Sunday, August 01, 2010

Samsung ST5000 camera

Samsung is back again in producing more of their digital and compact camera lines and the new ST5000 has a new feature first in digital camera. The 14.2 mega pixel ST5000 has a 3.5 touch screen TFT LCD with smooth controls and Smart Gesture touch screen user interface, you tilt the camera in any position and the gravity sensor will be activated and the photo you are viewing will flip automatically, you can use also your fingers in browsing the photos by scrolling it and use your fingers in deleting photos, just make a "X" sign and photo selected on screen will be erased, this is the same feature we know that ST550 carries, but looks like the ST5000 has an advance feature with the AMOLED screen.

ST5000 was designed first ever to have the hydro-formong technology. Hydro-forming allows for greater flexibility during the design process and gives manufacturers the ability to produce smoother silhouettes, seamless bonding, and higher quality surfaces. With 0.77 inch stainless steel frames and the impressive Schneider-KREUZNACH lenses with 7x optical zoom, when powered up, the camera lens barrel extend forward and all lens specs will appear with the hidden color accent in the concave reflective ring that surrounds the lens. The ST5000 is also powered by the Samsung's Dual Image Stabilization tech that serves to combine both and optical digital stabilizers to help reduce blurry photos for those users with shaky hands.

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