Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Scrapbooking is my latest passion., "I started with my son’ s album which I never did finish because my sister did that for my son. Then I started to use some of my photos for my scrapbook. I didn’t have a theme of what I wanted I would just look at the photo and the papers that I have and then I’d just take off from there. In the five months since I started scrapbooking, I discovered some unexpected advantages. I like coming home in the evenings, the weekends, it's just a stress reliever. I just love sitting down and letting my creative juices flow .

I really think that scrapbooking is a great  hobby that can have therapeutic effects. Many people who enjoy scrapbooking say they reap other benefits besides pretty books. Some believe the cutting and creating actually make them feel better. It turns out, the experts agree. They say scrapbooking can be quite therapeutic. I think it helps people express themselves different ways through arts and crafts."

Just looking at the pictures can often bring a smile to my face. It's looking back at your photos and reliving those fun times that you've taken those pictures of."There's a sense of reminiscing. I would look at it and it would really help me to recollect happy memories of the past."

And to think that I never really thought I would be a good scrapper. I would be embarrassed to show my work to my friends. Til I realized I wasn’t doing this for other people. I was doing this for myself. That was when my whole attitude started to change. Now, I really do believe that the therapeutic benefits of scrapbooking today will translate into treasured keepsakes tomorrow. I think you can make your own memories that will last for generations. I can see our kids some day fighting over our albums. 

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Lyra said...

Hi Lei! That's a nice page from your scrapbook! :) Glad to see your commenting system is working! ;)