Friday, February 09, 2007

My Goal

I was really thinking of what my goal
should be. Do I need to lose xx number of pounds?
Do I need to lose xx number of inches? But I want
it to be realistic. I want an attainable goal so I can start
from there. I want to be able to borrow Philbert's jeans.
Gaganda kasi ng mga pants nya eh. He is a size 28 (sexy sya)
pero his jeans size is a size 30. So at least I have a few inches
to go. I won't say na kung ano basta less than 10 inches ang
goal ko. I hope I can do this without having to give up
ice cream and sweets. I know! I know! I want my cake and
eat it too. Sometimes I tell him I hate you!!! how could
you and your siblings eat so much and not gain that weight.
Samantalang ako I'm still trying to lose my pregnancy weight
with Joshwa. At di na ito okay na excuse because Joshwa is
now 6 years old.

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