Saturday, June 19, 2010

Funky fashion for Happy Little Girls

Every girl deserves to dress like a princess. Fashion designer Happy Andrada kept this in mind when she created her colorful, edgy, quirky and trendy 60-piece “Little Princess” collection for little girls with age range from 2 to soon to be teens.

Happy Andrada’s “Little Princess” collection experiments and applies details such as doiley, buttons, stuffed charms, lace, ribbons, cut-outs and more that make each piece as unique as it can be.

“Little Princess” collection has plenty of prints and colorful hues --- yellow, blue, pink, orange, green, black, white, violet and red. Each design is a visual treat as this new line includes Diva Princess, Glam Princess, Rocker Princess, Funky Princess, Harajuku Pop Princess, and Hippie Princess.

Born in the 80’s, Happy Andrada was exposed to different artistic sensibilities. Remembering her growing up years as a child, Happy could only but vividly recall her own set of clothes from the “prim and proper” to the Madonna-esque. Which is why, for the “Little Princess” fashion collection, Happy’s inspiration ranges from the girls in the movie “The Sound of Music” all dressed up having tea, or running around in the garden and most especially when they sang “So Long Farewell.” For the edgier designs, Happy got inspiration from Morticia and Wednesday from “The Addams Family” who looked amazing in black and white outfits. “I also drool over The Rolling Stones song Paint it Black,” Happy said. For the bright designs, Happy was inspired by ‘Jem and the Holograms’ cartoons which she watched everyday as a little girl. Surely, Happy’s exciting designs will delight little girls as these dresses transform them into little princesses.

The “Little Princess” fashion collection by Happy Andrada is now available at F*ART Fashion ART located in J.Erestian corner K-1st Kamuning Quezon City 09175242779 and at

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