have the desire but not the exercise program appropriate to their weight class and needs which is why they do not lose the weight. With the Lose Big Program, these needs are addressed, ensuring significant weight loss and a healthy lifestyle,” added Nuku.
“Fitness First continues to give people the opportunity to be healthy and fit individuals by giving them programs that are best suited for them. With our world-class personal trainers, people not only come out with actual results but with better control of their diet, weight and lifestyle,” said Mark Ellis, Country Manager, Fitness First Philippines.

Rolled out in four phases, the Lose Big Program tests one’s courage, determination, maintenance of momentum, and finally, total control of one’s body and weight. Each phase accomplished is a feat that will propel participants to go further and push themselves beyond their limitations. At the end of the 13-week program, participants would have significantly lost the unwanted weight gain they used to carry and be able to plan their own fitness regimen.

The Lose Big Program will become available in selected Fitness First clubs by the first week of April on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Anew 360º White

Avon Turns On the Lights of Skin Whitality with Anew  360º with Anew White

Skin whitening as we know it is a thing of the past.

WHITALITY is in. Thanks to Avon’s latest skin whitening breakthrough, ANEW 360º WHITE.

Whitality is all about fairer skin that glows with vitality. The term has everyone buzzing after global beauty company Avon introduced Anew 360º White to members of the media in a special press conference held recently.

Anew, the global pioneering skincare brand by Avon, revealed this newest skincare breakthrough that cuts through the norms of whitening products. Introducing Anew 360° White, a whitening range that gives brighter, younger-looking, and vibrant skin that glows and whitens from within in as little as one week!

The exciting event opened with an electrifying song number by no less than international singer and theater actress and Anew Ambassador Lea Salonga. Looking all aglow and blooming and with no telltale sign that she just came from an exhausting series of concerts in the US (she flew in just a day before the event!), Lea attributes her timeless beauty that never seems to fade with age to Anew.

Avon has been my constant beauty partner for decades now, tracing back to my repertory days. I consider it a great honor to again be chosen by Avon for Anew. I equally take pride in unveiling this latest skincare innovation - Anew 360 White. I feel happy to share the secret to skin whitality with women who have always wanted fairer skin that glows with vitality,” said Ms. Salonga.
Anew 360° White introduces a 360° Whitality technology approach in whitening:
3 innovative ingredients that inhibit melanin
6 innovative ingredients that energize cells resulting to
0 dark spots, flawless skin
 In simple words, the 360° whitening technology HELPS ERASE skin damage, TURNS OFF the production of sources of dark skin, and TURNS ON the skin’s energy.
Anew 360° White offers a complete skin whitality regimen that includes the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams (day and night creams), Clarifying Cleanser and Activating Lotion. The guests were given first dibs on the products as models sampled the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams.

To better expound the science of whitality behind Anew White, a special panel was formed composed of Jacqueline Marcelo, Associate Category Manager for Avon Skincare, Southeast Asia Cluster and Dr. Uma Santhanam, Senior Manager for Cellular Biology and In-vitro Toxicology from the Avon Research & Development Facility in Suffern, New York.  Ms. Salonga was also part of the panel and she shared the benefits she drew from using the product.

"Wrinkles, dark spots and discolorations make you look older than your really are. Thankfully, I've discovered Anew 360° White. It has brightened and transformed my skin to its most vibrant and gave it a smoother, more youthful glow,” shared Ms. Salonga.

“Anew 360 White goes beyond the usual whitening. It gives you healthy, younger-looking, and vibrant glow that women have always wanted. Its breakthrough Whitality Technology discharges existing dark skin, inhibits all sources of dark skin production, and more importantly, energizes your skin cells giving you that glow from within,” said Ms. Marcelo.

“What makes Anew 360° White distinct from other whitening products is the 360° whitening technology, which enables the skin to whiten and glow from within. The efficacy of the product can be immediately seen after one week when 70% of our women respondents testified a dramatic improvement on their skin’s whitality,” said Dr Santhanam.

“Anew 360° White is another testament of Avon’s impassioned commitment to women. Every great skincare product from Avon is a woman’s skincare wish granted. As the company for women, Avon is attuned to women’s needs and our aim is to make sure that we deliver on those needs,” said Avon Regional Communications Head for Asia Pacific, Louie Migne.

Anew White has turned on the lights on white and skin whitality is the way to go for fairer skin that glows with vitality from within.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

EK Biki Waterworld

50 X 50 ft_San Pedro AD_UP_Ver2_NEW_small file

In anticipation of the extended summer season and in response to a lot of guests’ clamor for water attractions at this time of the year, Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippines’ premiere theme park, and BiKiWorld of South Korea have agreed to set-up the first and only world-class inflatable water park in the country, the EK BiKi Waterworld.

“Focused on achieving our vision to be the leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment and to be a tourism destination of choice in the region, we shall continue to introduce rides, attractions and facilities that cater to the needs of all family members, regardless of age, and regardless of the season of the year,” said Cynthia R. Mamon, Ph.D., EK’s VP for Sales & Marketing.

“EK BiKi Waterworld will have a variety of six giant inflatable pools with water slides, games and rides that families can enjoy in a safe and hygienic water environment,” she added.EK Biki Waterworld will launch on April 18, 2010 to coincide with the Ms. Earth-Philippines 2010 Talent Competition also at Enchanted Kingdom.

Come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you! From April 3 until June 6, 2010 they are open Mondays-Fridays from 2PM to 9PM and Saturdays to Sundays from 11AM to 9PM with Fireworks Display at 8PM. For more details, you may call 584-3535 or 584-4326 to 29. You may also log on to

Monday, April 05, 2010

Entertainment shopping site Winila to Launch in IP e-Games Domination IV

Bringing you the best of online shopping, e-Game’s partner WiniLa invites everyone to its grand launch atDomination IV–the biggest online gaming event in the Philippines.

WiniLa is a new and exciting online auction offering daily discounts on the hottest gadgets and accessories in the market. Developed and maintained locally, the site allows bidders to receive up to 80% savings on pre-selected technology and lifestyle brands such as Playstation 3WiiXboX, Blackberry, iPhoneiPod,Mac Mini, Apple TV, Sony digital cameras, and Nokia mobile phones.

Just register for FREE at to avail these features:
  • Choose from different bid-credit packages that suits your budget
  • Engage in auctions that start at a price of zero
  • Buy an item outright without bidding
  • Use an automated Winbroker who will do the bidding for you
  • Ease of use with multiple bid windows
  • Earn free bid credits for every friend referral
You may also experience WiniLa at Domination IV happening on April 10, 2010 (Saturday) at theSMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. To celebrate its grand launch, a special live auction will be held at the Winila booth for its registered users. Up for bid are i-Pods, Skullcandy headphones, Samsung 19” LCD, Sony Playstation 3 Slim, PSP Go, and other cool items.
Winila–Spend small, Win Big!
See you there!
Registration for Domination IV is still open. Visit for more information.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Plus Sized Yoga

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At Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods, Mezzanine (LBV)
Streetside of  Fraser Place, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Limited slots available per workshop. Some ECHOyoga workshops at Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods include a healthy vegetarian meal specially designed by Chef Sau del Rosario, from fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and communities.
  • Big Yoga – Specific for the hefty and pleasingly plump persons where poses are adjusted to fit the bountiful blessing of weight.  This will be led by Vicky Ortega.
    Group A - three Saturdays, April 10, 17, 24 / 9:30-11:30am
    Group B - four Saturdays / May 8,15,22,29 / 9:30-11:30 am 
    Fee: Php 5,500 inclusive of lunch