Saturday, April 04, 2009


A small Spanish town is divided between the upper and lower parts. The poor and the less-poor parts of the pueblo. (Known as the people who lives in the valley) The In the 'upper' part is the barren part and they say it is a cursed place because people believe in the superstition that all the women are barren. Legend has it that all women born under the shadow of a certain mountain range called The Black Girl in Southern Spain will be rendered barren and thus ineligible for marriage. Young Juan from the 'lower' part falls in love with Cruz, a pretty girl from the upper side: a girl who some assume must of course be barren.

The lower town has orchards and a spring. The higher reaches of the town has only rubble. The men of the town make their miserable income from cutting and burning wood to make charcoal. They have to endure the superstitions. Cruz is shunned because she married an outsider she is taunted by her own kind so she decides to go to the mountains with her husband who makes coal for a living.

The couple endures endless hardships, culminating in an attempt by the film's villain Lucas to steal Cruz away from him. Juan's perseverance pays off when Cruz beats the curse by giving birth to their son.

This is a great story that really proves that love conquers all. That despite the things that are stacked against you Love is your greatest weapon. This movie is really worth watching.

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