Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Virlanie Turns Eighteen And You're Invited

Virlanie, with the help of partners, sponsors and volunteers has been helping street children for 18 years now. “Debut: Celebrating Smiles and New Beginnings” is Virlanie’s 18th Anniversary Celebration which will be held at the Sofitel’s Harbor Garden on July 17, 2010. 
Dubbed, the “only charity debut of the year” the funds in relation to the event and throughout the 18 month period will go to operationalizing the L’Envol Home.
The theme of the event will be a masquerade – it will unmask the phenomenon of street children in the Philippines, reveal Virlanie as an 18-year old Foundation that has worked tirelessly for street children, celebrate the Foundation and Dominique Lemay’s unwavering commitment for the cause, and thank old and new donors and friends for continuously supporting Virlanie’s mission.
An exhibit about street children and their success stories will also be unveiled during the event.  It will feature performances of the Virlanie choir and local artists.  The main course of beef tenderloin with sauce béarnaise, confit from black olives, vichy carrots and green asparagus, and potato rosemary gratin will be prepared by no less than Sofitel’s Executive Chef, Mr. Marko Rankel. To date, two chefs have pledged their support for the event: Chef Colin Mackay of Sala Bistro will prepare the soup.  Ms. Margarita Fores of Cibo will contribute a pasta dish. 
Cupcakes by Sonja and Café Xocolat will also be supporting the event; specifically the cupcakes to symbolize Virlanie’s debut and the provision of sweets for after dinner.
L’Envol, Virlanie’s Home for Young Adults, aims to former street children for successful independent living outside the Foundation. L’Envol is French for “to ascend, to take flight”. 
 L’Envol will be a home for Virlanie young adults (age 18-21) as they prepare to move on to independent living outside the Virlanie’s Homes. Upon reaching the age of 18, many young adults living within Virlanie Homes find it difficult to ‘fly out, spread their wings and be on their own’.  This is true for many reasons.  Their academic capabilities may be quite poor, they have traumas and issues that they have yet to overcome, thus it is difficult for them to trust, risk and feel confident.   Leaving the comforts and security of a Virlanie Home is a bigger challenge for them than it is for a young adult who has lived with his / her family.
The event is co-presented by Sofitel, Philippine Daily Inquirer and is supported by Data One Asia, M Lhuillier, XPO Logistics, Forsc Ink, B&C Creatives, Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc., and Philippine Tatler.
 For inquiries, to support L’Envol and to attend the only charity debut of the year call Hanna at  895.34.60 or email: virlanie18@gmail.com                               


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