Sunday, November 28, 2010

SM Online Reservation

SM Cinema launches new website with online movie reservation and ticket purchasing
Now, all the convenience is online to save you from lines, waiting and seats reservation with the new SM Cinema website. The announcement of the online movie reservation and ticket purchasing at the website was launched last November 17.

In partnership with ECOM and with Globe, SM Cinema is the first to introduce mobile ticketing compatible to any type of phones. All pinoys just simply need to register to GCash if they have no Visa or Mastercard credit card to purchase their movie tickets. This is made possible by using a simple text message which contains a code called "bCODE".

Unlike other payment and ticketing services that require picture messages (such as a 2D barcode), data plans, special chipsets (like NFC), or mobile-app downloads with expensive smartphone devices, the bCODE-powered service is compatible with all mobile phones and consumer demographics.

Through this partnership with SM Cinema, bCODE will provide a network of its innovative, interactive 3G-enabled scanning terminals across all SM Cinemas in the Philippines. The first phase will feature both mobile-payment on the website and mobile-ticketing services in the cinemas.

bCODE’s unique, globally patented technology uses point-of-sale scanning terminals to securely read and authenticate plain-text, SMS-based encrypted codes from the display screens of mobile handsets. This allows consumers to access a variety of loyalty, ticketing, and payment services from existing platforms.

Mobile commerce via plain-text SMS means that anyone with a mobile device can instantly benefit. BCODE’s technology is compatible with more than 2,000 mobile-phone models and more than 4 billion existing devices globally.

Leading IT-services provider e-Commerce Asia Ltd. (ECOM) with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the Philippines will integrate, implement, and support this redemption network, which will provide SM Cinemas with advanced mobile-commerce services such as payment, ticketing and loyalty marketing.

 How to reserve and purchase tickets at the new SM Cinema website:
1. Use Visa or MasterCard credit card details or register your Globe prepaid and postpaid lines at by simply scrolling the menu of your phone looking for GCashGlobe Services
2. Register at SM Cinema website and reserve tickets. 
3. Click purchase reservation by your choice of payment mode, either by credit card or GCASH.
4. Save the text message confirmation and email with details of your purchase.
5. Go to the cinema lobby to print tickets using your mobile phone text message confirmation containing that bCODE.
6. Enjoy the movie!

 Note: We were informed that the text message confirmation can be forwarded to your friends in case you have an emergency and cannot avail of the purchased tickets. This is also a great way to share blessings and gifts this season. Convenience Charge per ticket is P20. Charges apply per ticket and per transaction. 

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