Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New You Achievement Awards

 Every Fitness First member has an inspiring story on how the decision to get fit Every Fitness First member has an inspiring story on how the decision to get fit and healthy changed and even saved their lives. Fitness First’s New You Achievement Awards 2010 celebrated these fitness success stories for the second year at Teatrino in Greenhills Promenade. Its awards night theme “Stars Unleashed” meant to recognize the stellar qualities of discipline, determination and perseverance displayed by the awardees, guests, media, celebrity judges and partners were dressed to the nines befitting the occasion.

Out of 180 nominees, 15 finalists were shortlisted for their fitness triumphs. They represented five categories. The Health category celebrates the success of members who joined the club to improve their health, such as fitness and even nutrition becoming a part of one’s program in managing diabetes.

The Shape category acknowledges significant transformation with physical weight loss thru regular personal trainings. The Sport category celebrates members who honed their athletic skills through the clubs’ fitness programs while the Strength category spotlights members who use the gym to strengthen either their entire body for stamina or a particular body part which required building up. The Staff category honors Fitness First employees who have also achieved an outstanding fitness goal. Among the five, the judges picked one deemed to most uphold the values of a Fitness First ambassador as overall winner.

“Nine years ago, Fitness First made it its mission to guarantee real results for all its members, with the vision to help change lives through fitness. Tonight is a testament of our commitment as we recognize members who have done just that. We are proud and honored to award the people who allowed us to help them transform their lives through our specialized programs,” said Fitness First Country Manager Mark Ellis. “Their success is our success, fueling us to continue our mission of changing lives through fitness. As a premier fitness chain, we recognize the various needs of each member and continue to develop programs that will cater specifically to their needs.”

The New You Achievement Awards is not limited to celebrating significant weight loss. More than that, it recognizes the significant improvement in health and lifestyle through fitness—the ultimate end-goal of Fitness First’s for its members.
Fitness First continually develops innovative programs to help people achieve their fitness goals. With specialized offerings that include personal training, nutrition planning and high-impact and high-energy Group Exercise classes, Fitness First provides an array of solutions to getting closer to the ideal goal, weight and figure.

A panel of celebrity judges namely NYAA 2009 overall winner Angelica Balatbat, Biggest Loser Asia finalist Carlos Miguel, Fitness First National Fitness Manager, Roger Villarimo, philanthropist Iliac Diaz, and fashion designer Frederick Peralta, deliberated and awarded the finalists of the New You Achievement Awards 2010.
Winning the Health category was Jocelyn Ompoc who’s currently battling stage 4 lung cancer and has been utilizing the club for two years. With the encouragement and support of her personal trainer, she was able to improve her overall health and quality of life. The winner for the Shape category was Cebuano native, Ivan Camasura who has lost a total of 176 lbs at Fitness First with the help of continuous workout and discipline to abide by his personal trainer’s program. He now serves as an inspiration to many. Anna Bartolome, a recent college graduate nabbed the Sports category for achieving her running goal of first completing a 5 kilometer marathon to eventually finishing a 21 KM run with the help of proper training and diet provided by her personal trainer. Barbara Kenny, an Irish living in Cebu topped the Strength category for being able to sustain her bone mass and strength at the age of 63 with regular workouts and personal training sessions in the club. Lastly, the Staff category was won by Francis Angeles, currently a Group Exercise Manager at Fitness First Alabang for achieving his goal of eventually becoming a Fitness First Manager with continued exercise and work out while he was still a member.

Chosen as the overall winner for the New You Achievement Awards 2010 was Ivan Camasura whose quest in achieving a fitter body and healthier lifestyle began when he realized that he was not of ideal weight and felt he could do better if he willed himself to. “I have been big for as long as I can remember. I used to weigh 355 lbs. and didn’t feel good about myself until one day I looked at myself in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I knew I could look and feel better so I took that first step and joined Fitness First” shared Camsura “Now I’m proud to say that I’m 179 lbs. Fitness First has since become my partner in improving my health and fitness. I can say that it not only made me look better but also improved my whole outlook in life.” Added Camsura.

The New You Achievement Awards is an inspirational event that highlights people’s shared journey to health and wellness on a pedestal, with Fitness First as a companion together with partners who also support and recognize the disciplined path to fitness, such as Nestle Fitnesse, Adidas, Pepsi Bottlers Incorporated, Arya Residences, Dulcofiber, Enervon Multivitamins, Greenwich, L’oreal Paris Hair Care: Total Repair 5, Loreal Skin Care: Men Expert, Megaworld, Alveo Land, Women’s Health, Action and Fitness Magazine, and the Front Act Show.

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