Thursday, July 15, 2010


Achieving fairer skin with traditional whitening products is a tedious process that takes long weeks for results to show. Meanwhile, during the long waiting period, one takes pain hiding dark spots and blemishes under layers and layers of concealer or foundation.

Global beauty direct selling leader, Avon, has relegated this process of whitening to ancient history. Anew, the global pioneering skincare brand of Avon, introduces yet another innovation in its skincare arsenal with the Anew 360° White line. Boasting of key technologies that actively disengage the skin’s melanin production, achieving fair skin glowing with whitality can now be achieved in a short span of time.

“With its patented Whitality Technology, incorporated in the Anew 360°White line launched last April, producing fairer, vibrant skin that glows from within can now be achieved virtually instantly,” said Avon Southeast Asia Cluster Associate Category Manager for Skincare, Jacqueline Marcelo.

The beauty of ‘whitality’ now comes easy with the recently unveiled Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum, a concentrated essence that not only makes skin dramatically fairer but also visibly reduces dark spots and skin discolorations. In just three days, 79% of women using the product showed improved skin whitality.

The Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum cuts right into the heart of the skin darkening process, addressing the critical points where darkening begins, making skin glow from within.

This innovative skincare product boasts of three key technologies that holistically repairs skin intensively from the three most critical points in the skin-darkening process. The three key technologies do the following:

LOCK Melanin Production
• MASTER SWITCH – inhibits melanin production of three key enzymes that are responsible for melanin production

CUT Melanin Production
• CALCIUM CHANNEL – cuts off the energy of the melanin production line; darkness is removed from the very root of the skin

DISCHARGE Melanin Production
• MELANIN DISCHARGE – promotes the discharge of existing melanin that results to whiter and more even skin tone

Experience the total Anew 360° White regimen with the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams and the Anew 360° White Clarifying Cleanser and Activating Lotion.

The Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum is priced at P1,200 (with a special introductory price of P899) and is available through all Avon Representatives nationwide. Don’t have an Avon lady yet? Just call the Avon Customer Hotline at 8642900 or visit

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