Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This day wasn't a good day. Think Murphy's law. I've been given a VERY HUGE dose of reality check about some things that I have been doing.. Because of this allow me to say MEA CULPA to the following people in my life:
My husband.. Im sorry because I know that I'm not the wife that you wanted. You wanted a picture perfect wife. Someone who looks good under a 120 LBS. Cooks great to boot. I know you think that I'll always be there. but I might not be.
My Son: Im sorry that Im not the perfect mom. That I scream at you when I think you're going to jump from out of nowhere. I'm sorry that I couldn't afford to bring you to the best doctors or send you to the best schools.
My Parents.. I'm sorry for not living up to your expectations..
My Sisters.. I'm sorry for not being the great example that I should be
My In-Laws: I'm sorry for not being the daughter in law that you wanted.
My Old Friends: I'm sorry for letting you down.. For thinking only of myself and not thinking of the consequences my actions. Although I thought my intentions were good.. Still..You trusted me and stayed with me in my lowest hours and yet I betrayed you and I let you down. No matter what I do I could never repay the kindness and acceptance you have shown me.I have tried to ask for forgiveness but I have failed because admitting it and accepting it may never be enough..I know in my heart, time may not be able to heal those wounds. Forget about me and move on. I'm not worthy of your anger.

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