Thursday, May 07, 2009

FabFinds Thursday: Commitment

Every bride wants her wedding day to be memorable. Choosing the wrong wedding shoes could make that so, but for all the wrong reasons. Which what I dreaded the most. I never realized that it's so hard to find the perfect shoes for the wedding. I didn't want to have one made because I couldn't afford it. But I know I couldn't scrimp on it because throughout the day, I know that i will relying on my wedding shoes to get me through. So It has to be quality over price.I searched high and low, near and far but to no avail.

But luckily while I was about to pick up my wedding gown which was 2 days before the wedding.I passed by a shoe store and I saw the perfect pair of shoes which made both my feet and pocket very happy.

Wifespeaks: Fab Finds Thursday


jen said...

Rosanna Pena din! Ngayon ko lang naisip, maganda talaga agn mga styles nila for Formal Shoes. At mura pa.


Twinkie said...

A very fabulous find indeed! :)

meeya said...

i love the shoes! :) your shoes are the second pena pair i saw today and, like jen's shoes, parehong maganda ang design. i should look that up next time i'll be needing a nice pair of formal shoes (pag nasa pinas ako, hehe!). :)

its so cute and dainty! and comfy, too? :)

nel's bebi said...

yung shoes ko ata nun rosana pena din e. bat panay shoes ang fabfinds nyo. napaghahalatang maraming shoe-a-holics a, hahaha