Friday, May 15, 2009

SpeakOutFriday 02: Ideal Marriage

What makes an Ideal Marriage? Is there such a thing as an ideal husband, ideal wife or Ideal Couple.Does such an ideal person exist? Can we really have both the pie and the cake? Think about it. Are we somehow setting too high an expectation?Well, do remember that we are after all just talking about ideal here. Something, which we think we want. When we look beyond it we might be surprised that life always isn't better on the other side of the fence.

Instead of always picking on your partner's faults making life unhappy for both, have you tried looking at the other beautiful side of them, their beautiful qualities? Appreciating what you have already got? Tried improving on yourself instead, to becoming a better lover; a more ideal lover?

An ideal partner for me is, Someone who will truly love you, someone who will put up with you and your quirks,willing to share your problems and unhappiness. In sickness and In health till death do us part. Guess what I found him, kept him and married him.

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