Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Mother's Day Post

If Only…Joshwa was neurotypical.. Then our life wouldn’t be such a challenge.

If Only…Joshwa liked sports, toys or music. I know that he and Philbert will spend so much time playing in timezone and not worrying that one second he turns his back that Joshwa will be disappear.

If Only.. Joshwa went to a regular school I would be helping him with his homework. If it’s summertime we will decide together what summer activity he wants to do.

If Only…Joshwa was a big brother that was excited to play and spend time with his baby sister. Instead of being upset that Adrianne wanted to play with his toys. Or being agitated that Adrianne was pulling his hair because he was playing with her pillow.

But he is not.. He has autism andn I consiser ourselves lucky because we have a precious gift that has totally changed our lives.

Philbert has taught Joshwa how to use the computer and he has blossommed. He now knows how to express himself using the notepad. Philbert is such a proud dad never hesitating to tell anyone that his son has autism and how great and talented his son is.

I am such a proud mom because we have come a long way. I used to dream that I would be pinning a medal on Joshwa and last March that has become a reality. He was given an academic award last April. Joshwa has surpassed all 0ur expectations by a very,very long and wide margin.

Adee looks up to Joshwa and follows him everywhere like a shadow. I hope to teach Adee a lot of compassion, understanding and most of all unconditional love for her brother.

Austism has tightened the rope that binds of our family.It made us closer and cling to each othr for support in times of triumph and in times of challenges.

To my dearest Joshwa having you has taught me to become a better mom to think outside of myself and to focus on you and your needs. To set aside the blame for myself, the pain and the disappointment. You are my sunshine.

To my baby Adee, thank you for being my second chance at motherhood. For making me feel how great it is to have a daughter. I love being your mom..

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philbert said...

Hi Hon, I am so touched. I Love you too.