Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet with Aga

Meeting with Aga Muhlach was definitely the highlight of my December. Everyone I know has always been a fan. Good thing that the event was private so there was no need for Crowd Control . There were barricades at the gate and the organizers were really strict when it came to the guest list.

We watched and enjoyed the show and the mascots can really dance. Better than me if I could say so myself. Dancing is not easy and wearing a mascot's costume makes the job so much harder.

Jillian Ward is a really cute child star but she can't sing. I don't understand why her mom would let her sing. Sure she can get away with that now but when she turns 10 I don't think so. She should be starting her musical lessons by now if her parents want her last longer in Showbiz. She can dance but definitely needs a lot of improvement when it comes to singing. If she doesn't improve her singing voice I doubt that i'll be seeing her behind the stanchions and the velvet rope.

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