Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?"  -- Lord Chesterfield
I barely have time to go get a massage and sometimes I can never find the right massage salon that I can spend an hour alone in. But spending time alone and enjoying the spa with meditation music and will help you  improve as a human being, a better version of yourself.  I just had the best experience, start to finish. I can't thank Mauie enough for inviting me to  ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA and going to the spa isn't as fun without Ryan and Ria
When I'm going to a med spa, I want to get in and out.  When I'm going to a day spa, I want to be leisure and take my time.  ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA is everything I want in a spa; it's beautiful and inviting, and efficient service.
Here's a Sneak Peak into their space:
I love the place just add  a white bedside table and white dressing tables for it to be really,really great. First off, the staff is fantastic!  I was greeted by  friendly, professional staff. The owners Janice and Boogie answered all my questions and gave me good information to enhance my decision. I really admire the husband and wife team for going all out on ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA .
They were very wonderful  about talking about their experience in starting ISLANDS MASSAGE AND MOBILE DAY SPA . I have to admit I'm a little paranoid about this stuff and asked a ton of questions.  Janice  was patient, calming and also very informative/helpful.  I felt taken care of and in good hands.
I also love their uniforms.. Not your typical scrub suit. It's stylish and yet very functional.
At the end of the day. The massage did everything I was told it would do and turned out amazing.  I'm so grateful to the staff at Islands Massage. This is a place to pamper yourself.  I would definitely recommend this because its very affordable. Here's the back of the flyer

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