Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ChikaTuesday 03: Newlyweds, The Day After

I learned a lot of things about my husband a few days after we got married.I discovered that he is a great cook and that he's very domesticated. Here are a few other things I'd like to share

1. Communication - My husband still doesn't know everything about me and I still have things to learn about him. Which makes communication very important. We have learned to talk about things even the most mundane things. But somehow I try not to talk to much about things I'm in too because he still doesn't get it anyway but he tries to.

2. Similar Interests - My husband and I have a lot of things in common but we have more differences than common interests. That is not such a bad thing. We learn a lot from each other and we understand each other that we have learned to give each other space when we need it.

It takes a strong man to support a family, but it takes a woman, who is willing to set her selfishness aside and show him that he's doing a good job, to hold a marriage together. Repeat these things over and over, and before you know it, they will become habit, and your marriage will thrive.

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