Saturday, February 10, 2007

I didnt do a lot of exercising today masakit kasi
katawan ko. Kasi nabigla ata ako kahapon paano
ba naman pilitin ko ba naman sarili ko mag 10,000
steps in one day. Akala ko kaninang umaga okay lang
ako. Was able to go out and do a bit of walking was able to
do 2000 steps do my errands pag buhat ko
nang plastic bag ouch parang di ko na magalaw braso
ayun pag uwi ko I was in pain. Buti na lang wala na si
Philbert. Kung hindi maski masakit katawan ko di ako
makakadaing. I never learn my lesson when it comes to
fitness. I walked the stairs from 36th Floor to the
Ground Floor and Pauwi sa amin only because I
found out Philbert's cousins call me TABA behind
my back. I was so upset and this was the same
cousin na pinatira namin sa bahay (long story)
Well that stunt landed me in the emergency
room because namaga yung ankles ko and I couldn't
walk. Then they injected with something by mistake
namaga yung mukha ko and from then on
I now have an allergic reaction to Aspirin
and Ibuprofen.

Tapos eto na naman dapat talaga slowly
but surely lang.It was stupid of me
to think that this would be different than the last
time. I just have to remind myself that fitness is a
marathon and I'm never going to win if I try to Sprint again.

1 comment:

pao said...

ouch, that was mean of them to say things behind your back. keep doing your exercises and slowly but surely, you'll have a fit body.

t'care! :)