Friday, August 11, 2006

3 Weeks to Go

I only have 3 weeks to go and i'm not packed or anything.
Basta lang all I know is a few days before that I'll be going
crazy as to what to bring, what to leave behind and how
to pack so that what I do need to bring I can fit into
one suitcase.

A few days before I leave which is August 27 will be the
Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) Truth to be told
I am nervous about that exam. I attended the review
but I did the review a bit early. I should have done
the review in June so that It will still be fresh by
the time August rolled in. But now i had to be an
eager beaver and did the review during the summer.
What I'm really nervous about is not doing good on the
exam. I can handle other parts but the Math part
is another thing.

It really didn't help me that during my review
the reviewers were trying to scare us into
thinking that the LET is tough and it's really
going to be hard to pass this exam.

Im not sure if you guys know that I was
assesed to have Dyscalculia according to the dictionary
Impairment of the ability to solve mathematical
problems, usually resulting from brain dysfunction.
During the review I found out there's alot of math.
Patay!!! As in I felt the beads of sweat coming down
my forehead.

Another concern is the expectation that
comes with taking the test. I remember one of my tita's
jokingly tell me uyy pag di ka pa pumasa nyan dami daming
teachers na bobo pumapasa dyan sa exam dyan mas
lalo na dapat ikaw kasi you went to a good school.
I smiled at her I didn't know if I should be happy and take
that as a compliment or be insulted.

I guess I should just do my best and hope for
the best.

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