Monday, May 11, 2009

MemoirMonday2 : Marriage that inspires you

Marriage is for many of us an ongoing work of art. It isn’t something we endure, it isn’t a drag or a hopeless endeavor. We see it as a journey and an adventure full of challenges. We see it as an ongoing opportunity to grow and grow up. We see it as an opportunity to bring health to our communities, safety to children, promise for future generations. We embrace marriage and we embrace the work that goes with embracing it.

“Gandhi and Rescina, my parents, are inspiring examples.They embraced each others flaws. Their wisdom and joy have shown us we too can be happily married despite the challenges!”My mom once told me despite the challenges that they have had she says that she is sure of one thing. My dad loves her so much and that for is the most important.The best part of their marriage is raising three amazing, BEAUTIFUL, talented and intelligent women.

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Twinkie said...

Truly love (and faithfulness) is all that matters noh? :)

nel's bebi said...

ay true, embracing each others flaws is very very impt.
thanks for joining leirs!

jen said...

sabi nga nila the first thing to loving is accepting. and ang ganda nung sinabi mo na she is sure of one thing: that your dad loves her. KINILIG ako. :D